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Carpe Diem

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by babymama, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. babymama

    babymama Member

    And mummies sending their children to Carpe Diem childcare centres? any feedback?

  2. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    my girl's childcare recently got taken over by carpe diem... so far so good. they provide good infrastructure and made very good changes to the program and place. also got price guarantee, very good.
  3. babymama

    babymama Member

    Thanks [​IMG]
  4. jia37

    jia37 New Member

    Hi Mei
    My son is currently with Carpe Diem. He enjoys going to school now. So far so good. Principle Susan is very friendly person and the teacher give feedback of my son often.
  5. babymama

    babymama Member

    Thanks [​IMG]
  6. stressma

    stressma Member

    which carpe diem ur referring to?
    i sent my son last yr at the Jurong West one.
    i find it no good leh... a bit boring and not very structured.
  7. carnellin

    carnellin New Member

    anyone can give me the website of carpe diem?
  8. arielle

    arielle New Member

    anyone sends their children to the carpe diem at royal road? near gillman heights? is that branch good? how is the mix of the children there?
  9. tingting

    tingting Active Member

    hi, i'm also looking at the outlet at Blk 108 Bedok Reservoir Rd. Any feedback?
  10. babymama

    babymama Member

  11. ccthu

    ccthu New Member

    Hi, I went to Carpe Diem Jurong West. I am about to send both my 3-yr and 20-mths sons there. stressma, just saw ur post here that the school is boring? Ur child attend full day one? I have been thinking for the past few weeks whether i should send them there. Could you share with me more?
  12. stressma

    stressma Member

    hi ccthu,

    I just find that it is not as good as they claims...what multiple intelligence....
    it operates like a childcare loh...the music and movement session not every day got...then when the teachers bring them to the "gym" area, they will just sit there and let them play....the way i look at it is the teachers just wan to quickly pass time, and what they "teach" in a day also impromptu...not organised lah...

    i just feel that the fees is overpriced for what u will be getting. but is my own opinion....dunno whether cos i got high expectations...

    anyway, if u did enrol ur sons there, i can pass u my son's uniform (still quite new) if u dun mind.
  13. ccthu

    ccthu New Member

    Oh.. so you have withdrawn him from Carpe Diem? How about the Taman Jurong one have u explored before? Which child care you intend to send him now?
  14. stressma

    stressma Member

    taman jurong - how abt gracefield? heard quite good.

    anyway, my son goes to st francis of assis church N1 class now. no childcare. 3 hrs daily.
    he enjoy it. i can see the differnece. last time, keep crying and drag going to carpe diem. now, he got to take school bus, and he's ok. but this is in boon lay.
  15. babymama

    babymama Member

    hee hee, can i have your son's uniform? hee hee, my son is at Carpe Diem now...
  16. stressma

    stressma Member

    Hi Mei,

    Sure, u can have it. The size is small. ur son can?
  17. stressma

    stressma Member


    which Carpe Diem ur son is in now? kapo...
  18. babymama

    babymama Member

    he's in N1, in the bt batok branch.. have been attending full time childcare there.. can pm me about postage price and your account details? Xie xie [​IMG]
  19. babymama

    babymama Member

    Hi, anyone got Carpe Diem uniform to let go cheaply/exchange? didn't manage to get from stressma...
  20. coyotefr00

    coyotefr00 New Member

    hi Stessma,

    I would like to put my girl in st francis of assis church but they hv no vacancy avail. How do u manage to enrol? please help
  21. ccthu

    ccthu New Member

    hi coyotefr00,

    stressma registered his son to SFA Boon Lay long ago that time stilll got vacancy. You want to reg for next year? I called them before they dun accept student joining half-way. So u may only reg for next year.

    i previously enrolled my son to SFA Boon Lay N2 next year but they called and wanted to shift the class to 11am, so we cancelled and change to SFA Jurong West. I am not sure SFA JW good or not but the environment quite nice. You may consider.
  22. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Anybody can advice me on Carpe Diem? Is there such programs like 3 days a week type in Carpe Diem?
  23. ccthu

    ccthu New Member

    Yes, Carpe Diem provides flexible hr, but when I enquired the JW branch, the director told me they dun encourage this. But i think if you really want they should be allowing that.
  24. stressma

    stressma Member

    FYI...i understand SFA boonlay not taking N1 classes next year liao. only N2 onwards...

    venice, tentatively i shall meet u this friday...will email u or sms u tat day ok?
  25. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member


    Yesterday, Lynn from Royal Road's branch called me and told me otherwise. She said for ease of managing and scheduling and due to demand as well, they don't have as well.

    Seems like the one at Royal road very popular demand huh?

    On waiting list somemore for 18months toddlers.

  26. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    By the way, what do you mommies look out for playgroup for your toddler?

    Can name a few that I should note?

    Lynn was encouraging me to go to visit their place before enrolling my girl. Should I bring my girl to the place as well to see if she likes the environment? My girl now is only 12 months old.
  27. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    <font face="Comic Sans MS">Different policies at different venues?</font>

    Oh dear... I am lost... I just spoke with somebody at Punggol, the resort one at Punggol. They allow flexi time. Strangely.

    Oh gosh.

    <font face="Comic Sans MS">Punggol 24th Avenue</font>
    Any mommies have your children going to the resort?

    Any feedback?
  28. myno

    myno New Member

    Hi, anybody sent your kid to Carpe diem Creative childcare at Telok Kurau, pls your experiences, I am looking around for preschool for my 2 yr old kid, would appreciate if you could share your experiences and comments, tks.
  29. shook

    shook New Member

    Anyone's child is wif Carpe Diem First Year in Pasir Ris? Appreciate your feedback. TIA
  30. scwaiaug

    scwaiaug New Member

    Anyone's child with Carpe Diem in Teck Whye Lane ?

    Please advise.
    Thank you ~
  31. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    hi shook... yah my girl is at carpe diem first year in N1. What do you want to know?
  32. shook

    shook New Member

    Hi Dorie
    How do u find the cc? Which class if your gal in? Wat is her name? How long has she been there?

    I sent my son to Carpe Diem since tis Mon for trial. May b I met your gal [​IMG]
  33. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    Hi Shook,

    Erm, I'm quite particular about internet security, so won't answer direct questions about my gal unless i know you lah... sorry ah.

    So far so good lah... definitely an improvement over the previous owners of the childcare. My girl has been there since like umm, last year... so we still pay the old price from the old childcare. So very worth it lah.

    Annie is quite a good superintendent... takes care of everything, made many improvements. Good lah.
  34. mtdt

    mtdt Active Member

    anyone in pgl carpe diem?

    any feedback?
  35. shook

    shook New Member

    Hi Dorie
    No problem. My son is in N1 as well.

    Do u put your gal there full day or 1/2 day? I thot of sending my son there @ 7am on the way to work Wat time do u send your gal there?

    Oh your gal joined last yr fm the previous operator. Carpe Diem juz increased their fees. How much r u paying?

    Can't agree more, Annie is v gd. She gets herself involved in many things. She is v easy going. 1 thing I dun like is the teacher student ratio is v high n the plc is v cramp
  36. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    shook - from what I understand from Annie, there are new teachers coming in in Aug, Sep and Oct... they are hunting for new teachers, but can't get. That's why the ratio become very high. It used to be very good. They've been very active in getting more teachers in.

    My gal is in full day... I send her around 7.50am before sending my older girl to kindergarten in katong. Usually will pick her around 5 or 5.30, but sometimes if something on, will pick as early as 4 or 4.30pm.

    She only goes 4 days a week becos on friday got violin in the middle of the day 12.30, very inconvenient to send then fetch again 2 hours later. so just keep her at home, then can put in more practice also... heh.

    The previous operator very cheap - only 300 after 150 subsidy for full time working mother. So now, since I stop work, have to increase by 75, then they got monthly dunno wat fee, so total is about 390 or something like that lah. Good thing we were already there... how much are they charging now? 500?

    I saw a mother taking home a small boy in a blue t-shirt today (no uniform) - about 5.40pm like that... was that you? I was there picking up my girl at that time too.

    I think 1/2 day at childcare not worth lah... so ex. better to put in kindergarten / nursery if want half day only. some more many 1/2 day kids, supposed to have b'fast, lunch there, but in the end didn't, so waste all that money for nothing. in the end the hours like nursery school.

    but i taking my girl out at the end of the year... cos the kindergarten i want to enrol her in say if I wait until k1 to enrol her, chances very slim of getting space... but next year n2 still got 2 vacancies (at the time i went to register lah - now most likely gone liao) so if want must faster... so i no choice but to take her out next year.

    also good lah i guess, then got more time to teach her all the things that I want to do with her, and easier to attend enrichment too. now she friday don't go, thursday go home early because of berries, then sometimes i will take her swimming with her siblings so also go home early... quite loo-gi ah, like that.
  37. shook

    shook New Member

    Hi Dorie
    When I raised my concern abt the high teacher tod ratio, Annie told me she is v irritated over the high ratio as well. She has 2 alternatives - open another N1 class or stop the flexi-care fm the previous operator. She already sent letter to those under flex-care giving them the choice over to convert to 1/2 day or terminate. She said she advertised in papers for 1.5 mth, still can't get teachers. I think she is strict in teacher selection tho difficult to get teachers

    U mean Carpe Diem needs u to pay misc fee of $15 monthly or the previous operator? $300 is really cheap. Current price after subsidy is $395

    I think the person u met wz me. Teahcer told u your gal played wif water is it? U brot your gal in late on Tue is it?

    Can't agree more. Not worth putting 1/2 day. But some parents feel dat there is not much activites in the afternoon

    Carpe Diem offers K1 n K2. Y u dun wanna let your gal take her K1 n K2 education there?

    U v gd leh. Still bring your gal to violin/swimming lessons n Berries. I din let my son attend any enrichment class. Your gal attend Berries in which branch?
  38. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    Haha, shook... yah. i brought her late one day... can't remember when though. but play water... er, don't think so... unless is spilt milk on herself. haha. maybe lah.

    the misc fees is charged by carpe diem. i think the misc fees is 16/mth, then 375 after 75 non-working mother subsidy. Your subsidy is the 150 issit?

    Yah, but I prefer them to get used to the go to school then come back do homework thing. Also, as they get older, I let them go for enrichment, so stay childcare not so convenient or worth it lah.

    No lah, she never go swimming lessons, I just take her swim while her siblings got lessons. She slowly slowly can swim... quite good lah. Now I can push her a short distance, she can swim to side or another adult herself, head in water, but don't know how to come up for breath lah.

    She goes for Berries at Tampines. Must catch her early... her siblings chinese can die lor. sigh.

    what about you... are you working? attend enrichment hor, unless SAHM, very hard to squeeze so many one lah. Last time I working, children attend only at night, and very limited. Now got more flexibility, easier to arrange. heh.

    Maybe today will see you again lah...
  39. shook

    shook New Member

    I remember tis gal came in late coz the teacher said v loud "y r u so late today" during the lesson. I sat wif my son during the lesson

    I remember tis gal played wif water coz teacher told me she wet herself, changed 2 sets of clothing. Heard teacher telling her mother when she fetches her.

    Errr.... wonder if my guess is correct. Is your gal's name starting wif J?

    I m a FTWM so getting subsidy of $150

    Carpe Diem provides optional enrichment classes

    U mean your gal swims a short distance w/o float?

    Do u stay near Carpe Diem? Carpe Diem conducts Chinese lessons mah.

    Ya rite. Night time enrichment class too late n tiring for my son. By the time he finishes dinner n bathe, probably 19:30. Can only attend enrichment class during wk n.

    Won't b able to c u agn unless I m on leave. I estimated I can rush to Carpe Diem earliest 18:05 after work
  40. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    Yah, you are right... that's my girl... haha. I think I didn't know about the play water thing. anyway...

    Yah, and my girl only attends the CL one by apple pie... but nothing leh. Don't see much from her from those sessions. But OK lah... the more exposure the better.

    Yes, my girl can now swim a short distance without float... she just stretch her arms out and kick kick kick until reach the other person / the side of the pool. Not long... very short... like maybe kick 3-4 times reach liao... but she know how to hold her breath before go underwater and wait until come up then take in air.

    Quite lah... umm, walk will take about 10 minutes by myself, 20-25minutes if with my girl.

    Last time I teacher, so can come back slightly earlier, so still can make it for like 5.30, 6pm lessons... not so bad.

    Now, I can take them for lessons at 4pm and that kind of thing... very convenient.... and usually those classes not so crowded lah.

    Saw your boy today in class... they so cute, making crabs with handprints... heh. He quite stable and happy liao hor... very good.

    As for the chinese lessons, wanted to give her proper exposure... and she has good concentration span, so can remember the words they teach her... so wanted something more structured that I can revise with her at home. The school don't tell me exactly what they learn, so I cannot reinforce at home, learning not so fast leh.

    She go berries 3 sessions so far, can recognise all the words they teach, besides the words that I have been flashing to her myself from before. And can understand more now... that's why send her lor. Surprisingly she enjoys it so much, despite the separation anxiety... after lesson still ask for lesson again. So funny lah.
  41. shook

    shook New Member

    Hi Dorie
    Your gal is a v friendly gal. The 1st day when my son wz there, the teacher asked the tods to hold hands to proceed to the void deck for outdoor game. My son is a v shy boi. I tried to hold my son's hands to hold the other tods' hand but they hold hands wif their classmates. Your gal tho holding hands wif her classmate automatically hold my son's hand. My son felt the friendiness n automatically hold your gal's hand when they moved back to the classrm.

    Your gal oso initiated talk wif me n told me her name. I cldn't get her, she brot me to the pigeon hole n pointed her name to me [​IMG] I hv deep impression of tis sweet little gal

    Your gal is v clever to swim w/o float n breathe like a swimmer. How did u teach her? My son only wants to play wif water

    Oh u were an x teacher. I find teacher hv v creative way of teaching their own kids

    Envy u dat u can bring your gal for wk day enrichment classes

    My boi cried tis morning. I wz worried sick in office. Glad to hear dat he is happy

    Does your gal guai guai sit dwn when u do flashcards wif her?

    Do u know dat your gal's pic appear in Carpe Diem website? [​IMG]
  42. queenaire

    queenaire Member

    msg deleted
  43. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member


    Haha, this one like our own thread liao... hehe

    Wah, so nice to hear such interesting about my little chilli padi. Yah, with small children she's very friendly, and if you're the small child's mom, she'll be friendly to you too...

    Swimming - when she was about 8mths, I took her to aquaducks. We took lessons for about 2mths or less... then I learn from them lor. After that went back to work, so stop. Thought all the effort gone to waste, but slowly, started taking her swimming more often, then slowly teach her to blow bubbles and slowly immerse her deeper and deeper, then teach her to kick and all that, then like that lor...

    Yes, I know how it feels. But honestly, they usually don't cry very long one lah. After that forget liao... then happy happy join in liao. Haha.

    Yes, my girl will sit quietly and listen and learn when we do flashcards or books or things... she's a natural learner, and has a good concentration span. Not like my 2 big ones. She likes to take books and look at them and all that. She listens very attentively, so learn very fast. Each child different lor. She is the only one I have who is like that lah. Haha.

    yes, I know... saw the other time and was very surprised... haha. Must have been taken when they went to visit one of the older branches of carpe diem... because i don't recognise the other kids.

    sent you pte msg.
  44. shook

    shook New Member

    Hi Dorie
    replied your pm
  45. juxta

    juxta Active Member

    Hello ppl, I'm new to this. I sent my boy to Carpe Diem PR in Aug. Cant agree more that Annie is a very nice and accomodating lady.

    Are ur kids attending any enrichment programs that carpe diem tied up with other centers?
  46. dorieme

    dorieme Active Member

    hi Serene... um, mine is in N1, and is attending the apple pie chinese speech and drama. didn't let her go for the other one.. the english i think. other than that, no... but not sure what else they are offering... some i think they offer to the older kids.

    which class is your boy in serene?
  47. juxta

    juxta Active Member

    Hi Dorie,

    My boy is in N1 too! So they're classmates. I thought the apple pie one was english speech and drama so i didnt let him go for it. I'm actually looking for chinese enrichment program for him. Ok, i shall go ask Annie about it. Initially my hubby said to let him start enrichment next year. Now that he sees that the boy is picking up chinese quite fast in school, thought of giving him something more intensive. We dun speak much mandarin to him at home, so hoping to let him catch up.

    How do u find the school so far? how long has ur girl been with carpe diem?
  48. sharon818

    sharon818 New Member

    How much are you paying for the bus/van transport? I enquire for 1 operator and he quoted me $120 to and fro. Quite Ex is is?
  49. dear_dear

    dear_dear Active Member


    Did anyone of you send ur kids to Carpe Diem at Taman Jurong? Any feedback?
  50. shook

    shook New Member

    My boi is in Carpe Diem Pasir Ris. Can't agree more. Annie is v accomodating to the parents n the staff as well.

    I let my son attend both Eng n Chinese speech n drama and character building enichment class. My boi is in N1 same class as Dorie's gal.

    When did your boi join Carpe Diem? The Chinese speech n drama class started not long ago. When they start new class, they send letter to ask parents if interested to send kid to the enrichment class

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