Chinese at Berries World

With the recommedation from Tamarind, I went for a trial class with my gal and signed up thereafter. I feel that it's effective as my girl is able to read the green book and the worksheet to me after each lesson. Though she went for 2 lessons thus far and still crying in class for a while (sigh sigh!!), she is able to read the words and use the 'cheng yu' taught in our daily lives.

Yes, the teachers and admin staff are warm and nice. A conducive environment to be in I feel...

hi cymk23,

don't mind sharing what abt berries thomson think doesn't help your kids? 3 terms means nearly ending the sch yr? what made u realise they not learning? tks for sharing...
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as i hv mention early on, some reason. and the most important is their result did not improve at all.
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I am comparing between berries at thomson vs orchard, eduplus, tien hsia, and Hua. Any comments?

Anyone send their kids to the Bishan Berries? I went for a trial on Sunday for my Ds who is N1 now and didnt quite like it as they don't seem to be able to control the children and don't seem to learn much.
My kids enjoy Berries at Kembangan - 2 girls - K2 and Pri 3 (Higher Chinese)
Heard abit about Berries via word of mouth. Any feedback on Tampines Central? Hougang? Bishan? Orchard?


I am looking for used Berriesworld K1 text book from Book 2 onwards. Any mummies want to sell ? Please PM me to quote me the price of the books. Thanks
Hi, any mummies enrolled their kids to Tien Hsia at Singapore Shopping Centre?
Any comment or feedback?
Thank u
My daughter enjoys her Nursery Chinese enrichment class at Tien Hsia Sembawang. I'm glad that she has a passionate teacher who coaches her. Her teacher is also a local kindergarten Chinese teacher. There is some standard there. My daughter is always excited to go there for her Chinese lesson. She used to pronounce Chinese words with an English accent, but has since improved and her spoken Chinese is gradually improving with a little more "Chinese accent". It's not the school that matters. It's whether you are lucky to get a good teacher that matters.
My child has been with berries for almost a year now. The results were very fast and prominent-in 6 weeks. Each week, they were taught 2 to 3 nouns eg shou (hand). Zhuo zi (table) etc. By the 6th week, I tested my child, he could read out all the Chinese characters (about 12 nouns and that is close to 13 characters). I think berries is one of the best choice I have made for my kid, in terms of enrichment programs.

i have berries materials to exchange for tien hsia materials,if interested,please pm me,many thanks
Hi happymum and all,
Interested in tien hsia P6 materials. Unable to get into bishan writing class and still on waiting list. Please let me know if you have, to share or sell. Many thanks .
My girl has just been offered a place (N2) at Bishan berries. Anyone has feedback abt the teachers at bishan and Hougang branch pls? My girl is still on the waiting list at Hougang, wonder shld I wait for Hougang (nearer to me) or go ahead w Bishan branch? Do they still allow trial class?

I am looking for k2 preowned berries storybooks and workbooks and readers. If anyone willing to let go, pls pm me.

Thanks so much!
Sarah Joy, Kuang Lao Shi is fantastic there, she teaches only Nursery, my boy with her for 2 years and never once refuse to go for class.
Thanks Sue. I enrolled my girl in hougang eventually as its nearer for me. My girl likes to go for the class at berries too.
Hi Kelly,
my girl is in n2 this yr. Got to be fast if you want to enrol.. Quite long waiting list for popular slots.
Hi Sarah,

Ya....the queue is super long....tink prob will end up waiting and enrolling by next yr.....same for Tien Hsia....

Gosh....any other good enrichment classes to reccomend for chinese?

HOw is eduplus? Anyone knows?

Hi any kids in berries tampines mart?? How is it??

My girl now at tien hsia parkway N2 class.. But i heard my sis in law feedback felt wanna change my girl to berries.. She said my nephew whole join tien hsia frm N1 till K1.. But he dun willing to speak out.. But after join berries.. Can said he improve alot.. And join in higher class..

I think that might be based on the teacher and ur luck when the time join in..

Any sharing??