Can use scissor during pregnancy?

haha... for me i oni avoided nailing cos last time my mum had a miscarriage when her dad nail n nail into the wall... not knowing she's at hm.. that's all... the rest i dun care.. cos my mum oso not the pantang kind.. except for the nail thing

then my exboss nailed my PC table when i was ard... dunno issit due to it... but my boi hv a very small hole underneath his left eye... at the tear gland corner..

but my MIL got tonnes of pantang.. like cannot change position furnitures (even pillows) in the bedroom.. cannot assemble the cot cos it involves putting screws into the cot.. etc, etc..

me n hb just dun care n assemble when she's not in... we just bluff her when he assemble i go downstairs take a walk until he finish assembling :p

haha... i guess its watever u believe will happen lor.. other than dat... *shrug*

The only thing that I adhered to was not carrying heavy things and avoiding pineapples..both at the advise of my TCM doc. Other than that, I didn't bother with any of the old wives tales. Just dun do anything too strenuous..but that's just common sense.
Hi Karen,

i avoid cutting anything using a scissor on bed and when my clothes tear, i have to get my mum to sew for me. No renovation, no nailing, drilling painting etc cos my parents dun allow. There are cases happening to my relatives and parents' friends before. Got one relative, when she was pregnant with her first child, she cut and sew on her bed even though her MIL told her not to. She gave birth to a boy with cleft lip. For her second pregnancy, she did that again laughing at her MIL superstitious, her second child again cleft lip. I understand from my father for the third time, she din dare to try again and her third child is born normal. Then for renovation and cementing, i believed totally cos my father best friend cemented the ceiling when his wife was pregant with the third child. my father told him not to and he laughed at my father stupidity and superstitious and her girl was born with a very big birthmark (almost the same colour of the cement) on half the face. The scary part is that when the father did the cementing, he did on the left side of the house and the birth mark is on the left face of the girl.I knew and saw the girl before when I was in secondary school and frankly speaking, it really left a deep impression in me. I understand from my father his friend is very guilty over it and doted the youngest. That is why I followed what is so called old folk myths. Better to be safe than sorry
hi Larkspur..
i did not use scissor on my bed, but on my sofa... u think it's okie? and for my work, occasionally i'll need to use scissor also.. so wonder will that be fine.
as for drilling part, my hubby when to drill a hole in my bedroom (i'm at work then) 2days before i tested +ve.. so wonder also if it will affect..
Hi Karen,

should be fine if u are not around when your hubby did the drilling.But I still try to avoid anything.
I'm not 'pang tang' about old wives' tales. My hubby was hammering away to assemble an Ikea's cupboard when I was 8 months pregnant, I used scissors and sew buttons too. I ate a little pineapples as my gynea told me that there are no food restrictions.
My mum and mum-in-law are vrey 'pang tang' to stop them from nagging have to listen.
I used scissor during pregnancy but not on the bed.
hey, I was at my mum in law place yesterday for dinner and my bro in law suddenly decide to use the hammer to hammer the front door lock. Its like everyone knows I am preggie and my mum in law is pantang and we were talking abt what ought to eat and what ought not to eat and sudd my bro in law goes hammering the that okay?
I just heard today tat usin staplers on bed will result in same consequence as usin scissors . Anyone heard tat before . Im worried cos i did tat in my first trimester .
Hi Ice queen,

dun know about hammering cos never heard anything about hammering.

Hi Carolyn,
dun know about staplers on bed. But I did try to staple my blouse when the split a little while sitting on the offie chair in office. Din know about that until my mum scolded me. Luckily when i went for the NT detail scan, it shows everything normal. Really getting very worried at that time

guess what... I hand-sewn a quilt blanket for my baby when i was 3 months preg and took 6 months to complete it, just in time for delivery. i had to work in the day and was sewing busily every night once i reached home til past 12mn. my baby 2.5 months now is normal.
Agree with Bestwishes. Very difficult not to use scissors. I did use scissors but not on the bed lor. Did not do any renovation or shifting of furniture. Cot was assembled in my absence. I got a fren who was sewing x stich when she was preg. Had miscarriage twice due to the same reason. So did not dare to do any sewing during preg.
When it concerns pregnancy, some mtbs would rather follow the myths/old wives tales for peace of mind. In case something happen, they would not regret or be blamed by others.

There's some I heard:
1) No painting, hammering or drilling (any renovation works) in the house
2) No shifting of furniture in the bedroom
3) No sewing/cutting on the bed
4) No visiting of friends in hospitals/delivery and during their confinement. Some believe will "chong".
5) No disclosure of pregnancy during the 1st trimester.
6) No eating of "liang" food
<font color="ff6000">Halo, how about using a safety pin to hook my skirt in my bedroom? im so wori...</font>

how about doing renovation works in our matrimonial home but with my absence? i am staying with my in laws now. we intend to renovate our home in dec. will the renovation affect my pregnancy?

if cannot do reno and shifting of bedroom, does it mean that i have to postpone everything till i deliver? i do not wish to stay with my in laws during my pregnancy. is shifting house forbidden?
hi bandtz,
i've never heard of cannot use safety pin in ur bedroom. Don't worry so much, everything will be fine

Hi bbpram
Have to depend on individual whether they are pantang.
For me, i was told by my mum not to shift any furniture in my bedroom so i have to guai guai obey her instructions.
I think cannot eat seafood too. I have been avoiding all of those except fish. Maybe I am too pantang already lah...Come to think of it, how about those westerners? I bet they will be eating seafood and doing all those pantang things.

My colleague is giving birth soon. Now that I hear from bestwishes. Dont know whether still want to visit her in the hospital.
Im an avid seafood lover, eat crabs, prawns, sotong but in moderate amount, only avoided those with shell (Lala, big head etc) and raw food.

We cannot compare ourselves with westerners, they dunno mah, "bu zhi che wu zui" and also different culture. They have their own myths too, just that we dunno also

That time, 1 of my best friend delivered, i din visit her and we had some small misunderstanding but luckily she's understanding in the end. I think u have to decide on ur own comfort zone, moreover some ppl just delivered, v tired, need alot of rest, might not like ppl to visit them hence send them tonic/hampers will be sufficient.
when i was around 5 mths pregnant, my house was doing air-con installed. those air-con man was doing drilling n knocking but i just stay @ my house for awhile n then i went out. I been quite worry about this issue.
I think all these myths are up to each individual to believe. If you believe them, then you follow, if you don't, then you shrug them off. Just make sure they dun bother you.

My own experiences...
I did not use scissors or sew on my bed as I do not have this habit. It's too dangerous cuz I may leave needles or scissors on the bed and go to sleep. In my work, i need to use scissors a lot to cut things, so I used them as usual.

I helped my hubby assembled the baby cot.

I was shifting the furniture in my baby's room all by myself when I was in the 8th and 9th month cuz I wanted to test out the different arrangments. Did it myself cuz hubby busy with work.

Ate and drink cold drinks (weather so hot) and ate and drank anything that I like too.

My girl is born healthy
I guess the bottom line if still the individual belief and also apply common sense. E.g don;t tire yourself out if you shift furniture etc.
I still believe in old wives' tale but my mum said, as long I say "excuse me" when using the scissors and I should not be around if someone is doing reno work.
as for double clash, I still went to my cousin's baby shower when i'm pregnant but my mum gave me an ang bao to carry (with some leaves inside) and it must be thrown away when i reach home.
Hi I did use scissors during my pregnancy and did sewing too ,however I dun do it in my rooms my bb almost 2 no pro.Think its up to one to believe.
Wang Fei - Faye Wong's 2nd child also has a chip on her upper lip. Some say that was because she cuts thing on her bed but other speculation was that her hubby was on drugs (xi du)before thats why it causes the problem.

Some of those myths best to listen. Why risk it.

Another thing that I heard was not to watch those Animal Planet chanel too much especially those showing Monkeys, Gorilla Kingkong etc...
I watched a lot of programmes on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and National Geographic, even Lord of The Rings, no prob with my bb.
Interesting topic...
normally people will only believe when something DID happen to them. Or should I say that, once something happen, then everyone will find an excuse ie what we did, to explain it.

Cleft lips/ palate is a genetic error. So are others.

Best way around this, if you do not wish anyone to blame you for anything then dun do anything. If your character is those who dwell on things, then better listen to old people. If you are carefree and won't look back to find 'faults' then by all means do what you deem comfortable. But a footnote, if you do what is "not allowed" dun let older folks know... We wouldn't want them go telling "you see lah, I told you before and you never listen" to us...
oops, something to add.

Old folks saying:- if sewing/cutting as long as NOT on your bed, it is ok... (sounds logical since we deal with staples, removing them, cutting paper, shreadding machines in office anyway)

NO drilling, nailing, painting, cementing, hammering or removing anything from walls, shifting of furniture with the pregnant lady around. Belief is such tt the baby's spirit is always following the mum... if at home, it can be anyway including by the wall... so older people say when you do these, you might accidently nail/paint/cement/drill the spirit.
if you believe it but HAVE to do it, older folks suggest saying out loud "excuse me, we are going to XXXX" 3 times to make sure our baby spirit hears it.

And anyone with old folks' tales to share on AFTER birth? My mum did a funny thing to my girl. to share. cos in old times, confinement is really jailtime lor. both mum and bb stay ONLY in the room and do all big small business inside (cos most old people had deities in the hall, cannot see confinement women and not full mth bb). After full mth, pray to deities liao, then my mum bring my girl AROUND the house. Literally also to the toilet also hor!! hahaha... she says like this my girl "bai3 wu2 jing4 ji4" (rough translation: everything also never mind).
I asked my mum if shld put my girl on the toilet bowl. kekeke
hi, may i know what happen if visit friends/relatives in hostpital?
i'm quite worried cos my sis jus give birth yesterday and i went to KKH to visit her and her baby.
hi, may i know what happen if visit friends/relatives in hostpital?
i'm quite worried cos my sis jus give birth yesterday and i went to KKH to visit her and her baby.
since you have visited, then dun think about it too much.

i think the reason for this taboo is that right after the birth of a baby, the mother is not very strong... so normally you try to avoid too much contact with potential carriers of bacteria. Similarly for pregnant ladies, so the best way if for preggies to not visit.

The other thinking is that birth is an auspicious occasion, so in pregnancy. when two auspicious occasion come together, some old folks feel that "too much good things is not necessary good"... so people avoiding "chionging" or clash of good fortune.

Sometimes, its also so that one party does not take the attention away from the other, no matter how well meaning the visit was to be.

whatever it is, dun worry too much about it. take care.
While these may be classified as myths, it is rather disturbing to hear unverified reports regarding how the myths may turn to reality.

It is worthwhile in such cases to know what might be the test results for these affected mums. Need info on these readings while the women were still pregnant (1) Nuchal Translucency (2) Freeβ-hCG (3) PAPP-A (4) Crown-rump length (5) Biparietal Diameter (6) Femur length, usually taken in the early 2nd trimester.

One might ask, where to get such tests done? One answer is OSCAR (One-stop Clinic for Assessment of Risk for Fetal Anomalies), see
We're sure other hospitals also offer such tests, check out your hospital.

In case you are wondering, no, other than thinking of picking up Thomson stocks, we are only related to TMC as expectant parents, who engaged them to manage and later, deliver our precious one. You can do some searches on this matter to verify for yourself.

May God and Buddha bless all the precious fetuses.
OMG!!! my office building management strata has got renovations outside my office.. whole building leh.. doing painting, drilling and hammering... is it going to affect??? if i dun go out of the office when they are doing so is it better??

1. Take deep breath whenever it's safe to (eg. before you enter the building, before you step out of the lift, before you step out of the office, bring along a towel to breath into when you are in a wet paint-infested area etc).

2. When walking past drilling and hammering areas, cover your tummy with both hands and pray to God or Buddha or Allah - depending on what is your religion. Pray for the safety of your fetus and all other expecting mothers who enter/exit your building.

You & your bb will be alright. Enjoy your pregnancy journey.
thanks TG.. wondering when this renovation will end.. has been 1 week liao but then they are doing the painting only.. only today suddenly do drilling and hammering in the ladies toilet... i got s shock and so worried.. cos my office just next to the toilet only... and during lunch tabao back eat in office is like side by side.. tho i didnt sit the closest to the wall which opposite is the toilet.. i still feel uneasy whenever i hear the drilling and hammering.. now stop liao.. but cant top thinking of my bb... hopefully is not affected... and what about tomorrow and sat... wondering what they will be doing then... si liao... as we dun have the schedule of what the contractor will be doing daily... i cant take leave cos the day i on leave maybe they not doing anything on our floor!!!!
Don't worry, I'll pray for you and your bb, as well as all expected mums in/out of the areas of worries in your building and else where. In the meantime, maintain positive thoughts for your bb and others.

Take care.
thanks TG... my hubby also tell me dun be too bothered about it.... worried.. hopefully today not going to have drilling or hammering or painting anymore....
the renovation within the building continues.. wondering until when!!! rathr worried whenever i walked passed workers, scare they suddenly do painting, drilling or hammering.. read the above stories about all these actions that could cause effects on the bb... *sob**sob...

now besides saying to my bb that i will protect him or her there's nothing i can do .. cant stop the reno....
Dear mommies,
I feel that it all depends on what you believe in. If you feel that those myths bog you down, and it does all well to take precautions and avoid those things you think will turn to reality. As for myself, i don't believe them totally because I know that I have JESUS to protect my babies and myself throughout my pregnancy. I did all those things that the myths were ever against what preggies should do, like sewing, shifting the bed(my hb shifted the bed 360 deg), went Europe during my 1st trimester, visited my friends during their confinement, attended funerals, was at a place when renovation took place, ate anything under the sun(except for pineapples and delmonte bananas coz I believe these are cooling fruits), went swimming. My 4 mth old twin boys are very healthy and bouncy, with no birthmarks, nothing of the sort as described in the old wives' tales.
Before they were conceived, my hubby and i prayed for twins and JESUS gave them to us. Check out my blog -->
and ever since they were conceived, we kept confessing positive things about them till the day they were born. Speak forth good things and you shall have them. Worry not and fear not. amen

Be rested mommies,

Please try not to worry so much. You will end up stressing yourself out, which is not healthy for you and your baby. A lot of these beliefs have no bearing on you and your baby. Just do what is logical to yourself and you will be fine. I shared these beliefs w some of my ang moh frens who are mummies and they had a good laugh. Many of them were involved in decorating/painting/renovating their babies' nurseries and they ALL had no problems mah. Sometimes reading too much of these things can make people paranoid for nothing.
To alhana,

As I've mentioned in my earlier post, "While these may be classified as myths, it is rather disturbing to hear unverified reports regarding how the myths may turn to reality."

>I shared these beliefs w some of my ang moh frens who are mummies and they had a good laugh

However, your ang mo friends disturbed me. Ask your ang mo friends to meet those who's baby were born less than healthy and those who's baby were miscarriage and see if your ang Mo friends still laugh, then it's clear that they are simply being very insensitive and not worthy to be call 'friends'.

Some empathy goes a long way...

I think u misunderstood me. The whole point of my post was that many moms become paranoid after hearing that they may have done something that according to beliefs, could harm their unborn children. As it is, having a baby can be a stressful experience. Do they really need to worry about doing something that is supposedly taboo, that has no basis or rationale behind it? My friends would of coz be sympathetic towards those born unhealty or have had miscarriages (I myself went through one before and I can certainly say that they didn't find that funny!)..but the whole point is...many of these beliefs have no basis (many women hv done alot of the things we supposedly should not hv done simply becoz it just was not part of their culture to believe such things), hence my advice to howblur to not try to worry about things unduly. I can't imagine the kind of guilt a mom-to-be or mom must feel if they have an unhealthy baby/miscarriage and think it is becoz they did something wrong based on such beliefs.
alhana.. while what you said bear some points... but actually ang mo culture are different from chinese culture.. then of cos this kind of issue we dun consult angmo.... from what i know.. angmo when they pregnany they also eat raw vege and some even do things that we dun normally do cos we are from different culture... so depends on which culture you are more into lo... howwever thanks for sharing with me and trying to get me to think good instead of bad...

TG.. i think alhana's post is harmless.. hopefully you dun mind... i do understand what you are trying to say either... of cos if the angmo dun encounter such issue then they wont feel the pain.. but even if they encounter such issue.. they also wont tie it with the things they shouldnt do.... you know what i mean...

anyway.. now that my office building renovation is done.. those frightening days are over.. now only to wait for my boss to let me know which day he wants to shift... and i have already make up my mind that if he didnt inform me and intend to shift when i am around.. i am going to bring my bag and leave the office.. go home for rest.. is still better to play safe... anyway, i can rest at home too.. just that his face maybe not so "white" lo... got to see how it goes...

Glad you saw my post in a positive light. While there is usually no harm in believing these myths, just don't go the point of obsessing over it. It may end up stressing you out which isn't good either. That's all I meant. In any case, I was not consulting them lah...just sharing with them. They also have their own taboos, and some may sound ridiculous to us. In general, my group of friends tend to not believe such things. A lot of us defied our taboos (not becoz we were trying to prove a point, but simply becoz we didn't know then, or it was just not practical to follow it) and had no problems..just to let mom to bes know that it's not the end of the world if they did anything 'wrong' by accident

As for shifting office, please don't strain yourself out, and no heavy lifting k? To make you feel more assured, my office also underwent major reno one year and there were many preggies ard. Everyone was fact, many of us did not even know of this 'rule. Hope you feel better
TAke care and enjoy your pregnancy!
thanks alhana... ya i do understand what you are trying to say... actually those reno things are beyond my control lo.. so what i can do is just tell my bb i will protect him/her lo... just pray hard that everything be fine until born...

as for shifting office.. if i need to do any packing.. i think i will have to take one file at a time and put in the box.. depends on situation lo.. i know i cannot over exert force at this moment... thanks for the reminding..
when you got more preggies around during reno.. you feel more "safe' then alone.. heehee

I am one of those who go against myths. I embroider, cut fingernails on the bed. I paint my gates, I even allow my dog to sleep on my bed. And most important, I refuse to look at cute babies poster. I did almost everything that old folk believe.

Like what blessedone mention, I also believe that Lord Jesus will protect my baby. Indeed my baby came out 'intact' without any missing parts or patches.

Someone ever told me, you want to do it then just do it. Don't allow your mind to wonder or feel guilty. I got an ex-colleague, during her pregnancy, her MIL told her cannot eat sotong or else the baby umbilical cord will go round the baby neck & strangle the baby. And she reminding herself not to eat sotong but her baby eventually still got strangled by the umbilical cord and die in the womb