(cheche) Disney Store SALE Spree

Nick: hweiz

I'd like to order:

Item name: Cars Flip Flops for Boys
URL: Item name: http://m.disneystore.com/disney/mobile/disney_detail/detail?A=1321401&product_id=1321398
Qty: 1
Size: 11/12
Price in USD: 3.99

Item name: Planes Tee for Boys
URL: http://m.disneystore.com/disney/mobile/disney_detail/detail?A=1332089&product_id=1332088
Qty: 1
Size: 4
Price in USD: 12.50

Item name: Rapunzel Backpack - Personalizable
URL: http://m.disneystore.com/disney/mobile/disney_detail/detail?A=1331819&product_id=1331818
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 12.00

Item : Planes Figure Play Set - Racers
URL: http://m.disneystore.com/disney/mobile/disney_detail/detail?A=1331973&product_id=1331972
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 12.50

Item name: Monsters University Backpack - Personalizable
URL: http://m.disneystore.com/disney/mobile/disney_detail/detail?A=1331997&product_id=1331996
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 12.00

Total in SGD: USD 52.99 x 1.3= S$68.88
Trf tmr noon. Self collect at Bishan.
Are you able to advise the est shipping?

Hi Che Che

Is the plane tees iOS? It was not in the ordered list.

My orders:

1. Disney Princess Nightshirt for Girls
Size: 7/8


2. Rapunzel Nightshirt for Girls
Size: 7/8

3. Disney Princess Flip Flops for Girls
size: 9/10

4. Miss Piggy Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for Baby
size: 12-18mths

5. Snow White Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for Baby
size: 12-18mths

Total in SGD: USD 40.27 x 1.3= S$52.35

Hi i have transfered you $45.37.Pls acknowledge and update if to meet bishan will be wad timing if inconvenient will opt for register mail :) Hope to hear from you soon..

Thank you.
hi cheche, payment details:

shipping for #144 = S$11.80
order placed for #152 = S$20.77

total payable: 32.57


14 Aug 2013 01:16 PM Singapore

pls check, thks, zbuzz78
My order below:

Nick: qristeele

Item 1 name: Rapunzel Backpack - Personalizable
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 12.00

Item 2 name: Monsters University Backpack - Personalizable
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 12.00

Item 3 name: Rapunzel Nightshirt for Girls
Size: 7/8
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 7.99

Item 4 name: Monsters University Tee for Boys
Size: 4
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 10.00

Item 5 name: Rapunzel Tee for Girls
Size: 7/8
Qty: 1
Price in USD: 10.00

Total: 51.99 x 1.3 = $67.59

Will TT by end of the day. Thanks!
Batch 154 Open.
Closing spree on 19 August.
Pls post orders and payment.

* Exchange rate: 1.3
POSB savings a/c 091-56445-9
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Nick: Snowflakes_999
Email: [email protected]

Item 1: Cars Rash Guard for Boys
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/cars-rash-guard-for-boys/mp/1322225/1000310/
Size: 4
Alternative if OOS: Drop
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: US$8.99

Item 2: Cars Swim Trunks for Boys
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/swim-upf-50-cars-swim-trunks-for-boys/mp/1322227/1017702/
Size: 4
Alternative if OOS: Drop
Quantity: 1
Price in USD: US$8.99

Total no. of items: 2
Total price in SGD: USD17.98 x 1.3 = S$23.37

Collection mode: Courier/Registered mail
Hi CheChe,

I'm from Batch 145. Just got to see this thread and notice that my stuff have arrived. Can you advise if collect at Bukit Batok MRT, when can I collect? Time available? If I unable collect at the timing, I will go by courier. Please advise. I will transfer the remaining tonight.
Hi Che Che,

Can i still order:
1. Spider-Man Backpack - Personalizable ( Name: SEAN WEE)
QTY: 1
Unit price: USD12x1.3=$15.60


2. Minnie Mouse Sunglasses for Girls
QTY: 2
Unit price: USD2.99x1.3 = $3.89x2=$7.78

POSB savings a/c 091-56445-9

May i know the spiderman bag can put name,right? Pls advice, my email is: [email protected]
ARRIVED: Batches 146-151
See attached tables for shipping.


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Bt Batok MRT - Friday 23 Aug, 6pm
Self-collect at Bt Batok St 11, pls PM me.

Bishan MRT - Tuesday 27 Aug, 6pm
Self-collect at Bishan St 22, pls PM me.
Batch 154 Orders.
Some of the items hv increased in prices.
Pls check and let me know if you wanna go ahead with the orders.

Will be closing Batch 154 today at 5pm.
Pls post orders and payment.


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Trf done:-

To Account POSB Savings
091-56445-9 CheChe
Transfer Currency and Amount S$33.20
Transaction Reference 11297090502

Will PM you my address. Tks
hi cheche

pls drop my item 1:
Ariel Mini Bean Bag Plush Doll - 12'' as the price has increase.

Can proceed with the 2 tees.

i may need to add new orders, will post soon...

thks, zbuzz78
H cheche,

I had transferred the shipping charges for batch 150:

To AccountPOSB Savings
091-56445-9 Cheche_Disney Spree
Transfer Currency and AmountS$6.68
Transaction Reference11301467204

Please send the item together with my item in Mothercare Spree batch 15.
Please advise how much do I need to top up for registered mail. Thanks.

I will pm you my mailing address.
Hi cheche,

are you still taking in order.. I would like to order the following.. please let me know before I make the transfer. thanks :

Item 1: Minnie Mouse Musical Mobile for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/minnie-mouse-musical-mobile-for-baby/mp/1315066/1000247/
Quantity : 1
Price: USD $19.99
If OOS: drop

Item 2: Dumbo Plush Rattle for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/dumbo-plush-rattle-for-baby/mp/1335883/1014307/
Quantity : 1
Price: USD $6.96
If OOS: drop

Item 3: Minnie Mouse Disney Cuddly Bodysuit for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/minnie-mouse-disney-cuddly-bodysuit-for-baby/mp/1315281/1000388/
Quantity : 1
Price: USD $10.15
size : 3-6months
If OOS: drop

Item 4: Aurora Disney Cuddly Bodysuit Set for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/aurora-disney-cuddly-bodysuit-set-for-baby/mp/1335389/1000388/
Quantity : 1
Price: USD $17.46
size : 6-12months
If OOS: drop

Item 4: Belle Stretchie for Baby
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/belle-stretchie-for-baby/mp/1335563/1000393/
Quantity : 1
Price: USD $11.86
size : 3-6months
If OOS: drop

Total cost: USD$59.46 x 1.3 = SGD$77.30

ColIection: Bukit Batok MRT
hi cheche,

top ups & courier transferred.
will pm u my address.

To Account POSB Savings
091-56445-9 cheche
Transfer Currency and Amount S$28.55
Transaction Reference 11302778995


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Hi, cheche (cheche) : My order under Batch 155:-

Nickname: bubuchan(nurnurnini)
Mode of Delivery: Self Collect @ Bishan
Email Address: [email protected]

Item name :Minnie Mouse Pink Tee for Girls – Deluxe Storytelling
URL : http://www.disneystore.com/minnie-mouse-pink-tee-for-girls-deluxe-storytelling/mp/1336419/1000228/
Size : 7/8
IF OOS: Replace with Size: 10/12
Price : US$19.95

Item name : Rapunzel Beach Towel - Personalizable
URL : http://www.disneystore.com/rapunzel-beach-towel-personalizable/mp/1321124/1000387/
Size : -
IF OOS: Drop
Price : US$8.99

Total: 1.3 x 28.94 x 0.60 = S$22.57
Hi Cheche

my order

Minnie Mouse Sunglasses for Girls
Price: US$2.99

Rapunzel Water Bottle
Price: US$5

Rapunzel Lunch Tote
Price: US$8

Rapunzel Backpack - Personalizable
Price: US$12

Rapunzel Beach Towel - Personalizable
Price: US$8.99

Sofia the First Tee for Girls
size: 4
Price: US$12.95

Total: US$49.93 x 1.3 = 64.91

Payment transfer. Ref 11304068482
Item Name: Disney Princess Dress and Leggings set for Girls
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/disney-princess-dress-and-leggings-set-for-girls/mp/1335536/1000229/
size: 7/8
If OSS: size 10
Price in USD: 29.95

Item Name: Rapunzel wedding nightgown for Girls
URL: http://www.disneystore.com/rapunzel-wedding-nightgown-for-girls/mp/1326877/1000305/
size: 7/8
If OSS: size 10
Price in USD: 29.50

Total = USD 59.45 x 0.60 x 1.3 = SGD 46.37

To AccountPOSB Savings
091-56445-9 Cheche_Disney Spree
Transfer Currency and AmountS$46.37
Transaction Reference11304102410