Choa chu kang mummy club

Hi Serene,
I stay in CCKC
hi hello meow.
which ard. me at yew tee.
anything to share with me? i'm almost 32wks pregant.
hi cutecute, which blk? mine is 610
i shifted in 2 yr ago
wah so during the confiment, any1 helping u?

hey poshbb, my uncle also staying at the warren
cutecute, my mil stay at 657 just opp regent grove
yah me due in 29aug. i hear they say 1st baby usually will be early
me just started to pack my barang barang
this fri i gg 4 my routine checkup. hopefully my boy is not too big coz i'm feeling veri heavy & bloated ard my tummy

poshbb, yah loh. i use to go there swimming.
but now cant coz nvr buy the pregancy swim suit.
i like the pools there.somemore veri big & got 3 pools.
so now u working or resting at home? 25th wk 3rd semester veri fast hor.
so when's ur edd & seeing which doc now?
serene: i am not working, usually stay home. My edd is 23 Oct, expecting a girl and seeing a a Gynae at Raffles.

I am stating in CCKC too. My blk is 683B. I am in my 24th week now... Hi Cutecute, actually we are staying quite nearby...

Actually, I know you in the Oct 2005 thread but I didn't know you are staying in CCK too...Hee Hee....
Hi everyone,
i stay in 683C. My gal is going to be 12weeks old this thurs. And will also be my first day going back to work.

Congrats to all mummies to be too.

True enough some will deliver early. But for me, i delivery jus a day before my EDD. So i guess it all depends. Try to rest more if you can. Once bb is born, you cant really find time to rest. The stay in hospital is the best...nurse can take care of your BB while you rest at night.

When i gave birth to my gal, i can't even sleep well in the hospital. A lady opposite mine was snoring every night.

Poshbb,so i'm 3 wk+ earlier than u.
my gynae from thomson women clinic & will be delivery at TMC.
so is it ur 1st child?

Nuttnuts, congrats! 24th wks. so experience any morning sickness?
mine veri terok during mine 1st 3 mths. vomit untill i bek tan han :eek:P

hi Meow, wah u staying juz the nxt blk of nuttnuts leh.
ur gal so cute. so lovely. wah i veri envy leh. i cant wait to see my baby out from my stomach.
hey thks for sharing ur baby pix.
so who will be helping you to take care since you gg back 2 work 2mr?
thks 4 the adv, i trying to get more rest but lately i cant sleep well. perhaps the tummy getting bigger & i find difficulties to position myself in bed. i get up veri frequent to pee
hmmm...find my tummy getting heavier. this fri gg for check up. hope my baby is not too big.
lucky i have to all the shopping b4 hand.
wah that lady must b damn tired. hehehehe
i hear if we 1 2 breast feed, the nurse will wake u up in the middle of the nite, is it true?

by the way, congrats to all mummy in this thread.
Nuttsnut: u huntin gme down har? kekkee.. we had this plc in Nov 04, but never stayed in till April 05.
U so smart. ekkeke Currently, staying in CCK, guess gng to stay put.. real convenient here. Congrats to you once again!

Serene: 1st week of Oct baby too! Congrats!!! ya my first .. n very noti one ..
poshbb, ur gal kick u alot huh.
mine also. but it's gd. my gynae say must have at least 10 kicks a day.
so have to get ready all the neccessary stuff for ur gal?
Serene: ya manz.. she real good in kicking... but she really can pretened when i go see gynae on sat, she keep quiet let her scan.. come out.. kick n kick. i can see no space for her to swim now.. so limited space
My mum will take care of my gal when i go back to work. Yes if you go on total breastfeeding, they'll wake you up to feed her. Night time i get them to bottle feed her. Cos my supply very low and my bb was big. Every time wants to eat. As bb grows bigger, it'll be hard to sleep. Place a bolster between your legs, it'll help

do enjoy what you can now with bb inside you. When she's out into the world, you'll start to miss it.
poshbb, it's really amazming. i enjoy my baby's kick. if my boy dun kick me, i start to feel scare. dun eat too much durian hor, else baby will be veri big.

meow, wah tat will b veri tiring leh. hmm mayb i also follow u, ask the nurse to bottle feed him at nite so that i can rest
i use bloster but hor i kanna leg cramp.
so i put extra pillow under my leg.
it's gd that u have ur mum to take care 4 u. i still looking for nanny. my mil working as hawker
at this hawker near the choa chu kang cc. so cant
let them take care
mind if to tell me u having c-section or natural birth?
wow, its great to know soo many mammies in CCK.. :p btw, im staying at blk 704 :D

Serene, yr edd is end sept rite?? mine also, ard 23 Sept.. Who is your gynae in TMC??
I went for C-sect. The day before my gal was born, gyane did a check on me. Then in the evening, i found blood stain. The stain stopped around midnight but came back in the morning. So went back to KKH then was on monitor stage. Later gynae was called and cervic only dilate 1cm. Till evening also 1cm despite having induce around lunch time. Throughout the 4hrs of waiting before push in to the opertating thearte, the contractions like nothing like that. So end up c-sect lor. My gal was born big. Very big. 39wks 6days with a weight of 3.67kg and 52cm long.

Eh good leh, shows your mum is a good cook. What about your in-law?
ling: yah hor, i nvr notice there's so many mummy to be ard cck. yah edd 29aug
my gynae lawrence ang from thomson women clinic

meow: so u did not suffer any labour pain at all lah. wah so gd leh. i dunno if i can tahan the pain anot.
i really envy those who go thru the pain.
so b4 u knew u gg for the c-section, r u prepare mentally or u wanted a natural birth?

opps, is my inlaw, they r hawker. they selling breakfast so working half day & after a tiring day, guess they do not have the energy to help me take care.
so i rather pay to let someone help me take care although i she bu de.....sob sob
my mum health not veri gd, so i cant let her take care also. tht of maid but alots of factors to consider. SO final decision, nanny.

hey ladies, any gd recommendation for a nanny ard our area?
i currently got a few in hand but dunno who to chose.
The contractions more or less is like mense pain. I'm more or less prepare to go for c-sect but i always hope to go for natural. My placenta is low, so gynae ever say i may need to go for c-sect since its blocking the passage. At the point of time when i'm in hospital while waiting, i did shiver. Even the moment before going into the operating theatre, i shiver very badly. The epidural was a little pain when the needle poke. But after that, its all numb.
Serene: I will be putting bb in infant care. Dun really like nanny thou unless u can really find a good & trustworthy one.

Meow: So contractions r like mense cramp isit cos recently abit cramp kinda tingie & my legs felt fatigue.. Its one of my cramp symptom oso.. My placenta is oso low during 6mths but now 7mths plus jz seen doc, she says its okie now..

Serene: I will be putting bb in infant care. Dun really like nanny thou unless u can really find a good & trustworthy one.

Meow: So contractions r like mense cramp isit cos recently abit cramp kinda tingie & my legs felt fatigue.. Its one of my cramp symptom oso.. My placenta is oso low during 6mths but now 7mths plus jz seen doc, she says its okie now..

Isit true u gota pay for both if u used delivery ward first & later operating ward???
the contractions are more to painful cramps. The pain can last for about 2mins or so then disappear. Yeah most placenta will move up at a later stage, but there's still 5% me.

Yes its true that you need to pay for both the delivery suite and the operating ward. Unless you really want to go for C-sect, then you'll save lor, rather than those long hours of waiting. Using those pessaries for induction also will incure cost too.
meow, my frenz told me they feel more painful when it's abt 4 or 5 cm dilute.
so roughly when the gynae will adv us if we really have to go for c-section?
hear the epidural not cheap rite?
i attend antenatal classes, they tht us how to breath to reduce pain, hopefully it do help
hey btw, how's ur 1st day back to work?

ling, i tht of that b4 but infant care also not cheap loh. have you check out the price?
Actually I'm still contemplating which 2 go for but of cos mos will say natural is better..

Did u go for the full body numb or half body?? My frn went for the lower half numb so she is concious when they cut her up 2 remove bb.. :p her recovery is quite fast oso :p she say the scar disappeared... not tat obvious..

How abt yrs?? u hv a scar??
Serene: e price $550-$600. Same as nanny. I have surveyed all the ctrs in CCK already... will make a booking next mth.. Most prefer nanny cos 1 to 1 attention wif the same price.

But i prefer to put in infant care centre where they can mix ard wif other bb/kids and they can learn 2 b independent when alone. Teachers there will teach & sing song to them...

Nanny is good gv personal touch but may be spoiled by nanny or if met with lousy one, who noes wat will happen... so Im still abit pessimistic with nanny.. moreover, dunno any trustworthy nanny here in CCK so dun wana take risk.. :p
Yes its true, when you dilate more, the contractions becomes stronger. I guess if you stay in the delivery suite for at least 10hrs and still no improvement, they'll advise you to go for c-sect. In fact i was shave earlier and sign the documents for epidural to speed up the prcess jus in case i need them later.

If i'm not wrong the epidural cost about $100 or so. Can't remember unless i go check the receipt. 1st day of work ah...i woke up this morning at 515am just to feed her then wash up and go back to work. Jus tired i guess.

I go for half body so i know what's happening. Scar lah. But mine is those self disappear type, no need to remove the stitches. But its under the skin fold if i were to sit down, so will "disappear". Before i'm push to the theatre, i'm trembling all over. Even when push out of Operating theatre still tremble very bad. Even have 3 sets of blankets to cover me still cold.
Hmmm thats wat Im worry also. Either to chose nanny or infant care, both got their pro & con.
No choice loh, unless both my parents can help. Sigh!

Epidural so cheap only meh? I heard ppl say ard $400+? Can help me check out ur bill?
Yah I also hear my da sao say she trembling after the injet
Then some of my frenz encounter vomitting
Sorry type wrongly. The $100 plus item is the pessary for induction to speed up the process of the opening of cervic. The epidural cost $297.50

Yeah i kanna both wat your SIL says. Morning before admission, took 2 slice of bread and milk. Then i go on fasting in case go operation. When return to ward, ask for milo since didn't eat whole day. A sip and i start to throw out. Only next morning i feel better and can start to eat
meow: we can pay the whole bill via meidisave rite? i abit wori if i end up need to go c-section & pay both i headache. :eek:P
veri siong loh. hmmmm all mothers really wei ta. have to go thru the 9 mths,pain etc.
hey so c-section ur husband can go in c?
I got time now, i type out the bill for you else if at home i dun have so much time. My gal will cry.

My hubby is from SAF, so got subsidise 40%. Not sure if private will cost the same or not.

<table border=1><tr><td>Description</TD><TD>charges before gov grant</TD><TD>amount payable </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ward class B1 3days @ $163.60</TD><TD>692.70</TD><TD>490.80 </TD></TR><TR><TD>immediate post operative care</TD><TD>16.76</TD><TD>14.50 </TD></TR><TR><TD>daily treatment fees</TD><TD>167.40</TD><TD>153.30 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Laboratory investigation</TD><TD>25.50</TD><TD>22 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Specialise investigation</TD><TD>88</TD><TD>75.50 </TD></TR><TR><TD>delivery suite charges-nondelivered</TD><TD>279.31</TD><TD>215 </TD></TR><TR><TD>drugs/injections/prescriptions</TD><TD>336.15</TD><TD>336.15 </TD></TR><TR><TD>ward procedures</TD><TD>163.5</TD><TD>142.5 </TD></TR><TR><TD>comsumables</TD><TD>251</TD><TD>216 </TD></TR><TR><TD>professional fees for doc</TD><TD>62.60</TD><TD>62.60 </TD></TR><TR><TD>other procedures</TD><TD>62.50</TD><TD>58 </TD></TR><TR><TD>non treatment related</TD><TD>12.50</TD><TD>12.50 </TD></TR><TR><TD>surgical op facility fee</TD><TD>1109.91 </TD></TR><TR><TD>surgeon fee</TD><TD>1538.50 </TD></TR><TR><TD>anaesthetist fee</TD><TD>297.50 </TD></TR><TR><TD>total operating charge</TD><TD></TD><TD>2735.14 </TD></TR><TR><TD>total charges</TD><TD>5103.83 </TD></TR><TR><TD>government grant</TD><TD>569.84- </TD></TR><TR><TD>amt pay b4 GST</TD><TD></TD><TD>4533.99 </TD></TR><TR><TD>add 5% gst</TD><TD></TD><TD>226.69 </TD></TR><TR><TD>total amt payable</TD><TD></TD><TD>4760.68 </TD></TR><TR><TD>antenatal claim</TD><TD></TD><TD>1164.80 </TD></TR><TR><TD>TOTAL AMT INCLUDE OF ANTENATAL CLAIM</TD><TD></TD><TD>5925.48 </TD></TR><TR><TD>payment </TD></TR><TR><TD>medisave</TD><TD></TD><TD>2750 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Adjustment </TD></TR><TR><TD>antenatal care plan</TD><TD></TD><TD>1164.80- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Amt Due </TD></TR><TR><TD>CIVIL servant med claim</TD><TD></TD><TD>1105.94 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Final amt due</TD><TD></TD><TD>904.74</td></tr></table>

KKH dun allow hubby to go in, but private i think some allows
Wow what a good thread! I am also staying at yew tee!!! heehee..

For mums staying at Yew Tee, any good infant care to recommend? i intend to go back to work next month and be leaving my bb there... :)How are the rates like and are the teachers good?
hey meow, thks for the effort. so nice of you.
at least now i have an idea how come the charges end up so much. many hidden charges.

hey since u back to work, u still continue breast feeding?
i attend antenatal course, the lecture told us breast feeding gd &amp; the baby eyes will be veri bright &amp; less lightly to wear glasses. &amp; also gd for their brain.

nanako: hi harlow. as per ling, the rate r from $500 to $600.
so ur baby almost 2mths now? which blk u staying?
hey, so u gals getting any confinement lady to help out?? I thought of doing it myself.. hubby &amp; mum help out abit...

Hi Nanako, I tink Yew Tee area no infant cares... CCK hv more... u hv 2 go down 2 survey the plc.. c whether u like it anot, very important.. :p

Try out this website, they hv a list of care centres in Singapore:

Hey Serene, howis the antenatal cls in TMC?? gd?? btw, hv u fin buying all baby stuff?? U can try out the above link oso.. :p
Got but once or twice a day the most. Me also work in SAF, so no fridge, no room to express.

Now supply drop alot too.

CCK central have plenty. Down at my mum's blk already got 1.
Hi Mummies
Do you think that our home is quite far away fm the hospital? I remembered last time I used to go to KKH for check-up alone. Have to take bus,MRT &amp; Shuttle bus. The Q in KKH also killing. So bored &amp; tired. Luckily during my third term, my husband companied me, so not too bad loh.
I remembered got 1 time I'm rushing for facial, so I took a taxi at my home. Many empty taxis just drove pass me. Maybe they thought I'm going to deliver hor... kekeke...
I was at TPS in kkh, the queue was faster. Ambient very cosy too.
If drive from our area to KKH not that far lah.
hey ladies, gd evening. just end my class.
so tired. me tdy feeling veri uneasy. my stomach
keep feeling abit painful. on &amp; off.

yah me getting a confiment lady to help me up.
it's intro by my frenz. Hear she quite nice &amp; noe how to cook alot of nice food &amp; soup.
she charging me $1400.

Ling: I attended the class at TMC conduct by Mrs Wong. hey she not bad leh. veri experience.
learn alot from her.
I only came to know that new born baby cannot feed them too much water,after attending the class.
yah, i had get ready all the neccessary stuff

Meow, my lecture say if no choice have to do it in the ladies, then go ahead. coz breast milk is veri gd for the baby.
&amp; somemore, it's a gift from god. hehehehe

cutecute: yah loh, most hospital located in the central but luckily my gynae got his own clinic at sembawang.
serene: yr confinement lady is charging u quite cheap ya... most of it is $1600-$2000. Can I noe more abt her: Is tat lady gd? Malaysian isit?? staying over at your plc whole mth? how old is she?

I went direct to the clinic in TMC.. quite convenient for us cos 1 straight expressway down &amp; u reach there.. those in town are kinda further.. :p
Hi Meow
During my third term, I was trf to TPS. Much more better. Agreed with you, if got car, drive there quite fast.

Hi Serene
My frd have the same gny as you. He is good &amp; price reasonable too.
Ling: yah i got 1 lady charging me $1800. then my frenz intro me this lady whom she noe offering $1400, so i take her instead. She's indonesian chinese. hear my frenz say she gd in housework,taking care of baby &amp; cooking.
last sun i meet up with her &amp; she quite friendly
she's ard 40+. yah she will be staying at my hse the whole mth. she say if i aspect her to do the hse work everyday, she can do it when my baby sleeping. i told her it's ok. once a wk will do coz my hse nothing much to clean up.
i did test her on baby feeding etc, she noe quite well.
btw, i have the childacare book written by mrs wong from tmc. if u need, let me noe.

curecute: yah i found lawrence ang veri gd leh. he veri patience &amp; his consultation fee cheap.
some of my frenz visiting him also.
Serene: Thx 4 e info... Can you gimme her contact, feel like checking out with her as well... btw, hv yr frn tried her b4???

Childcare book?? I dun mind reading abit more on it... so how 2 borrow from you?? :p
ling: yah her cn:001-62813644-66868. her name lang kou.
but if you want, i can ask my frenz to ask her call you.
hmmm, my frenz saw her working for others, she say not bad so i give it a try
then after toking to her personally face to face, i find she ok so i decided to let her help me loh.

if you confirm you want maybe i can help photocopy the whole bk then meet you at yew tee or i can drop it at ur ltr box. i'm ok with it. blk 704 rite?near the regent grove rite?
i only bought the childcare. my frenz will lend me the breast feeding &amp; pregnancy bk.
so if u need, i can also photocopy an extra copy
coz i intend to photocopy the other 2 bk also. hehehe...then no need to buy. hey 1 bk not cheap leh. i bought the bk from tmc at $12plus.
but worth it loh. alots of information
thx serene... let me tok 2 hubby abt e confinement lady first...

If its okie, pls help me copy all 3 books... When can you pass to me?? :p
Ling, no probl.
k i help u photocopy all 3 bks. dun need go buy from tmc.
my frenz can only pass me the other 2 bk-childbirth &amp; breastfeeding nxt wk. so i most properly will duplicate a few copies. perhaps by nxt wk can pass to u.
i let u noe nxt wk k?

hey ladies, during pregnancy, did u gals take any spicy food? i love spicy food but my hubby dun allow me to take coz he say later baby can't sleep etc.
Thx serene... U let me noe.. :p

Nah! I dun tink it will cos bb not 2 sleep. But the bb will be able to withstand coldness. I hv a frn who luv 2 take spicy food, her bb turn out to be quite strong, afraid of heat instead of cold loh...

4 myself, i take watever that i like, spicy food, crabs... keke.. so I tink doesn't matter as long as u enjoy yr pregnancy &amp; stay happie.. :p
I tookm Laksa, chilli padi when i'm pregnant. And every mouth of noodles, i'll add in at least 3 slice of norm chilli. Dun know whether what Ling said is true. My gal really scare of hot. She perspire as if water is free even when i BF her.

BB will sleep when they are tired. Mine will rub her eyes if she wants to sleep. Sometimes she can't get to sleep she'll cry and we'll need to pat her.

Hi Serene
I also took chilli when I'm pregnant. However when I ate chilli, I feel hot air in my heart. I just eat hor.. after delivery, back to normal.
My baby usually sleep late. Can be as late as 12am or even 1am. Sometimes he sleep abt 10.30pm. Sometimes even he rub his eyes or scratch his head, he still want to play.