Chinese Lessons 1-1 and small group of 3 pupils


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I am specialise in teaching Chinese subject for Primary and ☆Pre-School students with more than 4 years experience.

Trying different teaching strategies and creating effective teaching plans always make me excited.
Taught students with special needs and learning difficulties before.

My wish is to help the children gain more interest in Chinese.
Happy to help you improve your Chinese, and looking foward to know you!

Preferred Subject:
Pri and Pre-School Chinese Lessons
small group lessons of 3 pupils (same level)

Upper Serangoon (Lim Tua Tow Road)
6 minutes walking distance from nex

Testimonials from Parents:

☆Very thankful to 陈 Lao Shi!
I am surprised and happy at Jaslyn’s excellent results 89/100
I wish I’d found you earlier!
Mother of Jaslyn (P4)

☆My son don't have interest in chinese at all.
Now, he’s enjoying it so much and awaiting for 陈老师 lessons every week.
Mother of Zach (P1)

☆Mdm Chan Chinese tuition is very good and fun. She helped my son in reading and writing a lots of words and phrases.
She is very kind and gave my son extra lessons before exam.
Mother of Wei Jie (P3)

☆Her teaching style is effective. My daughter told me that her lessons was very fun and she has improvement in a term from 55/100 to 69/100.
Mother of Yan Tong (P2)

☆My daughter know to read more chinese words and phases.
She encouraged my daughter to read chinese books and listen to chinese news and songs.
Father of Jane (P5)

☆My son failed Chinese throughout P2 despite we tried 2 tuition centres and private tutors since he is K1.
After attending 2 months of 陈老师 lessons, It surprised me.
My son able to read more words and showing more interest and confidence in Chinese.
And now he got 70/100 for CA2
Mother of Alden Wee (P3)

☆We appreciate a lot that 陈老师 helps our son in his chinese subject.
Our son has improved his Chinese scores from 60 to 79 in 2 terms.
Thank you very much 陈老师!
Mother of En Xuan (P2)