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BPA free bottles. Which brand is good?

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by jo_tan, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    There are quite a few brands of BPA free bottles. Like B-free, evenflo, NUK.. Any to recommend??

  2. prickyone

    prickyone Member

    never used bfree before. find it too troublesome to wash.
    evenflo is ok. Get the old bottles not the new range though cos the standard teat does not fit nicely. So wil leak
    Avent will leak.
    pigeon is good.
  3. akachan04

    akachan04 Member

    Hi! Joanna,

    My friend recommended Dr Brown BPA free bottles but I find the price quite steep. M currently using NUK glass bottle for #1.
  4. frostee

    frostee Member

    Any idea if Avent has BPA-free bottles in S'pore yet?
  5. mikko

    mikko New Member

    I heard from my fren that the BPA Free bottles for Avent are available in Singapore but come at a high price about 18-20 dollars per bottle?

    She is contemplating to purchase it from US.
  6. weishy

    weishy New Member

    i've used B free fro my girl( she's 16 motnhs now,1 yr old wean her fro milk bottles already)

    washing is quite truoble some but got used to it that time..just hv to chk if its made in usa or china....dun buy those from china...even from mothercare such stores...hv to chk first [​IMG]
  7. daddyrules

    daddyrules New Member

    I found Avent BPA free bottles at Metro and Toy R us. But price is steep $15 per bottle. B free is all made in China. So I have bought BPA free Dr Brown's from USA, also made in USA. Dr Brown in singapore is all made in China also and it's not BPA free
  8. jiequn

    jiequn Member

    I used piyopiyo BPA free bottles, a Taiwan's brand. It is also quite expensive around $20. Evenflo BPA free bottle is made in China but is much more cheaper than other brands.
  9. shippo33

    shippo33 Member

    Hi mico,
    wat do u mean by too troublesome to wash?me too usng green to grow bpa free bottles,but nt sure fm where..
  10. littlethinkies

    littlethinkies Active Member

  11. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi ladies, if you are looking for BPA free bottles, you can visit this shop called First Few Years at Paragon, 6th floor. They have the following brands:

    1) Adiri (USA)
    2) Dr. Brown (USA)
    3) Avent

    All prices are not cheap. However, if you are concerned about this hormone wrecking chemical, then price won't be an issue.

    I'm currenlty using Dr. Brown and Adiri for my baby.

    You can checkout this blog URL for more information.

  12. qse

    qse New Member

    hi, is Bfree=born free? may i know where to buy?
  13. adorabel3

    adorabel3 New Member

    Hi, you can get it at Tom and Stef.
  14. bellebubba

    bellebubba New Member

    Hi I may be a bit late in this post. I'm using B-Free Plus, it's a Dr Brown's product too?
    So far so good. We alternate with Avent bottles.
    My baby has been using these B-Free bottles since birth as I pump bmilk for her. Her "wind" level is not too bad and it has drastically reduced the chance of colic because of the tube in the middle.
    It's a hefty price to pay per bottle ($18.90 - GULP!) but it's safe assurance for a happy baby.
    Now that she's older, about 14 weeks, we use the Avent ones more often than before and she's got no problems.
    Hope this helps!
  15. monica75

    monica75 New Member

  16. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    I'm Using Dr Brown's USA version Now. I gotten 16 bottles, including 2 glass bottle.. Pretty troublesome to get as I have to order from USA. Paid $90 for shipping !! But no choice.. Best for the baby. BPfree is similar to Dr Brown but they sort of copy Dr Brown's design. I prefer to get the original.
  17. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi Joanna, Dr. Brown's bottles can be found in Singapore. Thus, you don't need to ship from US. You can get it from First Few Years at KK Hospital. They have another outlet at Paragon, but it is currently under renovation.
  18. springles53

    springles53 Member

    hi..sorry but can i ask..U MEAN...to say that Dr browns that u can buy from places like kiddy palace are NOT BPA free?? i've been using them and sterilising them!!!!!
    they say if it has BPA and if u sterlise u release the BPA into the milk..someone please tell me if this is true then i will stop using the dr browns...jia lat man
  19. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hi springles53, there are 2 version of Dr. Browns bottles in the market. Only those make in USA are BPA free.

    I only know the BPA free version is available at First Few Years. I haven't seen any in other shops yet. Mothercare only have the made in China version.
  20. springles53

    springles53 Member

    yah, i rang first few yeras..and only they carry them i think....sian
  21. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    why sian? just make a trip down to KK and buy them loh? It is more expensive to ship in from US. And yes, the China version comes with BPA for free. LOL...
  22. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    Nope.. China Version are not BPA free. BPA free bottles are whitish! Not clear! Only the white colour ones from USA !! They are only sold in USA and Canada !!

    I have checked with the supplier, they will be bringing in Dr Brown BPA free by end July. Another alternative is Bfree.
  23. mama_lemon

    mama_lemon Member

    hi mummies, anyone using Avent BPA free bottles and experiencing leakage? Out of the 4 Avent BPA free bottles I bought recently, 2 of them leak from the cap, which can be extremely frustrating when you're trying to feed a screaming baby.. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know how to solve the leakage problem? I've tried to change the teats and cover, but it still leaks from the teat cap where the screw-rims are. Sigh... v sim tia after spending so much on the bottles... [​IMG] not to mention wastage of EBM... arrghhh..

    Does anyone have any recommendation for other brands of wide neck BPA free bottles that would fit Avent teats?
  24. moods

    moods New Member

    hi mama_lemon

    I've been using Avent BPA-free bottles for my baby for about 2mths. So far no leakages. However, we did not use Avent Teats, we use Dr Brown teats which my son is more used to so we dare not change the teats in case he gets upset and refuse to drink.

    Avent teats can fit into Dr Brown bottles too but Dr Brown bottles need to be used together with a 'green-coloured' funnel like center-pieced which we hate using. And without that center-piece , the bottle will leak.
  25. wildforest

    wildforest New Member

    I vote for Bfree!
    used for many months and still loving it!
    Read that this is the most reliable BPA free bottles fm an independent website that tested all the BPA bottles.
    Hope this helps!!
  26. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    anyone uses pigeon n nuk bpa free bottles? can comment?
  27. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    Hello Jan Jan mummy, all BPA free bottles are the same. The more important is the teat lah. Whether baby can accept it or not.

    Also, should you want to buy BPA free bottle, buy a brand that is easily available in the market. BPA free bottles run out of stock pretty fast in Singapore.
  28. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">I'm using Pigeon BPA-free bottles. Agree with Ultraman. All BPA-free bottles are the same; it is the teat that is important.

    Got my bottles from Kiddy Palace.</font>
  29. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    ultraman and highheels,

    thanks for ur info.

    pigeon got PPSU (bit yellowish) bottle selling for $14.70, is it a bpa free bottle?

    how does pigeon bpa free bottle's teat different fr a NUK bpa free bottle?

    i looked around for nuk bottles, but it doesnt say in d bottle itself that it is bpa free. how does one know if NUK bottles r bpa free?
  30. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    NUK teat is softer. All depends which one your baby prefer.

    Just for info, Dr Brown BPA free bottles will be avaliable in Singapore at the end of July.
  31. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jan jan, the PPSU Pigeon bottle is the BPA-free bottle.

    As for teats, I really don't know as I'm using Pigeon Peristaltic Teats, and not the ones which come with the bottle.</font>
  32. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    does a pigeon peristaltic teats fit into pigeon ppsu bottles?
  33. kennyg

    kennyg New Member

    hi jan jan,

    NUK uses glass bottle. So it is BPA-free. As for Dr. Brown BPA free bottles, it is already available in Singapore all the while at First Few Years.

    AVENT also has BPA free bottles.
  34. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    i saw some NUK bottles which r not glass, but it doesnt say whether they r bpa free, hence not sure if i shd get them.

    do u know wats d difference between pigeon PES and pigeon PPSU bottles?
  35. gdt

    gdt Member

    Hi !! i am using Nuby BPA bottles, cheap and good ! i bought them at NTUC extra AMK hub, they have 8oz, 10oz, 11oz, wide neck and regular neck..nice colors and designs and the prices are less than $10..am happy sg is selling and the prices are reasonable..i also use green to grow bottles, very nice too, i have think baby bottles too but haven't used them yet but heard its good too..green to grow teats are very good too..
  36. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    do Nuby bpa free bottles also anti colic?
  37. gdt

    gdt Member

    hi jan jan, the packaging does state anti colic but i dont use their teats, i use green to grow teats, so far so good, my boy been using it for more than 6 mths, before that i used green to grow bottle and teats, never had colic problem.
  38. chng

    chng Member

    NUK Bottles that are BPA free will write "PP" bottles, saw them under the wide neck series. Anyway most BPA free bottles plastics are not the clear types.
  39. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    so is PP = BPA Free?

    i saw some larger nuk bottles w/ cute prints, the backgrd is clear. r they bpa free? tried to read the paper instructions inside d bottles but they r in german...
  40. chng

    chng Member

    Yes. PP refers to BPA free for NUK.

    Clear bottles not BPA free. NUK BPA free bottles are whitish in color but with cute prints too. But not easily available everywhere. I bought mine at Vivo Mothercare.
  41. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    the nuk bpa free bottles u saw, do they indicate in the bottles that that r bpa free? how much is it?
  42. chng

    chng Member

  43. adellegirl

    adellegirl Member

    i saw the nuk PP bottles at robinson yesterday but only 3 150ml left. Its $21.90 each.
    i bought 1 only
  44. mummysara

    mummysara New Member

    Does anyone know if the Avent bottle top can fit any other brands of BPA free bottles?

    Saw online reviews that the Avent BPA free bottles often leak.

    My son is used to the Avent teat.
  45. moods

    moods New Member

    Hi Sara

    My son uses Avent BPA free bottles. So far no leakages. However we are using Dr Brown teats.

    I can tried avent teats on Dr Brown BPA free bottles before. It can be attached to the cover of Br Brown bottles. But I don't like Dr Brown bottles bcoz of the rubber funnel.
  46. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    anyone bought evenflo milk bottles n their nursing milk container? may i know if the bottle teats can fit into the nursing milk containers?
  47. mummysara

    mummysara New Member

    Hi Selina,

    Thank you for the info.

    I went to KKH yesterday to check out the BPA free bots. They only have the 9oz one. I'll probably have to buy from US for the 11 oz one.

    My boy is 2 yrs now and a ferocious drinker [​IMG]
  48. ecyss

    ecyss New Member

    Avent BPA free bottles leak! I am using Pigeon BPA free. I find it good, plus the wide neck nipple more natural and closer to human nipple.
  49. mummysara

    mummysara New Member

    Hi Esther,

    Thanks for the insight.

    Any idea if the Avent teat can fit onto the pigeon bottle?
  50. moods

    moods New Member

    Hi Sara

    U can try first few years in paragon or kkh to buy the 11oz ones. I got mine there.

    As for leakages, it did not happen to us even when we uses avent teats ... but my son prefer Dr Brown teats.


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