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Hi CheChe, I see that I am in Batch 156 which u just ordered. I transferred before 25% off sales came out. Are my items entitled to 25% off? Since they are under Sales items. Thanks
UPDATE: Batches 152 & 153
The vol weight for both packages are too much.
Batch 152, the vol weight is 18kg and actual weight is 10kg
Batch 153, vol weight is 30kg and actual weight is abt 10kg.
I'm asking vpost to repack the packages, else shipping will be really high.
Hopefully, they can repack. Update again once they get back to me.
Hi Cheche,

I am a bit lost in this new format. Please advise if my orders as below as arrived. This was ordered during end Jul.

Item: Sofia Backpack & Lunch Tote Collection
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/sofia-backpack-lunch-tote-collection/mp/1333005/1000290/#0
Add Personalization: Chong Yixuan
Qty: 1
Price: 19.95
Item: Ariel Bubble Tee For Girls
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/ariel-bubbles-tee-for-girls/mp/1327366/1000228/
Qty: 1
Size: 7/8
Price: 8
Total USD: 24.95
Total SGD: 24.95 x 1.26 = 31.40
To Account
POSB Savings
091-56445-9 cheche
Transfer Currency and Amount
Transaction Reference
Registered or courier
Cheche, still waiting for your reply for my post dated 27 Aug, reposted below:

Payment for shipping:
1) Disney Batch 146 = 28.39
2) Sanrio Batch 3 = 25.68

Would like to pick up both batches from Bukit Batok on Sunday morning. Let me know if possible. Thanks!

To AccountPOSB Savings
091-56445-9 Cheche Disney SMF
Transfer Currency and AmountS$54.07
Transaction Reference11319718684
Hi cheche,

Juz saw that my item in batch 150 had reached.

Pls advise postage cost and i will tt together with shipping.

Name: Lin2004
Collection: Registered post / Courier (whichever is cheaper)

1) Mcstuffin nightshirt
Qty: 1
Size : 5/6
Color: red
Price: USD 14

2) Ariel nightshirt
Qty: 1
Size : 5/6
Color: purple
Price: USD 14

3) Cinderlla nightshirt
Qty: 1
Size : 4
Color: blue
Price: USD 14

4) Princess nightshirt
Qty: 1
Size : 4
Color: red
Price: USD 14
Total = USD 56 x 1.30 x = SGD 72.80

POSB Savings
091-56445-9 SMH-cheche
Transfer Currency and Amount S$72.80
Transaction Reference 11373865918
Hi morning ... I would like to order the following:-

Name/Nick: Karen
Email: [email protected]

URL: http://www.disneystore.com/minnie-mouse-pj-pal-for-girls/mp/1336338/1000308/
Item name: Minnie Mouse PJ Pal for Girls
Size: 10
Colour: NA
Alternative if OOS: Drop
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: Buy 2 at USD14 each

URL: http://www.disneystore.com/ariel-sleep-set-for-girls/mp/1336627/1000307/
Item name: Ariel Sleep Set for Girls
Size: 10
Colour: NA
Alternative if OOS: http://www.disneystore.com/rapunzel-pj-pal-for-girls/mp/1336344/1000308/
Item name: Rapunzel PJ Pal for Girls
Sizw: 10
Quantity: 1

Price in USD: Buy 2 at USD 14

Total no. of items: 2
Total price in SGD: USD24 x 1.26= $30.24

Thank you
Hi cheche
Name - Margaret
email [email protected]

Minnie Mouse Vet Care Set with Figaro Plush

Classic Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll - 12''
Classic Disney Princess Aurora Doll - 12''
2 for USD10 each

Total USD44.50 = SGD57.85

Payment reference 11390144034

Nick: Rinoalyn
Collection: Bishan MRT

Item 1: Disney Tutu for Baby - Pink
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/disney-tutu-for-baby-pink/mp/1329582/1000217/
Size: 12-18 mths
Price: USD 12.99

Item 2: Minnie Mouse Costume Shoes for Baby - Red
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/minnie-mouse-costume-shoes-for-baby-red/mp/1336351/1000222/
Size: 12-18mths
Price: USD 9.95

Item 3: Color Fusion Mickey Mouse Reusable Ice Cubes
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dresses-...-mouse-reusable-ice-cubes/mp/1289551/1000352/
Price: USD 4.17

Item 4: Ariel Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dresses-skirts-ariel-disney-cuddly-bodysuit-for-baby/mp/1329393/1000388/
Size: 12-18 mths
Price: USD 5.99

Item 5: Disney Tutu for Baby - Silver
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dresses-skirts-disney-tutu-for-baby-silver/mp/1329579/1000217/
Size: 2/3 yrs
Price: USD 7.79

Item 6: Minnie Mouse Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dresses-...-cuddly-bodysuit-for-baby/mp/1315281/1000388/
Size: 12-18 mths
Price: USD 5.99

Item 7: Minnie Mouse Tee for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dresses-skirts-minnie-mouse-tee-for-baby/mp/1329287/1000228/
Size: 2 yr
Price: USD 5.39

Item 8: Ariel Tee for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dresses-skirts-minnie-mouse-tee-for-baby/mp/1329287/1000228/
Size: 2 yr
Price: USD 5.39

Item 9: Duffy the Disney Bear Plush Wristbag - 10"
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/bags-totes-duffy-the-disney-bear-plush-wristbag-10/mp/1293055/1000291/
Price: USD 10.17

Total no. of items: 9
Total in SGD: USD 67.83 x 1.3 = SGD 88.17

I'd previously transferred excess of SGD 19.44 for my order in batch 153. Do I offset the amount for this order and transfer the remaining to you?
If 40% discount is not available, please remove items 5-9.
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hi cheche

payment details:

orders for #156 - $19.50
orders for #157 - $58.50

total: $78.00


12 Sep 2013 08:34 AM Singapore

pls check, thks, zbuzz78
Hi cheche
Name: aries_77
email: [email protected]

2 for USD10 each
Classic Disney Princess Jasmine Doll - 12'' (2 items)

Classic Disney Princess Belle Doll - 12'' (1 item)

Disney Aladdin Classic Doll - 12'' (1 item)

Disney Princess Figure Play Set #1 (1 item)

Disney Princess Figure Play Set #2 (1 item)

6 items

Total USD60.00 = SGD78.00
Date/Time: 13 Sept 2013 at 5.45 pm
Payment reference: 11400000779


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2 for $10 each
Item No. 5601047786319M

Item No. 5601047786194M

Item Name:Rapunzel Pencil Box
Item No. 6459041262943P

Item Name:Rapunzel Tumbler with Straw - Small
Item No. 6551041392187P

Price in SGD: $34.49x 1.3 = $44.84
UPDATE: Batches 152, 153, 154, 156, 157
I'm still waiting for vpost to get back to me regarding the repacking of the boxes.
I think they are not going to repack. I'll make payment by this week if I don't get their reply. No point waiting.
I've tried my best to get the package repacked.

Attached for your reference.


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I'll like to order the following:
2 for $14
1) Mickey Mouse and Friends PJ Pal for Boys
Size : 4T

2) Dusty PJ Pal for Boys - Planes

Size : 4T

3) Mickey Mouse and Friends Tee for Boys

Size : 4T
Price : $6.99

Please let me know how much to transfer. Thanks
Hi Cheche, my order for Batch No. 159 as shown below.

Nickname: bubuchan(nurnurnini)
Mode of Delivery: Self Collect @ Bishan
Email Address: [email protected]

Item name : Elsa Tee for Girls - Frozen
URL : http://www.disneystore.com/elsa-tee-for-girls-frozen/mp/1339461/1000228/
Size : 7/8
IF OOS: Replace with Size: 10/12
Price : US$12.95
Quantity: 1

Item name : Anna Tee for Girls - Frozen
URL : http://www.disneystore.com/anna-tee-for-girls-frozen/mp/1339465/1000228/
Size : 7/8
IF OOS: Replace with Size: 10/12
Price : US$12.95
Quantity: 1

Buy 2 or more @ US$10 each

Total: 1.3 x US$20 = S$26
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Name/Nick: plasterger/wendy
Email: [email protected]

URL: http://www.disneystore.com/tees-top...-cuddly-bodysuit-for-baby/mp/1329393/1000388/
Item name: Ariel Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for Baby
Size: 2 YR
Colour: NA
Alternative if OOS: http://www.disneystore.com/tees-tops-shirts-ariel-tee-for-baby/mp/1329294/1000228/
(same size - 2YR)
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: 5.99

URL: http://www.disneystore.com/tees-tops-shirts-ariel-bubbles-tee-for-girls/mp/1327366/1000228/
Item name: Ariel Bubbles Tee for Girls
Size: 4
Colour: NA
Alternative if OOS: drop
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: 6.99

Total no. of items: 2
Total price in SGD: USD 12.98 x 1.3= $ 16.87

payment made -
To Account POSB Savings
091-56445-9 cheche
Transfer Currency and Amount S$16.87
Transaction Reference 11423159487
ARRIVED: Batches 152-153
See attached table.


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UPDATE: Batches 154, 156, 157
I'm still waiting for vpost to response regarding the repacking of the packages.
They will revert to me next week.

Pls be patience. I do not want to incur so much in shipping where they can repack.
I managed to get batches 152-153 repacked.
Bt Batok MRT - Friday 27 Sep, 6-6.15pm
Self-collect at Bt Batok St 11, pls PM me.

Bishan MRT - Tuesday 1 Oct, 6pm
Self-collect at Bishan St 22, pls PM me.