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Breast filler breat enlargement

Discussion in 'How To Improve SingaporeMotherhood.com?' started by Ratna322, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Ratna322

    Ratna322 New Member

    Hi, i cannot find the "breast implant breast enlargement" forum anymore. Can you please tell me why? Is it my computer that error or the forum already deleted. Thanks a lot for your answer.

  2. fitgal

    fitgal New Member

    Hi can we know why the thread suddenly dissapeared
  3. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    There were a few complaints that the thread had been abused and faked postings have been made so the thread has been removed.
  4. fitgal

    fitgal New Member

    Really ?? There's fake posting ? Now I'm feeling scared. If all those remcommendations have been fake
  5. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

    We wouldn't know which postings are real or fake so we chose to remove all.
  6. TimeForChange

    TimeForChange New Member

    Even though it's got some fake posting, I found the thread useful in learning more about BA. Too bad it has been removed. It is very hard to do research on BA in Singapore!
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  7. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    I was looking for it and now it is gone..i thot it had very useful information...sigh..forum bound to have some fake postings but kinda sad it has been removed in totality. Such a shame...now i dunno which clinic to go..
  8. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    ratna, fitgal and timeforchange: Do you remember that post, the docs name that were good there? I want to make an appt this week to see...but I can't recall their name or clinic...sigh!
  9. xoHERMESxo

    xoHERMESxo Active Member

    1- Sloane / Dr. Tan : http://www.sloaneclinic.com/en-sg/aboutus/drtan.asp
    - slightly more expensive (about 14k include all followups, medication, band, tape, GST)
    - 1st consultation with 3D imaging about $220, not waivable.
    - GA
    - no long waiting time for appts, very punctual
    - very prompt in replies AOH
    - nurses all helpful and friendly
    - need to wear band over chest (above boobs) for 1 mth after BA
    - 3D imaging on ur own body to see how implants look like (90% accurate from 3D image and actual results after BA recovery)
    - no scar cream, but provide scar tape
    - no removal of stitches, dissolvable

    2- Centre For Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery / Dr. Shens : http://www.centreforcosmetic.com/profile-dr-shens/
    - many of the girls in the thread previously go to Dr Shens, if not wrong costs about 11-12k ?
    - if sign up for BA, i think the 1st consultation ($150 - 200 if memory serves me right can be waived)
    - no need wear band
    - sells scar cream
    - LA + sedative
    - can't remember if stitches need to be removed
    - if make appt, pls be prepared to wait
    - wear the implants with bra and a tight white t-shirt to guage the size on your body
    - some girls worry because they clinic is quite exposed to the public area but got curtain to cover

    Disclaimer : I am not against Dr. Shens, many girls were very happy with his BA too. So i guess its just personal preference.

    Myself is with Dr. Tan and coming 1 year after BA :) so above is what i can remember
    If anybody is interested in BA, would highly recommend Dr. Tan since i was in very good hands and very very satisfied with the results :)
    May be abit more expensive but every cent is worth it
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  10. Kittybb89

    Kittybb89 New Member

    hi xoHERMESxo
    May i have your email id? otherwise you may email me @ kittychua@yahoo.com.sg
    would like to find out more on Sloane / Dr Tan. thx a million..
  11. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    korea do breast implants better or do in singapore?
  12. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet Member

    ok since 1 mth ago, i went to visit 2 doctors for opinions.
    think don't think so much, just go for a korean trained doctor in Singapore for breast enhancement.
    get some natural breast implants :p
  13. martin thompson

    martin thompson New Member

    Thanks for sharing with us please just reply me when someone is suffering from ANEMIA problem so anyone please tell me the solution so that i can help him. thanks
  14. alluringb

    alluringb New Member

    Hi everyone, sorry I am new here.

    I have done quite extensive research about implants and here is my view.

    Mentor and Allergan implants-

    -they carry both smooth and textured implants- (microtextured)
    -these are fixed shape implants, they do no change in shape when you stand up or lie down, in fact if you do yoga and a headstand, the teardrop implant is upside down, hahaha
    - smooth implants have a higher capsular contracture rate ( capsule is a scar tissue that forms around the implant and tightens over the implants by increasing in thickness )
    - capsular contracture rate for smooth implants about 5% and microtextured implants - about 2.5%, half of smooth implants, so why bother with smooth implants
    - NEWEST finding that everyone needs to know that is established and available in the literature since November 2017 is that microtextured implants can cause lymphoma of the breast, risk of about 1 in 3000 and upwards. This is scientific data that is widely available. If you get lymphoma, you will need to remove the implant and the capsule and need to remove lymph nodes and undergo chemotherapy- yikes!!!!!
    - so the question is which implants can give rise to lymphoma- it is also a well established fact that both mentor and Allergan textured implants have caused lymphoma so far and most people who have done their research now avoid these 2 brands to be safe.
    - so what if they are made in the US or are FDA approved, they can cause LYMPHOMA!
    - FDA approved just means that the implant is made in the US for implants to be allowed to be used in USA
    - if an implant is not made in a US Factory, it cannot be regarded as FDA approved.
    - which is why most Americans are flying out of the US to have their surgeries performed with safer implants in Europe!
  15. alluringb

    alluringb New Member

    round 2

    what other implants are available in Singapore?

    - there was an implant called SILIMED which was available in Singapore and it is now discontinued due to problems
    - there is now an implant called MOTIVA

    Is MOTIVA new?
    -it has been in the market for more than 10 years now and is undergoing clinical trials for FDA approval
    -FDA approval can only be started once the implant had been used outside of US for 10 years and that is why it is undergoing FDA trials now.
    - if the implant is not good, it will not even be approved for FDA trials

    What is the difference in the Motiva implant
    - it is the softest implant in the market available to woman who want to feel as natural as possible
    -the only implant that does not have a fixed shape, this implant can become teardrop when you stand and round when you lie down, and during yoga, it can imitate a natural breast by "moving" accordingly
    -it has nano texturing, which is a further advantage- it reduces capsular contracture to less than 1% and it has no incidence of lymphoma bec it does not cause the inflammation that the other textured implants cause

    Having all these information in hand, why would woman in Singapore want to use the other brands???
    1. they have not done enough research
    2. most drs in Singapore do not have access to Motiva - only 4 surgeons who do a lot more breast augmentations carry the Motiva brand, this is something that we hear from the bloggers and the media and those who have gone for consultations with other drs
    3. Some drs advertise that only FDA approved implants are the best for whatever reason
  16. gz83

    gz83 New Member

    Hi have anyone done BA in Bangkok? Mind recommend some clinics there?
  17. bluesky3000

    bluesky3000 New Member

    Really thinking of doing one in bangkok, has anyone tried?

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