(cheche) Marks and Spencer Spree

Hi Cheche,

I have transferred the funds for shipping and registered mail to you. Details as below:

Date of transfer: 4/11/13
Time: 10.47pm
Amt transferred : $10.72 + $3.75 = $14.50
Transaction ref: 11627767625

I will pm you my mailing address.
Once again, thank you for organizing this spree. :)

Hi Cheche,
Kindly help me order:

Item 1:
Limited Edition Placement Feather Print T-Shirt
Color: Purple
Size: 10
Qty: 1
Price: £17.50

Item 2:
M&S Collection Entwined Rings Necklace
Qty: 1
Price: £15.00

Total: £32.5 x 2.1 = S$68.25

To AccountPOSB Savings 091-56445-9 cheche
Amount S$68.25
Transaction Reference 11628040341

Hi Cheche, I have not received your email.

Any kind mummy can teach me how to use the PM function so that I can email my address to Cheche?

hi my order:

1) Sequin Embellished Collar Top [T43-2474-S]
size: 20
colour: wine
price: 13.99

2) Contrast Neckline Plain Shell Top [T43-2441-S]
size: 18
colour: orange
price: 14.00

3) Crew Neck Batman? T-Shirt [T88-1232C-S]
size: 5-6
colour: red
price: 5.50

pls email me at [email protected] for payment

Hi cheche, could u let me know if my orders have been accepted? Will proceed to make payment this afternoon or evening. Thanks! :)
Hi cheche, just paid SGD87.10 via ATM to your posbank savings for the payment of the 5 items in this spree. Could u acknowledge receipt? Thanks! :)
Hihi, i will like to order the following:

Item 1: 2 Pack Autograph Supersoft Pure Cotton Dog Pyjamas
URL: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Pack..._1_27&nodeId=213446031&sr=1-27&qid=1384492824
Size: 5-6Y
Price: £21
Color: Blue mix
Quantity: 1
Item product code: T863518

If OSS, pls order
Item: Pack Autograph Supersoft Pure Cotton Gingham Checked Pyjamas
URL: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Auto...-Pyjamas/dp/B00EXYG0KS?pos=PDP_cav_3/10_image
Size: 6-7Y
Price: £21
Color: Grey mix
Quantity: 1
Item product code: T863535
If OSS, please order:

Item 2: 2 Pack Pure Cotton Star & Striped Pyjamas
URL: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Pack...0Q?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_17&nodeId=213440031&sr=1- 17&qid=1384493559
Size: 2-3Y
Price: £15
Color: Red mix
Quantity: 1
Item product code: T864246

If oss, pls order:
Item 1: 2 Pack Pure Cotton Bird & Striped Pyjamas
URL: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Pack...&pf_rd_i=0&pf_rd_p=321381407&pf_rd_s=center-3
Size: 2-3Y
Price: £15
Color: Multi mix
Quantity: 1
Item product code: T864258
Total = S$75.60 ($36 X 2.1) (amt transerred - S$76 - trans ref: 11672152460 )

Batch 151 ordered.
See attached table.
Orders for Outlet cancelled cos most items oos.


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H Cecilia, pls order for me :

Item name : M&S Collection Floral Ruched Tea Dress
Product Code: T420826
URL : http://www.marksandspencer.com/Coll...Tea-Dress/dp/B00DRR26D2#CustomerReviewsHeader
Size : 16
Qty : 1
Price : £39.50

Item name : No VPL Lace Waist Full Briefs
Product Code: T610752A
URL : http://www.marksandspencer.com/VPL-...&pf_rd_i=0&pf_rd_p=321381407&pf_rd_s=center-3
Size : 14
Colour: Natural
Qty : 2

Item name : No VPL Lace Waist Full Briefs
Product Code: T610752A
URL : http://www.marksandspencer.com/VPL-...&pf_rd_i=0&pf_rd_p=321381407&pf_rd_s=center-3
Size : 14
Colour: White
Qty : 1
Price : 3 selected £5 knickers for £10

Total items : 4
Total price in SGD : £49.50 × 2.1 = S$ 103.95
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Nick: ribenaz

Item 1:
M&S Collection Pintuck Floral Top
Product Code: T438488
Color: Navy Mix
Size: 18
Qty: 1
Price: £15.00

Item 2:
M&S Collection Pintuck Tile Print Top
Product Code: T438489
Color: Black Mix
Size: 18
Qty: 1
Price: £15.00

Item 3:
Secret Slimming™ Light Control Bum Tum Shaper Shorts
Product Code: T601050
Color: Black
Size: X-Large
Qty: 1
Price: £6.00
Total: £36 x 2.1 = S$75.60

To POSB Savings 091-56445-9 cheche
Amount S$75.60
Transaction Reference 11705788835
Hi Cheche,

Item 1:
5 Pack Pure Cotton Assorted Briefs
Product Code: T711173
Color: Multi
Size: 3-4yr
Qty: 1
Price: £5.00

If OOS, take size 3-4yr (1 pack) :
5 Pack Pure Cotton Fair Isle Briefs

Item 2:
M&S Collection Cotton Rich Leggings with StayNEW™
Product Code: T548238
Color: Black
Size: 12 long
Qty: 2
Price: £9.50

Item 3:
M&S Collection Modal Blend Leggings
Product Code: T548303
Color: Black
Size: 12 long
Qty: 1
Price: £12.50

Total: £36.50 x 2.1 = S$76.65

I will tt shortly and update asap. Tks!
Hi Che Che,

I have just made payment via the ATM. Details as below

Date : 27/11/13
Time : 18:58
Amt : $14.70
Ref : 3417

Please check & confirm.

Batch 153 Open.
Closing spree on 2 Dec.
Pls post orders and proceed with payment.

* Exchange rate: 2.1
POSB Savings a/c 091-56445-9
My order as flw:

Collection: Bishan MRT
Email: [email protected]

1) 5 Pack Pure Cotton Briefs
Size: 4-5yrs (2 packs) / 5-6yrs (2 packs)
Qty: 4 packs
Price: 4 x 4 = 16

2) 5 Pack Cotton Rich Assorted Shorts
Size: 4-5yrs
Qty: 1 pack
Price: 5

Total: 21 x 2.1 = SGD 44.10

Transferred, amt: $125.22 (together with disney spree), ref: 11732150914
URL: http://www.marksandspencer.com/Pack...pf_rd_i=100&pf_rd_p=83432307&pf_rd_s=center-1
Item name: 2 Pack Angel Cotton Rich Checked Non-Wired AA-C Bras
Size: 34A
Colour: White Mix
Alternative if OOS: DNB
Quantity: 1
Price in £: £16

Buy One Get One Half Price on selected Thermal. **please do not buy if half price is not applicable**

URL: http://outlet.marksandspencer.com/M...archPage=1&searchRank=salesrank&searchSize=12
Item name: Modal Rich Ribbed Thermal Camisole with Silk [T32-6460-S]
Size: 8
Colour: Black
Alternative if OOS: DNB
Quantity: 1
Price in £: £10.50

URL: http://outlet.marksandspencer.com/O...archPage=1&searchRank=salesrank&searchSize=12
Item name: Outlet - 3247O HG PANT [T32-3247O-S]
Size: 8
Colour: Black
Alternative if OOS: DNB
Quantity: 1
Price in £: £14

Total no. of items: 3
Total price in SGD: Total (16 + 14 + 5.25) x 2.1 = $74.025

Collection mode: Bishan MRT (Monday-Thursday, 6pm)

Please PM/email the following details to me after payment made:
1. Date of transfer
2. Total amount transferred
3. Transaction reference
Hi CheChe,

i would like to order the below 2 items, will transfer fund shortly, thanks.

Nick Name: Irene Q

Collection: CCK

Item 1:
3 Pack Pure Cotton Heart & Striped Sleepsuits

Product Code: T780330
Color: Pink Mix
Size: 9-12mths
Qty: 1
Price: £10

Item 2:
5 Pack Assorted Pure Cotton Bibs

Product Code: T781973
Qty: 1
Price: £5

No. Of items: 2

Total S$=15*2.1=S$31.50
Batch 151 Arrived.
See table for shipping.


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Hi Cheche, is there an error in the calculation for my items in the table? The total cost of the three items ordered should be SGD66.15. I have transferred payment of SGD87.10 (for 5 items - 2 items OOS not ordered) on 11 Nov, so I should have an excess of SGD20.95.

Intl shipping costs is SGD17.42, so $20.95 - $17.42 = $3.53 (excess). Could you use the excess of $3.53 to offset payment of the items in the Disney spree. I will deduct $3.53 and top up for the Disney spree accordingly. Thanks! :)

Could u cfm if my calculation is correct? Would like to self-collect at Bishan MRT. Thanks! :)
Hi Cheche

My order :

(1) 2 Pack Limited Collection Floral Embroidered Non-Padded A-DD Bras
Product Code: T818555N
Colour : Multi
Size : 36B

(2) 2 Pack Cotton Rich Non-Wired Padded T-Shirt A-D Bras
Product Code: T333209
Colour : Black Mix
Size : 36B

Total = GBP28.50 * 2.1 = SGD59.85

Will transfer shortly

Hi Cheche

Funds transferred:

Funds Transfer to Other DBS/POSB A/C
11 Dec 2013 02:23 PM Singapore
To Account POSB Savings
091-56445-9 CHECHE
Transfer Currency and Amount S$59.85
Transaction Reference 11793459024