Child Adoption

Yes when we 1st the baby there's a special bond there. Our parents r more open their only concern is the baby must b in good health & her hands & legs r in good order.
Y not u tell them dat if u r e 1 giving birth we hv to accept her y is it that this is adopted we must look into these details. Sorry to b frank to u.
Wow alice is fast. Hope to hear good news from u soon. Alice said my girl bring her luck with 4 adoption case this week after my girl. Think u will hv yr baby soon with my girl giving her luck haha
Have u prepared with the baby stuff? It will be exciting preparing it.

Hi BlesswBB, Yah, that's what I said to them. Praying the reality will sink into them. Yah, I find Alice super efficient. She says she has many couples waiting for girls. Girls in demand ;) I'm feeling excited, happy but also a bit nervous. Did you feel this way before you saw your bb?

Don't forget to send me & wish2bmum the pic of bb, ok? Can't wait to see her! Is she home with you already?

I am happy for you . Well, you will know when you carry your child. I cried the 1st time I held my boy. When my hubby carried him, the boy smiled. That's where our heart melt. Alice is very good with telling you the medical history of the mother and child. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the moment. Looking forward to heard more about your baby.
Oh yes! When I know I get to see her soon I was very nervous & excited.
Don't worry will pm u tmr as I still at KL airport waiting to fly back. She currently with alice. She's helping me to look after for the weekend.
BlesswBB, thx. At least i know wat I'm feeling is normal! Were u in KL for work or hol? Did u hv time for any shopping? R bb things cheaper there? eg: clothes, diapers, bottles. I'm going up 2 KL early nxt wk so thot i'll chk with u.

Hi AH, thk u 4 yr kind & encouraging words. It really helps
Yr son must b close 2 a yr old now?
went there for holiday. Together with my hubby we brought my parents to Genting to relax.
Yes...I bgt alot of clothings for her..mostly 50%. Just imagine after 50% and the conversion of our rates is much much cheaper. So happy and its so pretty. Worth buying.
I just download her photo is preparing to PM u soon. Check yr email
Hi blesswBB, i think you just need to click on our names, then a new page will appear and you can click on "Send private message (PM) to Yuli."

You might have to edit your profile first. Yay, can't wait to see her picture!!!

Wah, I can't wait to get to KL and go shopping!!!
Aiyoh, me soooo jealous... And soooooooo happy for both of u... Thanks for sharing your joy w me.

Hei.. can tell me why u nid 2 go KL? I thot the agency will arranged for the BB to come to Singapore for u to view + for handover in Singapore?
wish2bmum, don't be jealous, it'll be your turn really soon! You were planning to submit your HSR forms this or next week right? For me, waiting to be called for the 1st interview was the longest wait (3weeks wait) then the rest of the process seems much faster - maybe cos there are things to do like interview then home visit then wait again..... for the approval

I'm going to KL cos I booked a ticket to go in Aug for holiday but now, with baby, possibly on the way, we thought we'll bring forward our trip.

Can't wait to hear your journey!
we din go KL to see the baby. We just went for holiday...Yuli was asking me whether get any baby stuff there. I told her is cheap and is much cheaper than Spore.
the pm does not allow me to attach the photos.
Y not u pm me yr email that i can send it directly to u.
If not u can view my baby photo in my blog.
Will try to post by this tmr.
Did i tell u i quit my job to be a full time mother?
BlesswBB, yr daughter is beeyoootiful! Gorgeous big eyes! and a whole head of hair! How old is she now?

Wow, didnt noe u quit! Well, now, u r probably enjoying the best job in the world! ;)

Wat was the first day & nite @ her new home like for yr daughter? Did she seem confused by her new surroundings etc.? I read bks wh talk abt how itz sometimes difficult 4 bb wen they r trsferred 2 a new hm but maybe wen bb is so young, itz not so difficult?

Am really happy for you, BlesswBB. Congratulations, u r a mummy!!
Thanks! Today she is 15days old.
Haha...enjoying being a mummy...yes but not a very tiring to be one
Oh she is ok..1st nite with us she wake up every 2hrs to have her feed. At this age she still can't focus things around her..she can just hear who is talking to her. Curious abt things she hears.
So when will u be able to view your baby? Has Alice called u? Excited for u....don worry to much abt the connection found in your baby...u be surprised with your own feeling when u see yrs. Keep me update on yr status.
I'm still worried on my HSR....still no respond yet. Sigh...
BlesswBB, did your assesor say when your HSR will be ready? are they still seeking clarifications?

glad to hear your daughter is adjusting so nicely into her new beautiful home.

I have been buying some baby stuff (basics like bottles and clothes) but sometimes feels a bit weird when sales pp look at my flat tummy and I can see question marks forming over their heads!! hahaha.

Did you bring bb for the medical chkup at the paediatrician that Alice recommended or you bring bb to your own preferred paediatrician?
Hey girls. I'm completing my form. Can I go to any doctor for the medical declaration?
Yuli, after seeing your baby, I totally excited about adoption after my failed IVF. Stupid IVF is so disappointing.
iwantitverymuch, I like yr screen name. We all desire so much for a child,yah? Well, by filling in yr HSR, u r on yr way 2 a child! Any GP will do for the medical declaration. All the best!
Have you heard of any reason why people get rejected for their HSR?? I want to be prepared on what to look out for in the forms.
Hi Ladies,
I just found this threat and it is really great to see so many of you here. I am also contemplating adoption and I would like to find out from you where the health screening can be made in Singapore and what we should be looking for in the health screnning.

In earlier thread, there was mention of Gleneagles and Mt Alvernia but would really like to have the exact address.

Really appreciate your advice on this.
Hi dream09, looking at the form. Any GP will do. If you go to Gleneagles or Mt Alvernia, you might pay too much. The best thing is to go to your regular GP so that he/she can answer the question 1-4.
Hi yuli,
Have been busy with this little ones no time to reply you.
I finally received my HSR report, now in the process of arranging her citizenship.
Ya...i know how u feel...when i was shopping for her stuff i also feel the same way.
I trusted Alice so i just bring bb to your her recommended paediatrician.
Hey welcome to this thread. I knew u from IVF thread...and we meet here again. Yes, u can go to any clinic for medical declaration.
I believe most of the HSR will be approved unless u hv mental illness. Or they think u are not ready for adoption. Be yrself during those interview. Good luck to you!!
thanks for your reply. My question was actually more for the baby health screening.

Is it ok for you to share with paediatrician you went to? and which tests were performed? thanks a million.
BlesswBB, wah, I remember the IVF thread but I can't find or visit it anymore. what a coincidence.
I have a question.I saw from one of the agency's website that applicants must be over 35! Is it true? I'm 33 this year and I've been married for 6 yrs and have been trying to conceive all this while. My husband is 39.
My paediatrician is intro by my agent. If u interest i can PM u the details. The test involved her movement, hearing and bloodtest. If u interested in additional test will be heart and kidney. I din opt for heart and kidney test cos she already touches our heart so we just hope she be healthy. IF really things have to happen we will still find our ways to cure her.
u better check under MCYS website. They list all criteria there. Wat i understand is couple hv to be married for at least 3yrs. Even if applicants must be 35..yr hubby is already 39. They will also consider u went thru IVF many times without success.
Thanks. Really appreciate if you could PM me the details. Really lost now on where I should go and what tests are a must.

BTW, went to your blog and your baby is so lovely. Update it when you have some time! Really happy for you that your dream has come true
Thanks! She getting naughty. Will update more with her photos. Currently she has baby rash look very ugly. Not taking photos for the time being. Haha
Good to know that I should be able to qualify for adoption.
Ya, like dream said, I'm really happy for BlesswBB. It's such a dream come true to have a child!! After all we gone through, we totally deserve it.
BlesswBB, can you PM me the details too? I'll turn on my PM on.
Must be very spoiled...that's why naughty! Hope the rashes will get better. I guess it is due to the hot weather..
on the rash. my girlfriend who breast feed applies breast milk on the baby's face as the milk has antibotics and it works! it's better than any cream and totally organic!I know you are not breast feeding but if any of your friends are breastfeeding, ask for help. I'm sure they are willing to chip in and help!
hmmmm...sound amazing...i hv a friend who just gave birth. But she also complain her daughter who is also breasting feeding have milk rash...u sure it will help? According to her, Doc said is normal for baby.
How's everything going on? Have Alice arrange a baby for you? Very excited for you. Hope everything will go smoothly for you. Keep me update.
AH - wow, yr son will b 1 yr old soon! I'm sure his bday will be an especially meaningful day for all of u ;)
BlesswBB, soooo happeee for u that u got HSR already. Now, dun nd 2 worry, can juz enjoy bonding with bb

I saw bb girl last week n she's really really lovely! We brought her 4 medical & scan, now waiting 4 results.Did yr daughter cry during bld test? I'm now excited, happy & nervous. Cant wait 4 her 2 join our family!

Dream - r u arranging the adoption yrself? Cos if u r going thru an agent (like BlesswBB & myself) then the agent will advise u on where 2 go, wat 2 do. For me, i brought bb 2 the same paediatrician as BlesswBB. Nice doctor who did basic medical chk like listen 2 heart, chk bb's reflexes etc. He then wrote a referral ltr 4 bb 2 get bldtest & hearing test @ Mt Alvernia. He also suggested brain, liver, kidney, stomach scan also @ Mt Alvernia to chk 2 c if got cysts/growth etc so we also did that.
iwantitvmuch, dun worry abt HSR, interviews etc. Just b yrself & be honest. I comforted myself by reminding myself that the assesors arent out 2 fail us! Which stage r u now?
Most likely will be going thru agency as well but medical check not included. So, wanted to compare the places and costs. Seems your check is very comprehensive and that is most likely what we will do too. Is your baby girl a newborn? How old is she now? If you don't mind, can you let me know the costs of all the tests. Otherwise, PM me if you prefer.

How long will you need to wait for the test results? Is the bb home with you or the agency? It is going to be a "long" wait...

I am also worried on whether the bond will be there between the baby and us. Was the bb girl the first and only bb you saw? It seems your placement was very quick. Which country is she originally from?

sorry for asking so many questions...

and of course, crossing fingers that everything goes are at the finishing line now...and it is amazing that the the bb girl can touch your heart so quickly. Keep us updated. Are you working? Planning to quit? or will be a working mom?
I am not sure whether you are still reading this thread but wanted to know more about King adoption agency. I have PMed you. Thanks
Girls, this is my favourite forum now!
Dream, thanks for asking so many questions. I'm also interested!! While Yuli and BlesswBB bond with their babies very quickly. I know that some mother didn't have that bond at first but the bond gradually develop. So, don't stress about that. Let the love develops.
Yuli, I think I'm at the same stage as Dream. I'm filling up the form. Once my husband is done with his form. We will go for medical check up and submit to Torch. Today, I have a chat with a good friend and she's very supportive and ask me not to delay further. I really think she has push the right buttons on me. I needed that. I've been thinking about BlesswBB's baby and now that you have seen yours, I'm sooooo happy for both of you!!
BlesswBB, I've got the PM message. Thank you! I think I will go to Alice too,once I pass the HSR.

Yes, I hope it will. I made a baby blanket for his 1st birthday. Just completed last week. Hope he likes it. BTW, he can stand without help for a few mins now. And i think very soon he will be walking!.

I am looking forward to hear more good news from all the soon to be mums here. Good luck and welcome to motherhood!
Good morning ladies!
Yuli, that's my favourite forum too! and I am often logged in to check new posts!

It is an exciting journey but filled up with some anxiety and wait! It is really great that information can be shared to make the journey less stressful for the newbies! thanks BlesswB and Yuli for sharing information.

AH, it is great that you stay in this forum when your baby is already one year old. Did you adopt your baby at birth? Did you fall in love with him right away? Are you a SAHM? Any advice to us? I have already been reading all the past thread to get as much info as possible.

May be I'll tell more of myself since so far, I have only been asking questions! I have a 7-year old daughter (now P2) and we are really looking for another baby to complete our family. Been married for 13 years now! yep, not very young...

Although bb is not here yet, I am worried about taking care of bb. Are all of you SAHM? For those working, have you told your boss and took the one month adoption leave? or just handle yourself with maid/in-laws?

Also, does anybody have experience with King Adoption agency?
Hi everyone

I'm new to this thread. Previously, I was in the ivf thread. After 3 miscarriages, the last one just three weeks ago, I've decided to put a stop to all these treatments and go into adoption.

Like some of you, I'm quite worried about whether I would bond with the baby, but after reading all the heartening stories, I'm a bit more confident now.

Congratulations to BlessBW and Yuli for their bundles of joy.

I am going to download the HSR forms from Touch very soon and I have decided to use Lotus adoption agency. Actually Alice, from Lotus, came over to our house last year to brief us on the adoption procedures. But I decided to try ivf again one last time. Wish I hadn't!

I noticed in the HSR forms that there is a question about whether we have attended any adoption workshops. Is this compulsory?

I am so glad I found you guys. Hope we can support each other.
welcome! I am also relatively new in this thread. I was also in the ivf thread...failed mine in May09...

Happy to read that you are ready for the next step and yes, let's support each other!
Hello, I am a SAHM. After having my son for two weeks, my maid who cannot handle a new born so I sent her back. While waiting for a new maid ( 6 weeks ), I quit my job and never regret it. I love spending time with my son and watch him development.

Welcome, there is one workshop (Disclosure, I think ) that I attended (as a couple ). The MCYS worker told us to attend. It was very interesting. I think the HSR was the hardest part. It really test me. So for those who felt very worried, uneasy and etc. You are not alone. Just go with the flow, your agent and lawyer will help you with the preparation of home visit. Just be yourself and be open when certain questions asked that you may disagreed!

Good luck and keep me posted yeah.

Congrats!! Welcome to motherhood. So happy for u too.
How old is the baby? Now u know what we meant by connection when u see the baby ya? It's really amazing ya? Btw, y is the baby not with u yet? Alice will allow u to bring home the baby even before the result out. U can just try out a nite to see whether there is bond btw u and the baby.