Boon Keng Mommy's Club

hi oink!
not yet but i took the registration form.
she din tell me must wait til may leh??
but she did say no rush.

pls let me know what u think of the curriculum!
canaan and elim is in my list of choices
but race course is too far already!
actually my first choice was ascension but my in laws say too far

for me, foochow methodist is nearest to my in laws place, but i will be getting my boy to take school bus instead, no matter which kindy.

okay, let's share our thoughts on the curriculum when i pay the kindy a visit next week.
will separately pm you on this.
Hello mummies... This thread had been really quiet for a long time. How's everyone?

As for mummies with kids at Agape Kallang, did you all realised any change with the centre lately? There was a great outbreak of viral fever 2 mths ago, then now the hfmd. It's so frustrating. It seems that the new principal is not doing much to control... What do you all think?
Hi all,
So long never come here chit chat already. Seems like quite a few CV-ers here. Me too..
Seeing many are so concerned abt cc. Me also have to go back to work soon and hope to move to boon Keng by dec. So I chose a cc in between my current place n boon Keng. It's cambrigde at novena. No choice need a place where i can trust n rest my heart to work..
Seems like our area got not many gd cc..

I also enrolled my gal sep08 baby for 2011 N1 AM session at Calvary baptist church kindergarten at wan tho ave (potong pasir) cos ascension no more AM session. But that was before I decided to go back to work. So I guess next year cannot start already cos already go cc.. Dunno they will forfeit my reg fee or not..
hi happywifey
i checked it out when looking for a playgroup for my girl. Quite nice place, clean, a bit small, but the people seemed nice and manage the children well. Didn't end up putting her there though because they didn't accept the baby bonus account. HTH
hi juz us!

thanks for your feedback
happy to hear your comments cos I am running out of ideas/schools for my girl around the area! was worried when I saw the location cos it is part of the RC office (didnt get to see the inside cos they were closed). Heard that its a 2hr class only, do u know what the children do during the 2hrs?
Hi smallbell

Ya I called them up and managed to get back the deposit of $200 but the $30 admin fee is not refundable but fair enough la. So glad that I can get my $200 back and that my gal is also settling well in her ccc...
Can anyone pm me any feedback about creative star??they recently just open in west coast n my son is transferring to there tml from YWCA.any feedback about creative star will be appreciated!!thanks a lot!!
hi mummies,
anyone has any experience or kids with Early Learning @Bright Years located next to acdonalds at Boon Keng? keen to put my boy there
Hi mummies

I chanced upon this page when looking for good GPs around Kallang/Upper Boon Keng area. Staying at Blk 2B now.
I normally bring my 15 month old boy to Ko Family but will like to see if anyone has any other recommendations.

Any good PDs in this area as well?

Thank you.
Hi there,

I m happy to find this thread as it gives me more info on my area. I m a new mummy staying at Geylang Bahru.

Basically looking for good PD and more urgently, infant care around the area. Anyway I m enjoying reading up on d old posts..
Hihi mommies,

I moved to Boon Keng last year, my elder son is in Elim Church Kindy (K1). I wld say that the English teacher is caring & good, from my observation, the English teacher in other levels are not as caring.

My younger boy is in My First Skool, McNair. I feel that the learning is not much there. Just play and walk around most of the time. But recently, there is a new Indian teacher, found her v.friendly & caring. There other Indian teacher is also quite gd. For the last English teacher, I cant say the same though. The CC is not that near Boon Keng mrt, but still walkable distance, maybe abt 7mins.

The above are just my personal observations, appreciate more sharings of views from the other mommies

BTW, anyone know of any good gynae in Boon Keng or in the area? Pls recommend. Thanks!
Hello Mommies,

could any mommy help to give some views on the childcare in Boon Keng Area? Looking for a childcare centre for my boy.

Many thanks!
Hello everyone!! I'm staying in BK and so exciting to find a mommies club here.
I'm having a baby in Nov and looking for infant care now, anyone got recommendations?
hihi cherry tea!
tried to PM but you don't accept PM.
Wanna PM me instead?
My boy is slightly younger than yours (feb'12).
Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi I stay near farrer park mrt .. My bb born in sept 2011. Good to know mommies ard .. Dun feel so lonely in some sense ...:)
Hi babydragon,

I m also staying in st george, baby is aug 12 & older child 07.

Hi all,

My baby is Aug 12, still having day / night confusion i guess. Daytime can sleep but night time, kept drinking, almost 1.5hrs and refused sleep till 10am. Any suggestion to turn her pattern back to normal?
<font face="Comic Sans MS,Tahoma">Hello all !!
So surprise when I saw this thread!
Am a mum of 2 boys staying in St george. =))</font>

seems like most of your kids are big and grown up! im an new mommy to be...2 months preggy only..i stay in bendemeer
Hi bel 22, can try making the room exposé to sunlight as much as possible to let yr baby know it is daytime .. Also some low level of noise is permissible .. This hopefully can help bb to differtiate ..
Seemed like alot of BK mummies r staying in st georges.. me too.. haha!

hi bel22. when i was doing confinement, my CL actually on the lights at nite. So when she went back, I really had a tough time changing his pattern.
What I did was to switch off the lights, leaving just night light on. Maybe you can try feeding her more during the day so that she can decrease the number of night feeds?
Dear hatchet21,

Thanks, day time I open all windows and even talk to her, telling her is daytime. When she hears noise from the rubbish truck, she will jump and scream.

Dear GT,

Same situation, CL on the lights at night, whole night. Yes after that, a bit tough to adjust. Day time i did feed lots, eg 2hrsly but come to night time, same wor, clock also 2hrsly feed. Faint

Now trying out using yao lan and see how.

Thanks mummies for your advises.

Hi Arte,

My child is with YWCA now, previously with Creative. Did you go down to the centre and take a look? Try to go and view and see how they conduct the lessons and how they handle the kids.
Hi bel

is ymca layout same style as creative?
Ymca got books for kids to flip? Nice environment?
Good learning for Pg such as art craft, singing, exposure to phonics?

Also is their toilet conducive to encourage toilet training?

I havent call ymca...dunno if they have vacancy or not..

I know care corner no space
hi Arte,

May i know how old is your child?

I suggest you go down and take a look. I really like the way they toilet trained the kids at ywca. The teachers are very 'on' and will send them every 15 - 20mins. Phonics is extra cost n is optional, only start in N1.

Personally, i don't have good impression with creative. My son is with them from infant care to playgroup. Creative in charge, Mrs Wong is good sales person. Do spot check them before you want to place your child there. What she said, may not be true. To be fair with creative, my bad encounters were 3 years ago, not sure did they improve.
Anyone using Huggies total protection size M? My kid outgrew. Got two more packets. Willing to swap for L diapers, milk powder, wipes, or $15 each. Ideally trade at st George. Tia
Hi bel

i wanna enrol for pg class.

Are teachers careful? Do they speak singlish?
Is place clean?

I saw creative n didn't like the place. Went after they closed the windows so toilet or urine smell quite strong.
Also Mrs Wong mentioned the kids will remain in their allocated space whole day. Eat sleep pay all same area. I was hoping they get to move around more.. But maybe staying confined is the norm.

What do u like about ymca? Or Becoz wanna got out of creative.

Haha great to know a mummy with real experience so can't stop asking you questions..heee
Hi Arte,

No problem to ask me more qs
but my experience with Creative is more than 3years ago ya...

Actually all CC the same, definitely has pros and cons
depends on what you are looking at.

You may like to go down (ywca) take a look, tour around the place. The best time to go is during their activity time, try avoid nap time.

Let me share the reasons via PM why I have switched CC.
<font face="Comic Sans MS,Tahoma"><font color="aa00aa">My boy is previously from Creative before I switch him over to MFS a yr+ ago.

Have to agree with bel22 on her point that Mrs Wong is a good sales person and the kids are quite restricted at their own area.

Prob will be better to go down and take a look.</font></font>.
Thanks xue n bel for such great feedbacks. I truly appreciate each n every.

Yeah i didn't let fact that the kids eat. Sleep. Play. All in the same partition. There were books around for them to explore.
Decided a no to creative.

hatchet, I'm a first time mummy...yet to deliver haha! currently about 11 weeks only...

now st george area very noisy with all the drillings due to the lift and block upgrading. Mummies with babies, are your babies able to sleep through all the noisy environment or they will wake up frequently?