Calling Members of Hokkien Huay Guan


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I'm very keen on enrolling my son in Nan Chiau Primary in Seng Keng, which is affiliated to the Singapore Hokkien Huay Guan. I would like to join as a member of the Huay Guan, to get priority for Pri 1 registration, but need two existing members as referees before I can join as a member. Are there any existing members here who can help, or anyone know any existing members please?


I have someone who can help you, pm me to get her number, not so nice to expose her number. By the way, how old is your child? I think it takes about 2 yrs to join before your child starts primary 1. And also a Hokkien to join.
hi annlee,

can aso help me...if i wan to enrol my son in 2010 P1 which is to register next yr, do u think still can??

if can, dun mind can share...
Hi AnnLee,
May I request for your help to recommend me existing members of the SHHK for me to enrol as their member.

Many Thanks in Advance : )
Hi my name is Lynn.
And i am very glad that i found this thread.
I am looking for referrals SHHK too. And i have been trying to look for 2 existing members.
Can someone help me? Thanks a lot!

My email is [email protected]

do we need to be active member in order to enjoy the priority for pri 1 registration.. tks.
Hi inc
Yes! You need to be active in order to get a recommendation letter from the committee before registering your kids to your preferred school.
need to join monthly activity and be active in involving as volunteer in their big event.any way i am a member there too, i can recommend help to sign the letter too. email me [email protected]
Yes Mummies, got to join as many monthly activties & be actively involve in their big event. After much consideration, we didnt send my son to any of the school. In order to put my membership into good use, i will be more then happy to help ..
Hi emily and kssg,

My hubby has not been able to find any friends who are in Hokkein Huey Guan.. So it'll be so nice if you can help us.

Hmm, and what kind of activities do they have? My hubby is hokkien but I'm not ...

hi all mummy,
i'm a member since yr 99 or 2000. wat i know is we just join in as member and every yr we hv to pay a donation fee of $12 or 24. and i hv never been active, the only thing we do is just that donation yearly, but since 2yr back they change to member fee of $500 and some donation every yr.
thanks cymk23,

chongfu is further so hope to have chance with ai tong .. so with chongfu report book can sign up with chongfu in phase 2A or have to be hokkien huay kuan member as well??
hi mochi
wat i know is usually if u r a ex student from the sch, u r able to register early then 2b, so chances is higher then members. u can check the moe web site.
thanks cymk23

i also thinking of joining SHHK... ... want to enroll my son to nau chiau pri, he is 2005 baby.

if anyone can help, pls e-mail me at [email protected]

for mummies who are members, is it very siong to be involved in their activities? how often are their activities? can't find on their website lei.
hi, i am writing that i am not helping anyone anymore for the membership of hokkein hwey kwan, i encounter someone very selfish who need help, still wants me to download the form sign for her and get another to sign and send it back to her. i think i had learnt my lesson. thanls.
I need referees too. Dun worry, will try my best to minimize yr inconvenience. Pls pm me if u're a member and is willing to help me become a member.
Hi there,

I need 2 signatures too. Willing to travel to your home/anywhere that is convenience to you.

nothing2do, I will drop you a PM in a while.

Which means, I need one more signature. Can anyone help?

Thanks for your help in advance!!!
Hi any members of Hokkien Huay Guan, would appreciate if you would help me as one of the 2 referees to join Hokkien Huay Guan.

In order to minimise your inconvenience, I would willing to meet up with you on the time and place of your convenience.

Please drop me an email at [email protected]

Many thanks in advance.
Hi I am also very keen to join the Hokkien Huay Kuan and hence would greatly appreciate if anyone could refer me to join the clan. Kindly PM me or drop me an email at [email protected]
Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi members of hokkien huay guan,

I'm also looking for 2 members to recommend me to join hokkien huay guan, pls email me at [email protected]

I'm willing to meet up with you on the time and place of your convenience.

Thank you.
Hi, anyone out there who is a SHHK member to lend me your signature for my application as a member. i wanted to send my son to Nan Chiau in 2012. i can meet you anywhere that is convenience to you. thank you!
pls do not PM me or write email anymore, i try to help again however i have another person who is so demanding want me to help and as well to get another one to sign , i do not think i am oblige to get another to sign and i request to give by a dateline, he wish i can be faster.and worst thing i say i will send the form to him, he dun even attached the form, expect me to down load the form i owe anyone that i must really do a favour not PM me anymore i will not even reply at all.

I am also keen to join as a member and will appreciate it if 2 persons can help to refer me. You can email me at [email protected].

I am also willing to meet up at a convenient location and timing for you.

Thanks for your consideration.
For everyone info, Nan chiau will need to ballot at Phrase 2b and if you go to Hokkien huay kuan website, the criteria for the balloting will be
1) those who have been the members the longest and
2) living within 1 km

That means if there is a balloting, there are only eg 1 space left and 2 people fighting the space (1 have been members for 4 years, the other members for 2 years), the space will be given to those who have been the member for 4 years

hi larkspur,
it is good that you wrote, it is good that they go the hwey kuan website to check,
btw when hand in the application form, it need at least a few month to get it thru the application. and for us who are existing members , we do wish to see new members , however we do not gain any thing inreturn, no commission, no special priviledges from hwey kwan, we do it out of good will . so pls we have absolute no obligations at all and worst pls do not make demands.