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i) International: Direct from UK to SG
ii) Cost: £20 (this amount will be used to offset against VAT rebate)
iii) Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks (AFTER batch submission)
iv) Capped amount: £180 per batch

i) Local Postage: Singpost
> SmartPac @ $4.90, for package up to 3kg & dimensions 30cm (l) x 19cm (w) x 7cm (h)
> Normal mail (at your own risk)
> Registered mail with tracking # (recommended)
- Nominal stationery/handling fee applies.
ii) Courier (Ta-Q-Bin): $5.80, for package up to 80cm
- Nominal stationery/handling fee applies.
iii) Collection: My block / Boon Keng MRT / Lau Pa Sat / Tanjong Pagar MRT
> Arrange in advance at mutually convenient schedule

i) Order will be included only upon receipt of payment.
ii) No amendment/cancellation/refund will be entertained once order is submitted/confirmed/shipped.
iii) Refund will be made in 3 days in the event that item is out of stock.
iv) I am not liable for wrong/faulty item sent by Merchant.
v) I will not be responsible for parcel loss/mishandle/delay once I dispatch it.
vi) I reserve the right to decline any order or close the spree earlier once capped amount is reached.
vii) Do refer to this spree thread/email on order/shipment status.
viii) There could be extended waiting time in the process of collating order to meet minimum order value.

Distribution Mode:
Email: (via PM/email)

Item Name:
Size: (for shoes)
Price (£):

Total quantity:
Total item cost (£):
Total amt (S$): £ x 2.08

i) Exchange rate: 2.08 (revised if credit card bill is higher)
ii) My bank account: POSB savings
(I have UOB account if needed)

i) Post in this spree thread (preferred)
ii) Send me PM (private msg)
iii) Email:
[email protected]

Happy shopping! Thanks.

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Benefit Cosmetics (*Free international shipping)


Sunsky (mobile accessories at low cost)

Swanson Vitamins

ASOS (UK fashion) (*Free international shipping)

Swarovski Crystal

MakeupMania/Camera Ready Cosmetics (eg. Ben Nye & other makeup brands)

Sigma Beauty

Harrods UK

H2O Plus

Nuvela21 (Eye serum)

Whitening Lightning (Teeth whitening pen)

Cath Kidston UK
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<font color="119911">Hi jodi</font>

This tote is open-top with expandable poppers at the sides. Thanks.
Hi jodi,

Cath Kidston bags are neither heavy nor bulky due to its material.
Int'l shipping cost could be "free" as I will use the VAT rebate to offset delivery fee (with about £160 paid order).
Pls transfer payment once you are certain of your item. Thanks.
Hi Vicky,

im interested to get the below items, but i need it as a teacher day gift. do u think we can make it in time?

1) Daisy Rose & Stars Double Zip Purse
Now: £6.00
Qty : 2 pcs

2) Hampton Rose Pocket Mirror
Now: £1.50
Qty : 4 pcs

3) Daisy Rose Pocket Mirror
Now: £1.50
Qty : 3 pcs

pls drop me an email ok? thks.
Hi eggpecially,

Total amt (S$): £22.50 x 2.08 = 46.80
As per Merchant's website delivery info, "Providing your items are in stock we will aim to deliver your order within 7-10 working days."
We should receive this batch by mid August without shipment delay.
Pls confirm your order with payment. Thanks.

Nick/Name: Ninger
Distribution Mode: tbd
Email: (via PM/email)

Item Name: Quilted Rose Tape Measure
Colour: -
Size: (for shoes) -
Quantity: 5
Price (£): 3 x 5 = 15

Item Name: Pack of 4 Strawberry Hair Clips
Colour: -
Size: (for shoes) -
Quantity: 2
Price (£): 3 x 2 = 6

Item Name: Daisy Rose & Stars Double Zip Purse
Colour: -
Size: (for shoes) -
Quantity: 1
Price (£): 6

Total quantity: 8
Total item cost (£): 27
Total amt (S$): £27 x 2.08 = 56.16

Will transfer later. Thanks!
Hi Shellen,

Noted your order, 1 item.
I will be including it in next Batch #2 as capped amount was already reached for Batch #1.
Do inform me once you transfer payment. Thanks.

Batch #1 @ 31 Jul --> Submitted!
  • jess_mummy (1 item)
  • jodi (1 item)
  • Ninger (8 items)
  • eggpecially (9 items)
  • Caroline (2 items)
  • Kelly (1 item)
  • SQ (1 item)
hi Vicky,

Thanks for ordering for me.
For collection at T Pagar mrt, is it during weekday lunch hr?
if timing is inconvenient for me, can my green spot day bag be sent by normal mail?
Hi jodi

Collection at Tg Pagar MRT is usually weekday lunch time.
You can decide on distribution mode later. Thanks.
Hi Vicky,

I would like to order the following:

Nick/Name: blurzinc/Zinc
Distribution Mode: to be advice later when goods are delivered
Email: (via PM/email)

Item Name: Mini cowboy small zip Bag
Colour: -
Size: -
Quantity: 1
Price (£): £8

Item Name: Daisy Rose & Stars Double zip purse
Colour: -
Size: -
Quantity: 1
Price (£): £6

Total quantity: 2
Total item cost (£): £14
Total amt (S$): £ 14 x 2.08 = S$29.12