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Calling ALL Thomas TRain FANS!

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by co11ectionz, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    My boy is a Thomas Train Fan. Thought of starting this thread to share info with other mummies who have Thomas Train fans as well... anyone keen to join this new fan club? [​IMG]

  2. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member


    how old is ur boy ? mine (gng 3 yrs old) is oso crazy over thomas & friends ... did you bring ur boy to the recent thomas live show ?
  3. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    Hi hi!

    Same same... he's turing 3 next month!

    Now a super fanatic fan of Thomas, especially after the show! *gosh*

    He's playing with trains and watching THomas VCDs + watching online THomas video during his free time... We feel it may be a little too much.

    How abt your boy?
  4. giftfromgod

    giftfromgod Active Member


    my boy is 15 months and he is a Thomas fan.....[​IMG] he enjoys flipping thomas and friends series books and playing with their trains. When he sees Thomas toys/merchandise at stores, he will keep pointing and will linger at that section the longest.

    Sometimes when he is engrossed in play, he doesn't respond when i call his name but I say "look- Thomas!" almost guaranteed that he will look up at me. :p

    and yes, brought him to the Live show...
  5. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member


    so ur boy is 2 mths older than mine ..

    he's already a super fan b4 he turned 2 ... my hse is full of thomas stuff (trains, vcds, books, even underwears .. hahaha).. mayb next time we shd visit each other's hse .. *-)

    now his little brother oso only play w thomas toys ... luckily, coz otherwise my hse w b flooded w another character ...

    we rather him be crazy over thomas than other characters like power rangers, etc .. we decided to let him be, coz they will grow out of it eventually ...
  6. giftfromgod

    giftfromgod Active Member

    hi teng, yes maybe we can visit each other's house.....bet the boys would be thrilled to see so many thomas toys. [​IMG]

    and I agree that I prefer Thomas than other more "violent" characters. [​IMG]
  7. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member

    hi Lin,

    hi-5 .. mayb we can have a thomas fan gathering during school holidays ..

    btw, i saw really nice cheap thomas train toys on those $2-coin machines .. erm .. those u put coins, then hv to turn the knob to get the toy.. pretty neat stuff n cheap ... small thou but just right for my boys' hands ... quality gd gd for only $2 .. 8-P
  8. giftfromgod

    giftfromgod Active Member

    teng, really? where are the machines? quite keen to get the toys for my boy. [​IMG]
  9. catz

    catz Active Member

    me,me.. my son is 3.5 years but I must admit, I'm the one who loaded him up with Thomas videos and toys about 2-3 months before the Live show.. hehe.. now he's hooked.

    Did anyone realise that the newer DVDs like Songs from the Station have a bit of CGI? Heard they are going to do away with the old trains and use CGI instead.
  10. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    emmm... whats CGI?

    Talking abt DVDs, anyone seen sing along dvds with the songs that was sung during the live show? I bought 1 sing a-long but the songs are all quite different.
  11. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    YES YES Visit each other's THomas land at home ! ha ha ha...

    My place is also like a mini thomasland when we set all up. Whats missing at my place is the kiddy train ride that kiddo can sit on. We din get that as the train set seemed too small for him. I think among us, only Lin's boy can ride on that!
  12. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member


    I like the machines too. But before putting in the coin, must check if the toys are available! Once I put into an empty machine! ha ah ah ... so blur.

    Lin, the machines can be found around shopping centers. I even saw them at KK, outside the children's emergency. At united square, its opp MacDonalds, towards the cold storage side.
  13. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    Anyone saw make shift stores selling personalised stamps with thomas and friend's characters? Very expensive wo.... $24 per stamp! gosh!
  14. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member


    oya .. x lo but we made 1 for our boy ... *-p
    now hv to go made another 1 for didi, otherwise they always fight .... *wrong move*

    you oso like those machines ... gd, next time if we have doubles, we can xchange leh ... my boy wanted the diesel10 but b4 we go try again, no more leow ... he still v moody over it leh .. do u happen to have extra diesel 10 .. hehehe ..

    as co11ectionz mentioned .. they can be found almost anywhere .. but they finished v fast ..

    Catz, welcome to our boys' fan club ...
  15. giftfromgod

    giftfromgod Active Member

    Hi Catz, welcome to the club [​IMG]

    Co11ectionz, I think Catz meant CGI as computer graphics (computer generated imagery). I am not sure abt the dvds as I don't have any thomas disc (yet).....:p

    In terms of toys collection, I think my boy has the least number of Thomas items amongst all the kor kors here. [​IMG] I am sure he would go wild seeing so many Thomas toys at all your houses!

    teng, okies I will keep a lookout of those machines! [​IMG] thanks co11ectionz for telling me where I can find them.

    out of curiousity, how did all your boys' interest in Thomas start?
  16. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    For my boy, I think his interest started from train sets. He's into trains and given that Thomas is the most popular train character around, we bought him the train set and everything else Thomas.. ha ha ha

    For me, it was pretty amazing to realize one day that he could recognise the different trains by their looks and their whistles!
  17. jappooh

    jappooh Active Member


    my boy also a thomas fan.
    I did go to the machine to get the toys. But i always get the tunnel as well lei. So far i have no luck in getting the thomas and percy. Which my boy wan.. So hard to get lei.. Headache..
  18. mylvera

    mylvera New Member

    hi hi..
    Would like to join this club too... mine is crazy over Thomas and friends. he is coming to 25 mths. Brot him to the show n even bot the Poster for him. Now he will daily say "good morning Blue thomas, Percy, Diesel" and "nite nite blue thomas etc"

    Think I was the one tat intro him to thomas... my nephew oso like thomas so I got to know abt thomas and soon my son learn abt thomas too.
  19. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    hi all, would like to join too.

    Guess my boy is the oldest here. He is coming to 5yrs now and he is also a fan of TT. At least he is not so crazy over TT as compared when he is around 3yrs - 4yrs. He got different types of TT toys and train sets. so much so that I put a stop to it as there is simply no more space to keep all these bulky toys. I am so tempted to sell them off at one point in time. This year in May wanted to bring him to ThomasLand when in Japan but too bad the itinary was too tight to have extra time for that.

    So far have not encountered such machine before..
  20. catz

    catz Active Member


    Co11ectionz, my boy knew most of the songs 'cos they're from that new DVD I mentioned - Songs from the Station. Ordered from Amazon. Quite different from the old 'toot' Thomas videos which are mostly what we buy over here. Now thinking of ordering more from Amazon, particularly dunnowhat Sodor Celebration which is also new.

    mouseaction, got Thomasland in Japan? Wahhhh.. where?

    Actually I think I am Thomas siao also.. haha.. I got a lot of Thomas toys in storage for days when the kids are ultra ultra good. In fact, I bought a lot of girly trains for my daughter so she wouldn't feel left out - she has Emily, Rosie and Lady but mostly all lost already cos she anyhow throw :p I have both wooden and take-along sets... but prefer the take-along sets 'cos easier to maintain. Wooden one very pricey.
  21. mylvera

    mylvera New Member

  22. catz

    catz Active Member

    mylvera,wahahaha [​IMG] My boy doesn't hv any Thomas clothing except 2 tee-shirts which I bought a loong time ago...keke.
  23. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    U know what?? I really refuse to dress my boy up in THomas clothings.

    He only has 1 hand down THomas tee from my nephew. Other than that, zero for clothings.
  24. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    Oh.. I forgot... WELCOME ALL TO THE FAN CLUB! [​IMG]
  25. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    Catz.. the songs u r referring to are the ones they sang in the show?
  26. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    I agree on that we mummies can sometimes also be "Thomas siao"... ha ha ha

    I was once searching high and low for THomas items and my friend was commenting that its me, the mummy who's siao abt THomas. COme to think of it, sometimes its quite true. We are the ones who introduce the characters to them as well... ha ha ha
  27. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member

    welcome new mummies to the club .. . getting more n more mummies here .. kekeke ..

    come to think of it, i oso dunno how my boy got into thomas leh .. my boy prefers to watch those with songs one but not easy to find wor ... usu we watched in youtube.. those normal vcds here, dun hv songs one leh ...

    catz, those dvds u ordered fr amazon got songs ones huh ? if u gng to order again, can I oso lobang ? I only have 2 vcds of singalong fr hk.

    who is SAHM here ? I'm one ...
  28. venus_77

    venus_77 Active Member

    can i join in??

    my son,justin is a big fan of thomas and he named himself as thomas...buay tahan
  29. catz

    catz Active Member

    hehe, co11ectionz [​IMG]

    Yes the songs they sang in the show like 'Surprises', 'Engine Roll Call' etc are on the DVD I mentioned.

    teng, not planning to do any sprees for Amazon right now leiiiii 'cos I just ordered not too long ago. But I go looksee if my hubby wants anything, will post up here if I do any spree for Amazon k?

    Me SAHM too.

    Venus, welcome [​IMG]
  30. mylvera

    mylvera New Member


    u do many sprees...ask u .. is it really worthwhile to consol all orders n order? or abt e same (for shipping) if going thro borderlinx?
  31. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    I just started to do sprees too... but I only do when I need to order some items.

    Catz, I am also curious to know mylvera's question [​IMG] I heard that there are some who solely organise sprees for others? Are you one of them?

    Hmmm... maybe I should start a Amazon spree for THomas DVDs some day...
  32. catz

    catz Active Member

    hihi, noooo I'm definitely not one of those 'professional' spree orgs. I order quite a bit for myself whenever I open up a spree, minimum USD40 of my own order per spree so that it's worth my time. Else, honestly, you meet a lot of ungrateful spreeists so it's not exactly a fulfilling thing to do for fun :p Nowadays I just organise among friends... easier. Only if I cannot get a private spree going and I really want something badly, then I will make it a forum spree.

    Mylvera, honestly if you are ordering about USD200 of your own items from a few different merchants and your order per merchant meets the requirement for free domestic shipping (depending on merchant) then to save all the trouble, just do your own consolidation through borderlinx.
  33. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    Any mummies here had Thomas train parties for your kiddo's birthday? I'm planning one for him next month!

    Any one care to share? cakes... favours... decors etc?
  34. giftfromgod

    giftfromgod Active Member

    so happy to see so many responses. [​IMG]

    hihi to jappooh, mylvera, mouseaction and venus. [​IMG]

    teng, I am a SAHM but a temp one coz i was a FTWM then took No Pay Leave. Where do u stay?

    catz.....where do u stay? the sing a long discs sound interesting.....maybe can borrow from u one day to see what is it like?

    looks like most of us introduced thomas to our boys. :p

    anyone here want to sell their thomas board books? am thinkng of buying 2nd hand ones. [​IMG]

    collectionz, i am thinking of thomas theme party for my boy's 2nd bday but tt will be such a loooooooooong time from now!!!!! :p who knows by then he may not like thomas as much as now. :p

    u can browse here:

    saw someone doing a spree on oriental trading, maybe u can order...[​IMG]
  35. mylvera

    mylvera New Member

    morning all,

    catz, thanks for explaining [​IMG] hehe i always try to make it to free domestic shipping for my orders. If I can't hit the $$, den i postpone my purchase. been ordering quite a number of things from USA, but now, the exchange rate so high, abit buey gnam wan to spend there haha but recently saw my elder son down with fever n diarrhea, so heartache... so went to order things fr amazon.. hoping to ship back this week or next week n treat them as Children's Day pressie (since i doubt can bring him out tmr if he still sick)
  36. mylvera

    mylvera New Member

  37. catz

    catz Active Member

    mylvera, yah my boy was hospitalised so I shopped like siao online. [​IMG] The exch rate is higher but still ok to buy esp some stuff that is not available here.

    lin, i'm over at amk but really a bit hard to lend 'cos my boy is very attached to all his thomas stuff and watches most of his videos daily leh.

    party - think polar or bengawan has the sole rights to do thomas trademark cakes, can't remember which one.
  38. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    i think its polar. I read that so many mummies have made their own cakes in the US... am so tempted to try myself... but its like "cant afford to fail" mission!
  39. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    Actually ThomasLand in Japan is not big, it is part of the Fuji-Q highland, think is somewhere near to mount fuji.

    I have 1 sing-a-long thomas VCD. My boy like it.
  40. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    yes, its at the foot of mt fuji. So must bring warmer clothings when going there.

    Thomasland is part of Fuji Q highland. Just like Disneyland has many worlds, THomasland is like 1 of the worlds of the Fuji Q Highland amusement park. The rest of the "worlds" are more suitable for adults as they they have thrilling roller coaster rides.
  41. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member


    wat happened to your boy ? discharged already ?
    btw, wat r the songs in the DVD Songs of the station ? Can share ? If too many repeats, I can save $ .. kekeke ... thanks ... btw, we stay v near leh .. me at bishan ...

    yup, polar is the only cake shop with thomas cakes. We just celebrated my #2's 1st bd w a thomas cake. My #2 already booked his thomas cake leow .. kekeke .. I must say, their chocolate cake is v yummy and rich .. this is the 2nd time we ordered thomas cake fr them.
  42. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member

    btw, i'm on msn. So if anyone wans to chat, feel free to add me .. teng2teng2@msn.com
  43. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

    teng2teng2, you ordered the one where they did the icing of Thomas? Or the digital pic?
  44. catz

    catz Active Member

    teng, yah about 2 months back, he was vomitting and diarrhoea very badly.. plus super high fever. End up admitted for dehydration. 3 days wor.. kena poked until arms all bruised and full of holes. So after that I really spoiled him rotten. You hv 2 boys? Your place must really be Thomas-siao lah!

    co11ectionz, alamak, I'm not the baking type. When I was living in the US, I tried to bake with those ready mix, my hubby told me pls don't waste anymore money.. haha [​IMG]

    Wah Thomasland sounds v good but Japan is really not in my 'destination' list. Hubby also doesn't want to go to Japan.

    Songs from the Station

    A World Around You
    Patience is a Virtue
    Ode to Gordon
    Engine Roll Call


    Thomas and the Tuba
    Thomas and the Firework Display
  45. co11ectionz

    co11ectionz Member

  46. teng2teng2

    teng2teng2 Member

    i ordered the digital pic, the one w harold & thomas ... last yr, ordered the other type. nice oso ...

    poor boy.. my #2 oso admitted in aug n sep for bronchitis & chest infection .. they did the phelgm suction, he screamed so loud ... and cry non-stop .. so heart pain when kids sick... thanks for the song list .. haha i can saved $ coz i have all the songs leow ... ya i have 2 boys @ home ... but i dun hv those big thomas sets .. mainly big n small trains .. plus tracks ( actually is the daddy who is crazy over tracks .. hahaha )

    u stayed in US for how long ? relocated due to hb's work huh ?
  47. babyboy

    babyboy New Member

    Hi! I have a 3.5yr old Thomas fan too (although I suggest most of the toy buying!).

    Just curious but for the experienced spree organisers, how much cheaper is it to order from Amazon through Borderlinx vs. just having Amazon ship directly to Singapore? I've been ordering DVDs and books directly using the standard intl shipping service which actually delivers pretty quick. Haven't tried Borderlinx etc yet.. but now wondering if it's a lot cheaper since many people don't order direct...
  48. mylvera

    mylvera New Member


    how much is your int'l shipping? Borderlinx charges 16.81 recently for the shipment of 1 dvd
  49. babyboy

    babyboy New Member

    Mylvera, looks like it's about the same for single dvds then ... Amazon is US$4.99 per shipment and an additional US$3.99 per dvd
  50. jastan

    jastan Well-Known Member

    Once I was having so much fun ordering stuff from US site, so much so that was telling hubby it will be good to stay in US for my online purchases...

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