Changing of childcare


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Need opinion:

Would you all change your kid’s childcare if as follows:

1) incident happened (got pushed and head hit the table b4 falling on the floor) that caused child to be traumatised that day. 2 different sides of principal being observed: to mum - apologetic and understanding, to grandma - apologetic but commented that mum being overly nervous .

2) an incident few months ago, principal making sarcastic comment on the bread mum cut for the child - “said thought that’s for feeding the bird”

***wont be mentioning the name of the school.


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i will not. i feel it will be more traumatizing for the child to experience a new environment with new teachers and friends.

my 2yo gal has bruises on her head 2-3 times, cut her lips once all within 6 months after she joined. i was angry at 1st, but i looked back, and she also fell and hurt herself under my care during the weekends when i cannot react fast enough.
she is simply too active and curious and oblivious to the dangers while doing 'stunts'. once teacher said she bumped her head when they were at the playground. i was skeptical.. but ok, kids are being kids. until over the weekend and finally my gal pointed to the train in the playground and point to her bruise. it was because she didnt look out and bend low enough to get into the train, and bumped her head... so i can understand with more than 10 kids and 2 teachers, its hard to monitor each and everyone. as i myself will let her run and play while i watched from the side.
so they can hurt themselves or being hurt by other kids as they dont know how to control their strength or emotional when it comes to playing together.

i will also ignore the principal.. treat her words lightly. . just continue to prepare the bread with how you like it to be. cant please everyone..

so yeah, will not change school.


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Hi Mummies, my 2yo going 3 comes home from childcare with bruises and scars previously. We tried asking my daughter where she had all these scars and bruises but she still not able to express herself well. Tried confronting the teachers but they didn't seem to know either.

My hubby and I have thought of changing her childcare at first but withdrawn after much consideration. We are afraid that changing of environment, new friends will cause her more distress. No choice and remain at the same childcare centre. But things have improved now as the teachers will call and inform me beforehand if there is an injury.