Carrying baby to sleep during nap


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Dear mummy / daddy,

My baby is 3 mth plus now. Everyday morning to evening , my wife and i will take turn to carry our baby to nap. We have tried many times to put him to sleep in his own cot during nap, but he will just open his eyes and cry once we put him down. In order to give him enough rest we give up putting him down and will just carry him to nap.

Our baby is a light sleeper, he will just wake up with a little sound. Luckily he will sleep on his own during night when we swaddle him.

Will like to find out from you, if is the same for the rest of the parent?

If is normal, when will baby start to nap on his own ?
If is not the normal practice , how can we train him to nap on his own.



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Hi I am not an expert but I am a mother of 2 sons, 2yo 5mo and 6.5mo.

Both my kids go thru sleep training. By right it is possible to train kids to sleep on their own, thru a book I read, called baby wise and websites like whattoexpect. U can google it.

What I did for my no2 was to train him bit by bit.

For example,
Week 1 - train him to sleep.

Babywise teaches that we shld get the baby into a routine and a feed-wake-sleep cycle. So for 1sf week of training, I fed, keep him up for abit 30-40min and put him to sleep. My target is for him to establish the cycle so it doesn't matter how he sleeps, as long as he sleeps. So I carry, pat, rock, sing songs... carrier, sling, wrap.

Once the baby establish the feed wake sleep cycle, I will try to train him to sleep on his own.

Of course it will lead to some crying. Based on comfort level, u can adopt the cry it out method or the fading method.

B4 training, be sure that baby's basic needs are met (fed, diapered, not too hot, not too cold, comfort). Then put the baby down when he is drowsy after the wake time.

BB wld cry but do not pick up. Allow crying for 5min, then return to comfort him, dun pick up. Leave to cry for 8min and return to comfort him. If u r not comfortable to let him cry for so long. U can begin w 1min, slowly extending to 2min, 3min interval. It will take time for baby to get it. This is the fading method. So I used both cio + fading.

My no1 used to need to pay and rock to sleep, plus singing songs. My no2 completely sleep on his own, no rocking, no patting, he plays by himself and put his head down and doze off...

Hope this helps...


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One more thing I learn from babhwise is that is it normal for babies to cry. They cry between 1-4hrs, to expend energy and to strengthen their lungs.

They will fall asleep when they r tired out from crying. This knowledge gives me peace of mind when I train my kids and hear them cry...

U can try if u r comfortable.