Can bf mom do rebonding?

Hi Tang

Checked with my gynae, he said OK lei. Anyway, I just did colour and perm recently. I am also breastfeeding my baby who is now 2+mths.

FYI, I also coloured and rebond during preggie and breastfeeding my 1st child last year.

Some advise not to do and some say can. Anyway, I have confirmed with my gynae who gave me GREEN light. So. it depends on whether you dare or not only.... cheers!
Hmmm... Cos my hair is real long now and needs a cut badly, but it's so frizzy n curly it will be unsightly if I dun straighten it... ;p

Thanks for the advice!
maybe if u r worried.. dan after ur rebonding session.. u just express the milk and throw away instead of feeding to ur baby. dats wat i did when my baby was young...
Yeah... perhaps I will do that. Now trying to 'tahan' it as long as possible, haha...

Think I will not rebond if the stylist can recommend me something easy to maintain and will not look a fright on me ;p
I did rebonding and color when I was bfing last year. My gynae and hairstylist said ok.
If you scare, you discard the milk for the day or the next.
Hi Mummies! Just my 2 cents worth: I rebonded my hair the day before I gave birth to my second child (so now everyone at the alon remembers me liao), and also another time recently (I'm still bfeeding) and am pleased to report that there are not ill effects watsover!! Anyway, my gynae said there's nothing wrong with colouring, perming, rebonding etc while preg or bfeeding - she's the very modern western type la. As for whether you can bring baby there when rebonding, that would be a definite no. I spent 5 to 6 hours in the salon each time I rebonded. If I had brought my toddler she would have been super bored and probably wrecked the entire place. And I would not ahave brought my younger one also cos I think t's pretty cruel to expect a kid to stay in a place for so long without suitable child entertainment. Not to mention the horrible chemical fumes!
i went to rebond hair after confinement,,, cos i feel haggard ... was still bf then... another month later i did colour...
i rebonded my hair 2 days before my son's full mth party cos want to look neat and tidy.

Dunno if its due to the rebonding, the breast milk that i pumped out after i got home is pink in color! my nanny said its the blood, but i cant help to think its the rebonding chemical so i threw that milk away.

But prior the pump, i had actually breastfeed my son with the other breast! Lucky nothing happened. so i guess its the blood.

Nevertheless, best is to still go for the rebonding, and throw away the first pump of milk just to play safe. :p

my son is 6mths old now.
My stylist recommended me not to do anything fanciful for the first 3 months because our homones is not stablised yet. After 3 months, we may experience some hair fall, so it's best not to aggravate the scalp.
Hee, me too rebonded my hair twice while i was still breastfeeding... my baby 14mths now, healthy n active!

that was bcos i never knew that i'm not supposed to do rebonding during bf... however, i was worried when i colored my hair... so i threw away the milk immediately after i did the coloring ;p