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Capstone Kindergarten at Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church (TACMC)

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by justinmommy, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. justinmommy

    justinmommy Member

    Hi mommies,

    Anyone had experience with capstone kindergarten (at Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church (TACMC), Telok Blangah / Wishart Rd)? Planning to send my son there. Spoke to the staffs, seem to be very nice people.

    Please share your experiences!! This is my only child so I'm really quite clueless

  2. purple_tulip

    purple_tulip Member

    Hi elaine,

    My gal is currently in the nursery class in Capstone Kinddy.

    Have you visited them ? The school is nice and clean and yes, the teacher n staff there are very friendly.

    My gal is there since Jan this year. She loves to go to school now and is happy there. She always tell me abt her teachers and friends. The sch is billingual n I do see the progress in her vocab n speech for both english & chinese.

    You shd go down and assess the environment urself. Hope this helps.
  3. treestar

    treestar Member

    Hi elaine,

    hope im not too late to reply u, probably u hav alredy enrol ur daughter to sch already.
    I find Capstone kiddy very good, I send my elder child there n he is attending PN, used to be very reserve n shy, now at home he is vocal n speak v.good english, the calibre of the teachers at Capstone is there , he also start to speak chinese at home, N he'll sing n dance wat learnt in school. The teachers will call up the moment they find anything with they think they need to highlight to parent n they keep close communication wif parents to establish rapport in educating the child. I see a difference in my child after 6months attending Capstone, certainly the school have taught him well. For my 2nd child I'll also put him in Capstone.
  4. fion_loh

    fion_loh New Member

    Hi Treestar ,

    Understand that the school had move to telock blangah , how is the new environment? Do they have an outdoor playground & wats their daily activity ? So they provide meal for them as well?
  5. vlt142

    vlt142 New Member


    Just to share my experience in capstone.

    Depending on the teachers, some are good, some lacks of patience & enthusiam in teaching. I have withdrawn my child from the school. The teacher who incharge of my child lacks of patience & handle some cases not so professional. To me, she just carries the teaching job rather than nurturing the child well. Some good teachers have left the capstone.
  6. winnedy

    winnedy Member

    Hi, can you pm me the teacher name? Which year is your child in? Cos I am going for the orientation next week
  7. nip1

    nip1 Member

    Hey all, My child is in capstone pn. I think he learnt a fair bit in the school. Most importantly, he loves school and his classmates and his teachers so I am fine with the school.
  8. any updated feedbacks on this sch.
  9. liquidskye_copy

    liquidskye_copy New Member

    Any updates on this kindergarten?
  10. eurostar

    eurostar Active Member

    Any updates on this kindergarten so far?

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