BPA free bottles. Which brand is good?

Hi Selina,

Thank you for the info. I will try to get one 11 oz one and try it out.

I bought a few nuk ones during the frenzy last year but my son refused to drink from nuk bots. We are kinda stuck with the Avent brand now.

Dear all,
Post on alternatives to Polycarbonate (BPA) for your reading pleasure. Alternaties include PP and PES.

From this thread, it seems like NUK uses PP. I read on Avent website that Avent uses PES. Also read on internet that other brands like Green to Grow, Pigeon, uses PES. I can't find any articles comparing the PP and PES materials to claim which one is better.

TEATS are rubber not plastic
u hv to change the teats when bb grow older.. maybe 3-5 mths once depending on the brand

You al can use tomme tippe bottles its way cheaper and they are all BPA free...and can use when breastfeeding as teats are made wider and softer...
They are having sale in TAKA FAIR now...and they also have those bottles for colicky babies and got those with tint...so cute...
I have been using MAM bottles for my gal for 2months. It is not only BPA Free but nipples does not cave in!!!!
I have gone back to work. Hence I will give my gal express milk n direct feeding at nite. She has not problem with the switch in between.
The bottle design is great for colic babies too. It can be dismantle for detail cleaning without that center stick like DR Brown.
Bottles are colored too!!!! Not like the usual boring transparent.
Downside is it does not measure milk less then 60ml.
Available in box of 3 or 1 @ Mothercare or ship in from USA.
just note that tommee tippee bottles are made in china [i asked the lady at the taka fair], and my personal experience is that the teats tend to collapse if the vents are not patent, so do take care of those lil ones! =)

May I know where I can get Green to Grow bottles in Singapore? I'm looking for standard neck ones and most brands in Singapore are in wide neck form.
i am using Dr Brown BPA free bottle. So far my gal is fine with it. And when i tried to compare Dr Brown bottle and Avent bottle, I don't have leak problem with Dr Brown. In terms of anti-colic, so far .. touch wood.. my gal (she is 6 mths old now).. she has no colic problem with Dr Brown bottle.
One set back is just that there are more accessories to wash up for Dr Brown bottle.

I need help. My baby is used to the Avent teats but we have so much problem with the leaking problem with the Avent bottle. It is so fustrating. Even though there are so many so-called tricks on the internet, it is still trial and error. So did any tried using the Avent teats on another brand of bottle to solve this problem?

I experience this also. It's really frustrated! I wrote in philips and complain about the leaking problem. ---- they replaced new bottles for me, according to them, it's an improved version. No leakage problem...... So now...i am happy again, haha.
Hi little dolphin,

Did you went to Philips to get the replacement or did they send it to you?

My husband called them and all they said is to ask us to bring it down for them to check?

I use Green To Grow bottles but I use Zoli teats instead as they do not collapse like GTG ones and they have anti-colic valve. You can purchase GTG bottles cheapest at Love For Earth at Holland Village Shopping Center, they stock Zoli teats too.
GTG is avail at Vitakids but cost much more there.
Medela bottles are all BPA free, these are pricey but good, I have been using them for more than 6mths and they don't show much wear and tear. Worth the splurge if you have the budget for it.

Pigeon also has some BPA free storage bottles (you can still use these as feeding bottles, just that they don't come with a bottle cover) which I find comparable to Medela but at only a fraction of the price.
So Avent BPA free bottles, not so gd huh? Think the price is not cheap either.

I din realise the Avent bottles that I'm using all this while are not BPA free. So now, thinking if I shd buy the Avent BPA free bottles? Or shd I change to other brands (but afraid that my boy not used to other teats, aih...) Ladies, can share w me what u think? TIA!

I use MAM bottles and I find that they are good. Medela is BPA free too but the teat is not so baby friendly and i find baby has difficulty sucking.

MAM is anticolic too but only problem is you have to get from Malaysia or from the US. Check out the Bulk Purchase threads.
I forgot to add that NUK classic teats are compatible with both Medela and Pigeon bottles.

I like the special NUK shape as it is designed as such to simulate as closely as possible the shape of the breastfeeding nipple, hence babies should take to the teat with less resistance if they have only been latching on.

I use only NUK teats with all my Medela and Pigeon BPA free bottles as I don't like the normal shaped Medela and Pigeon teats.

I don't like Avent as I have had bad experience with them - they leak!
i am also using NUK teats for the medela BPA free bottles.so far so good.

my boy also has problem sucking the avent teats .. perhaps too small.
Hi all, I've been using nuk botts since the birth of my girl. Recently I changed all to wide neck botts so I bot 3 and happily used for a few wks. To my horror recently, I found a number 7 recycle code on the bottles!!!!!! I went to read up as I went to find out the diff btw a PC n PP bottle n it seems that not all nuk bottles are bpa free. They all carry the number 7 code which means that it contains slight bpa toxins. I researched some more and saw that codes number 3 6 n 7 are unsafe.. I was v v upset cuz my girl is 15mths old nw. Been on toxic bottles for 15mths! I wanted to faint!

Just nice recently there's a green to grow bp. So I bot 4 to try. The botts r made of PES msterial which is even of a better grade than PP plastics. I'm still using nuk teats cuz my girl dun like /not used to the gtg ones.

Would advise everyone to check the recycle codes on all plastics. 3 6 n 7 are bad. 1 2 4 5 are ok.. Honey color bottles are bpa free n very safe.

U guys can check out www.safemama.com. There're a couple of lists abt bpa free teethers, pacifiers, sippy cups, bottles.

As I have twins, I use Tollyjoy BPA Free bottles to save costs. They are less than $10. In any case, I change the bottles(once i see scratches or 3-4mths) and teats(every 2mths) frequently. Not sure gd or not but at least they state it is BPA free.
Hi Moomin mama,
which type of pigeon bottle you using? is it the wide neck one? is NUK teats available in wide neck?
Hi Huey Shyan,
I'm using the slim neck pigeon storage bottles. They are actually meant for storage of breastmilk but work well as feeding bottles too. Not sure if NUK teats are available in wide neck as I don't use these.
Hi mummies,

Sorry to interrupt :

I hv various BN milk bottles & teats for sale :

a) BNIB Pigeon newborn starter set consist of 1pc Silicone Pacifier with Hood, 2pcs wide-neck 200ml bttles, 1pc 300ml wide-neck bttle, 1pc Bottle and Nipple Brush and 1pc revolving Milk powder container (bought at $39.90)

b) BNIB Philips Avent 5-pc Baby Gift Set for Boy/Girl, 6m+ (bought at $85.90) consist of :
Original price : $85.90, it consists of :
- 330ml Airflex feeding bottle with variable flow teat
- 125ml (4oz) Airflex feeding bottle with newborn flow teat
- 200ml baby calming massage gel
- 6m+ soft spout, 200ml magic cup
- 6m+, 2-pc magic soft spouts

c) BN First Year wide-necked BPA-free 3pcs bottles set (5oz each) -$30 only

d) BN Pigeon wide-necked twin bottles set (300ml each) -$12

e) BN Pink BPA-free bttle (270ml) -$9 only

f) BN Tollyjoy bttle (240ml) -$4

g) BN stage 1 large hole NUK latex teats (twin set) -$5

h) BN stage 1 small hole NUK latex teat (1pc)-$3

i) BN latex Small hole Pigeon teat (1pc) -$1.50

j) BN Dr Brown level 1 teats, 0-3mths (3 in a pack) -$6.50

k) BN Dr Brown level 2 teats, 3+mths (3 in a pack) -$8.50

l) BNIP Lindam medium teats, 3-6mths (2 in a pack) -$5

m) BNIP Lindam fast teats, from 6mths (2 in a pack) -$5

o) 2pcs BNIP Farlin wide necked teats, 6+mths (2pcs)-$4.70

p) Many NUK disposable teats (0-6mths) – 3 for $1.50

q) BN Pigeon latex M teat (2,3mths)-2 boxes for sale
- 1 BN box of 2pcs-$2.50
- 1 Box took out 1 teat to try once (shown above)-$2

r) BN Gerber M size standard teat (above 4mths onwards, 3 holes)-$1

s) BN Gerber S size standard teat (1 hole, 0-4mths) - $2.40 (for all 3pcs)


(plse copy & paste the whole link)

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Thks !