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Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by banque_suez, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    just wondering if anyone knows of any gd body massage places running any promo at the moment? i know Elements Spa just had their 1 for 1 $28 body massage promo recently with POSB card but that promo is over now

    prefer not to commit to package system if there is credit card promos on that is cheap & good

    anyone knows?


  2. vulnerable

    vulnerable Active Member

    banquez: u can call ida (9424 9829) for body massage (pre/post-natal)...
    she is really good and friendly...
    and her charges are really reasonable.. [​IMG]
  3. health

    health New Member

    May I know what is your reason for a massage ?
    Is it to slim down or just for relaxation ?

    If it is to slim down I would advise not to...
    The problem will come back after some time...
  4. serine

    serine Member

    Hi ,
    I manage to have a list of massage lady from friends and online as follows:

    1)Mona HP: 90260085
    2)Ayu HP: 90495606
    3)Hamidah HP: 97528643
    4)Julie HP: 98001394
    5)Mdm Noor HP: 90048804
    6)Jon HP:96184145
    7)Kadijah HP: 98001394
    8)Tami HP: 98117686
    9)Mdm Jamilah  Tel: 91862917
    10)Rohaya HP: 94506374
    11)Aunty Nelly HP: 96319596
    12)Mdm Dolly Lim HP: 98732936

    May i know anyone have tried the post natal massage they provided ?
  5. rubygrover

    rubygrover New Member

    Anybody tried anyone from the above list? Please share ur experiences and their way of doing massage as well as charges.
  6. 26erithink

    26erithink Member

    There's also Ivy 90236575 in SengKang, who I've tried. She's so good, I fell asleep on her table during my antenatal massage. =0)
  7. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    angel: does she make home visit? whats her rate
  8. bandtz

    bandtz Member

    just to share~
    i hv c-section and only engage mdm ida after 1 month. yday was my 1st session wif her, initially my tummy was saggy when looked in front of the mirror. so when she did the binding yday, i did not take it out till tis morning b4 my 2nd session. i realised it's not so saggy as before.

    and mdm ida told me she will try to make my tummy slightly firmer. at the mmt, quite pleased wif her skill.

    oh ya! and she did giv me advices compared to my 1st massage lady. :)

    she do normal massage at $40 too!
  9. sbb

    sbb Active Member

    Good day ladies,

    I have book Mdm Ida for pre and postnatal massage.

    My due date is at Aug but have tried her Prenatal massage and I really like her pressure..

    She is very friendly and straightforward and very experience lady. Professional.
    And her price is reasonable also.

    For prenatal massage, she will only do for you when you are 6-8 mths.. after 8 mths she will not do cos dangerous to do as almost want to give birth liao le.

    You can contact her at 94249829.
    Got ppl also book her till next year liao le.. so have to hurry up wor..

    If she ask who recommend you, you can said recommended by vegetarian la..
    She will know who.
  10. 2009mumtobe

    2009mumtobe New Member

    hi girls,

    i m rather ignorant! may i know why do u need to do pre or post natal massage?

    Do they do house call? and what is their rates like? Thanks for sharing! [​IMG]
  11. dolliepollie

    dolliepollie Member

  12. sweetzinc

    sweetzinc Active Member

    Hi anyone tried Ida's sis? coz she told me her sis stay in the east side and will be do the massage for me.

    Is she good?
  13. babypureen

    babypureen New Member

    Mdm Ida ever told me she & Mdm Mas will doing west/north/south/central also help east area if Mdm Mariam is fully book & for Mdm Mariam she handle most east area.these 3 sisters inherit from their grandma skills.most important is their honest..try them no regrets..
  14. bettyseah

    bettyseah New Member

    Hi Mummies,
    I'm a new mummy here. Would like to share my post natal massage experience. I had my very professional massage lady Certified frm Mustika Ratu and Pro therapist after my hubby office fren told us abt her. Mdm Nur.. is well trained and experience as during my sessions she could answer to all my quires.she put more focused help massage my feet, legs and back massage, also help re-shape my body. I really enjoy my sessions.she charge $45 on my pre natal & $55 on post natal. I find very effective and really enjoy my whole package session. Sure No regrets.. Mdm Nur : 82515154
  15. pinkiemie

    pinkiemie New Member

    i tried ida's pre-natal massage, and am very satisfied with the experience.. am intending to book her for my post-natal!

    babypureen>> have you tried mariam or mas before? coz that was wad ida told me too, that if she cannot make it, her sister or SIL will do the post natal for me..
  16. Hi,

    For those who tried Mdm Ida's pre-natal massage, what is required and the procedure? Is there a need to take off all the clothes and does she massage the breast area too?

    What purpose is there in massaging the chest area if one does not feel any pain there etc?

    As for the others being recommended, do they massage the chest area too?
  17. cynthiadora

    cynthiadora New Member

    Strongly agree Recommended..Mdm Mas ( 90068026 )
    Many, thanks for those who recommend Mdm Mas.
    the wonderful way she have been taking care of me during the 10 sessions on my last day
    today for the post-natal treatment. Not only she have heavenly hands but she also have
    comforting and encouraging tips which help me so much. Actually, I have been surprised
    by all the benefits the treatment offered me. First of all, she helped me getting rid of the
    tensions due to the birthing and the first days of breastfeeding and managed to relax my
    body. Secondly, the whole treatment allowed me to get back into shape so quickly… this
    is not only nice for the body but also very good for the morale! Finally, another great
    effect of the wrapping was the strength it provided to my lower back, helping supporting
    my whole back. These sessions were a marvellous moment of relaxation, comfort and
    just enjoying being taken care of! Thank you Mdm Mas for all the caring!
  18. musicbox

    musicbox Member

  19. java_mummy

    java_mummy New Member

    hi mummies,

    anyone tried Origins Jamu Massage before?
  20. cyruskitty

    cyruskitty New Member

    hi valerie, i used them in my 1st pregnancy. Now i am 2nd time preg, i had booked them already hah after much persuation to my hubby cos he is paying.. So far i like to massage and their service. their rates is very reasonable considering it nett price. my massage lady is not pushy which i like . I cant stand those who keep telling me to buy this and that because my body need this and that product. Some freelance i enquire although cheap but after buying binder + transport charges it much higher.. I due in Dec but i booked already cos want to catch their promotion rates ( kiasu singaporean )and also their booking always very fast no more so better to be safe la.. I do want to scramble the last min. you can find out more from them too if your edd is still sometime away.. good luck!!
  21. java_mummy

    java_mummy New Member

    thanks cyrus.. may I know what's the name of the lady who attend to you? i also dun like pushy ppl, as i wan to rest and relax throughout the whole massage. by the way, i'm giving birth in Nov.. i haven't book their service yet.. but my hubby strongly recommend to book their service..
  22. angelina28

    angelina28 New Member

    Hi Cyrus,
    Just check what is the name of your therapist? As my fren who had their service told me that she did not enjoy her sessions. She suppose to take 10days package but she decide to cancel after 5days.She find that the therapist has not much experience and not professional when ask questions and some she can't even answer. And did not massage her tummy on the 1st day when she came and when on the 2days she massage very hard presure for the tummy and the 3rd day my fren told the therapist not to touch her tummy at all. They are new company abt 1 yr only in the market as the therapist told her.
  23. nicolewps

    nicolewps New Member

  24. sarah27

    sarah27 New Member

    Hi valerie,
    I had my postnatal massage by traditional & holistic postnatal centre.Find that their service is very professional and I enjoy my sessions with the therapist that serve me. Can visit their website jamumassage.com if you want to get more info.
  25. serine

    serine Member

    Dear all
    I book Mdm Noor ( 90048804 )but when i am due in Sep 09, she went missing in action. I could not find her. Luckily Mdm Mas ( 90068026 ) is able to do post-natal treatment for me. She is very friendly and also give tips on taking care of the BB. I highly Recommend Mdm Mas for her post natal massage!
  26. inarie

    inarie Member

    anyone tried Mona before??
  27. sbb

    sbb Active Member

    hi ladies..

    i have given birth at Mid aug and finally tried MDM IDA post natal. i have book her few mths back and have done pre natal with her also.

    she's good and very very friendly. anything u can ask her even about bb stuff wor.. she kws a lot.

    min is 5days, last 2 days she will push back your womb. cannot 3 days as its not enough. the last 2 days she will teach u how to wrap also.

    but i lazy didn wrap after she finish for me d 7days. haha..

    depending on your condition, she will also see if you required to do charcoal (to ease natural birth pain stitches) and bitter leaf (cold cold one as this one has to put to fridge)

    i only do the charcoal but didn do the bitter leaf as my mother don allow me to do leh. she said cold cold later next time below aching. haha.. but the bitter leaf is to apply to the stitch to sooth them. so u can decide if u wan to do that.

    but after doing charcoal i felt a lot better.

    if u wan have to book MDM IDA in many mths advance wor.. her contact is 94249829.

    jst sms her yr edd and your name so she can get back to u. if she cant make it, she will ask her sister or sister in law to help u do.

    but i got one friend done by her sister in law masita but don kw why only do for 4days when she book for 7days wor.. hehe..
  28. piggyclaudia

    piggyclaudia New Member

    Hi dear ladies n mummy to be,

    This is piggyclaudia again..I had just given birth to my third delivery to a baby girl on the 31st oct 2009 n i had just done my post nantal massage with Maya Sari again who had been my helper since my 1st delivery..

    She bring her own massage bed to massage me,she use different oil to massage me on my condition.On the 1st day she massage me n massage me with her hand showing me handful of water extract from my stomach,n immediately my stomach reduces by half,as tis my third pregancy my uterus got alot of blood cloth she uses her hand to massage for me till big lump of clots liver "Liver" coming out from my uterus till my stomach dont feel hard n today it my 4th day of massage n guess wahat???
    I am able to wear back my own clothes n my gynae see me he get ashock as i slim down v fast..

    Ladies pls call her althu she abit pricy but u see immediate results..I had taken pic of myself till d last day of massage i update into the comp n show u guys..This had no gimmit,it real n i am not related to her but just grateful to her as i feel having good figure after birth is very important..

    Her num is 94767836..My husband saw my result also call her to massage his tummy and this is real...Mummy pls call her..My sis n sis in law all uses her after my result....
  29. swanston

    swanston Active Member

    hi ladies, just completed my second last (6th) post natal massage session with mdm ida. my elephant legs and tummy are gone all thanks to her. my mum and hubby are very happy with the results. after just two sessions my tummy went from, as my sister said, 8 months "pregnant" to 4 months "pregnant".

    her services include baby and mummy massage as well as bathing of baby. she will push up the womb on the second last and last session. she also advise and assist on breast engorgement, latching of baby and what to take to help increase breast milk supply.

    mdm ida and mdm mariam works together. mdm mariam covers the east area while mdm ida covers the west area. i understand that she no longer works with mdm mashita as their methods are now different, mdm mashita don’t follow her method.
  30. cheezpastie

    cheezpastie New Member


    heard quite a few good reviews about mdm mariam. What are her charges? same method and skill like mdm ida?
    Anyone has her contact number?

  31. vixen_mum

    vixen_mum New Member

    Hi mummiess....

    looking for malay traditional massage lady?...call: mas (9006 8026)

    for traditional malay post-natal massage: every session has full body massage,

    and stomach wrapping..except on the last day of the session..she dont do the wrapping..

    in any case if mummies has blocked milk ducts, she will help clear blocked ducts as well..

    also help u to bath ur baby if no one to assist u and teach you how to do very mild massage

    your baby incase stomach bloated..

    for post-natal($50) 1 1/2hrs,no extra charges for the wrapping cloth..

    last day of the post natal session, you only pay ($40) due to she need to collect back the cloth and
    dont do the stomach wrapping..

    also do pre natal 1 1/2hrs($40) and normal massage 1 1/2hrs($40)..

    no tpt charges islandwide and no hidden cost..

    3days post natal massage packages: $140
    5days post natal massage packages: $240
    7days post natal massage packages: $340
    10days post natal massage packages:$490


    from:1)8.30am-10.30am. 2)11am-1pm. 3)1.30pm-3.30pm.4)4pm-6pm 5)6.30pm-8.30pm
  32. noscon

    noscon Active Member


    you sounds like you are advertising... u also posted in all the massage related thread...
  33. shanaz

    shanaz New Member

    Hola.. mummies, just wanna share..

    I would like to recommend my massage lady who is currently massaging for me (post natal).
    She have good skills in massaging,certified from proacademy/protherapist
    and very friendly lady!

    Name: Mdm Yati
    HP: 81544153

    post natal Package: 7 sessions - $550 / duration: 90mins
    including stomach wrapping,jamu & transport islandwide..

    post natal package: 5 sessions - $450 as above
    post natal package: 3 sessions - $300 as above

    pre natal: $60 / duration: 60mins
    javanese massage: $60 / duration: 60 mins
  34. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    I only pay about $250 for my 5 sessions package, got 1 session FOC also if i remember correctly.....
  35. noscon

    noscon Active Member

    you sounds like you are advertising too... posted in all relevant massage threads...
  36. Starting my BP soon, saw so many disappointed moms here.....
    Pls feel free to email me should you have any question in body massage, I'll try my best if i can answer you as a massage therapist myself
  37. shonnenknife

    shonnenknife New Member

    Hi, my wife and I read alot of good comments abt Mdm Ida from your forum. So we decided to use her services. My wife called and tried to book her for her prenatal massage but as she was busy, she only did 1 session for my wife. Before she left, she told my wife to call her again after my wife has delivered. She knew about my wife's EDD which was in mid dec.

    So my wife delivered on 5th dec, after 2 more days, she called Mdm Ida and was told that there were no more empty slots. My wife would have to wait till 14th dec. My wife wanted to breastfeed and also to expel the blood clots from the womb, etc fast, so it was quite anticlimax when she was told to wait. Nvm, so we sucked it up and waited.

    When she came, she kept talking non stop about what we should do and how to do this and that. She wanted to see the baby to verify if he has jaundice but I told her that its ok cos my bro is a doc and he's doing the tests for me. Then she kept going on about "you know, all my customers go to the polyclinic everyday, blah blah blah...". Then she offered to do baby massage, which I also declined cos the baby is sleeping very soundly in my mom's room. I told her that she could just do the massage for my wife.

    Then after massaging, my wife breastfed the baby. He cried non stop for almost 6 hours. We didn't know what happened, obviously, but i just suspected that it could be her massage oil that caused it. So we asked her if there were any ingredients that might cause this. Immediately, she was defensive, saying that her other customers' babies are ok and her oil is made with organic materials. I mean, oil and chilli are both organic but it doesn't mean that it's ok for the baby, right??? duh!!

    anyway, i told her, just to play safe, don't massage my wife's breasts lah.. So, on the 3rd day, she came and taught me how to do the wrap (the cheapo cloth cost $20). so i asked her if i could buy the cream from any stores, she said that I MUST get from her, and it costs $15. kaoz. So ok, whatever lah. Then that night, she msged my wife and said that she wont be coming anymore.

    Her package of min 5 days is just bullshit. She left on the 3rd day! Then she's supposed to push up the womb on the last 2 days, but she's not coming back to do it. Very unprofessional, in my opinion. Anyway, she also didn't pass me any cream for the wrap, just the cheapo cloth.

    She talks like she knows alot, her customer this her customer that, but we hired her to do massage leh. not tell story. the minimum of 5 days is imposed by her, but she not happy can leave on the 3rd day... wah lau... no sincerity or apologies. like we owe her something. kaoz.

    I really really hope that you think carefully about this before you commit to this person. All talk but little action. I believe that there are better ones out there. All the best!
  38. graceloh

    graceloh New Member

    TKS for your informations. I'm also now searching for postnatal massage and have not decide yet. Many frens advise to get frm companies that provide postnatal service.Will still looked around.
  39. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    finally somone is voicing out the truth, wong, don't you know many posting here about this "madam I" were actually done by herself? Don't believe in those massage to make the vaginal back to normal and etc.... all bullshit with no medical evidence....
    Anyway you might want to consider let your wife continue the massage with other massage lady especially the body wrap.
  40. shonnenknife

    shonnenknife New Member

    Sigh.. found out too late. But luckily my malay colleagues recommended me the ones they personally "vetted". My wife had a massage session today and was really pleased with it. I'm glad too. [​IMG]
  41. adeline_lee

    adeline_lee New Member

    Hi,I have just completed Mdm Ida's service and few points i noted with reference from shonnenknife's comments:

    1) If she is available,she cannot say no to business right? Or is she expected to just wait for your business only? We personally also waited about 1 week for the commencement.
    2) Her extra service of massaging the baby was just an extra added service and whatever advice she gave is just advice which i think you can ignore if you have better ideas.
    3)Regarding breast feeding the baby,isn't it the proper way to clean up the breast before latching on or squeezing it into bottles? So far i have never heard of massage oil that are consumable.
    4)For purchase of massage oils and cloth,she actually make it clear to us that we can easily buy it at NTUC(Johnson lotion). Perhaps the cheapo cloth is not available in NTUC but comparing her price with massage centers and spas,i think its quite reasonable.

    The above points are made solely based on my own experience. Ultimately being a consumer,we should be mature enough to manage our expections and made proper decisions.Cheers.
  42. minghui801

    minghui801 New Member

    Hi Wong

    I agree wth adeline...i'm also using mdm ida too but she never stop the massage just like that must be a reason y she do that to ur wife...maybe ur wife to fussy...maybe she don't want to difficulties her also abt the oil makes ur baby cry thats y she stop..as i
    read abt ur comments it's abt the oil...actually mdm ida also massage my breast wth the oil coz i have a blockage...the 1st day she wash for me then follow by the others day also wants to wash for me too but i paiseh i say no worries i'll do myself...sometimes i forgot then i latch the baby so far ok leh...i don't think it's a oil problem...it's normal for the new born baby crying...she also help me to massage my baby & i feel my baby sleep better...ida never force cstomer to buy the cream...i'm the one once it coz i can see the result for my tummy till now i'm still using...if mummies here book wth mdm ida she will explain to customer & myself after discharge the earliest is 3, 4 or 5 days but the latest is 1wk due to her schedule...but if u thing the cloth not worth to buy don't buy just use recycle will do ....she like to advise her customer to increase the milk & what suppose to eat & what not suppose to eat so if u think u don't like then just say to her coz she trying to help mummies here......those who ever try mdm ida they know who she is...never cheated pple for no reason...i also just finish done by her normal massage last wk...the pressure still gd
  43. dianajs

    dianajs Member

    I agree with adeline and minghui...

    I engaged mdm ida for my prenatal for my first child and thereafter engaged her post natal services for three weeks... She was very helpful and her massages really helped me to shed the extra kilos .

    About the cloth , mdm ida neva said it is a must to buy the cloth from her , if u decide not to then she will use the recycle cloth that u need to return to her after ur session ends.

    Personally , I nev encountered any problems with the oil that she was using on me... She even volunteered to wash by breasts as I was breastfeeding. After every session she reminds me to wash my breast N constantly reminds me to latch on my baby to increase my milk flow...

    Buying the slimming cream is also my own choice as I found it to be effective on me... Mdm ida is very friendly and likes to share her experiences with her customers...

    Too bad wong that ur wife did not appreciate mdm ida's massage... Well it is ur loss I should sat

    as for me I am preggie with my second one and have engaged her as soon as I knew I was pregnant ... To those interested to engage mdm ida do so early as she can really be very busy

    just my two cents worth [​IMG]
  44. shonnenknife

    shonnenknife New Member

    ok.. to be fair, some might like her style. maybe it's just an isolated incident. but for her to just leave like that is not what i would call professional.

    i have my reasons to reject certain services from her but she seems to take things personally. she can say what she wants, but i don't like it when she is pushy with her comments. it unsettles my wife, which i don't like.

    anyway, my wife engaged a second person and she can really feel the difference between them. you can call us picky but i think there should be some standard or professionalism involved in their work.

    anyway, it's my experience. you may agree or disagree. perhaps just take it as a warning. all the best!
  45. musicbox

    musicbox Member

    Hi wong,
    Thanks for sharing with us. Don't worry, everyone can voice out their opinion, just that there're too many "I & M fans" here so nobody dare to post any -ve comments. You're just doing something right, I'm sure there're already many ppl sickening about all the 'advertisements' here, that's why nobody seem to care and post anything here already. Anyway thanks!
  46. vixen_mum

    vixen_mum New Member

    Hi mummiess....

    looking for malay traditional massage lady?...call: mdm mas (9006 8026)

    for post-natal($50) 90mins.

    last day of the post natal session, you only pay ($40)

    also do pre natal 90mins($40) and normal massage 90mins($40)..

    no tpt charges islandwide and no hidden cost..

    3days post natal massage packages: $140
    5days post natal massage packages: $240
    7days post natal massage packages: $340
    10days post natal massage packages:$490
  47. minty_mic

    minty_mic New Member

    Dear All

    I am also a customer of Mdm Ida. She was recommended by my colleague and it's always by mouth of words till I realised she is quite popular in this forum.

    When I was 7-8months pregnant, Ida did pre-natal massage for me. It was so good!! Cause I already started my water retention like elephant legs daily and after she did the massage, it went off for days and my backache also, leaving me a few good nights rest! [​IMG]

    After I pop, I called her and myself postpone the appointment cause I was admitted to hospital for 9 days (high fever n kidney inflammation). She managed to slot me in.

    During the sessions, she gives advices like a friend as she love babies and have her own kids. Never push me into buying things as I have my own binder too but I bought because it's a different type. Massage sessions made my tummy firmer which I am pleased.

    And I doubt the massage will make milk spicy as there is no issues with my milk and Ida taught me how to do washing and always use baby foam because of the oil, anyway, because pumping or latching must clean my breast each time for hygiene purpose. My milk flow is better too after the unducting.

    I think massage is a service line. If you are not pleased, can always reject and at least feedback. No point feeling angry or upset. Ida always ask and have daily feedback (during pre-natal too).

    Above are just my 5 cents thought!
  48. arixon

    arixon New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Hi All,

    I am also Mdm Ida's customer. I found her through this forum.

    I agreed with Minty. I am satisfied with her service as she is not pushy at all with her products.
    She will always give you options and will not force you to buy any of her stuffs.

    Ida also always asked me about her service and asked for daily feedback.
    She will also help me with my problem area and concentrate on that area.
    I had back pain on the 1st day she came and now I'm finishing my last session soon and the back pain has reduce tremendously.

    Ida is also always punctual and it helps a lot in my planning of time.
    So far, for my 6 sessions, she has never been late at all.
    I seriously don't think she is that kind who will cancel appointment without her reason.

    I guess the best way to find out what kind of person she is, is to try out her service first. Be fair to her! [​IMG]</font>
  49. liuxiaoyan

    liuxiaoyan New Member

    Harlows Mummies..
    im new here..
    like to recommend my pre &amp; post natal experience with dis 3 Charlie's Angles massage ladies
    with their professionalism services with many years of experience.
    Now really enjoy doing Normal massage wif dem with my mum..
    Charlie's [​IMG]1) Mdm Jumie ( 9165 2026 )
    Charlie's [​IMG]2) Mdm Izah ( 8452 9747 )
    Charlie's [​IMG]3) Mdm Marz ( 8205 6426 )
    This three Sisters do same method,so not to worried if u book any of this Massage Ladies,
    for example,you book Mdm Jumie for post natal massage,but if u deliver early,
    She got no slot for you,replacement will be make by this ladies either Mdm Izah or
    Mdm Marz will take over it (call you to confirm date &amp; time) rather than keep you waiting.
    so do, if you book for Pre Natal Or Normal Massage,either from this three Sisters.
    For Traditional Malay Post-Natal Massage: Every session has full body massage,
    clear blood clot,blockducts,blood circulation,reduce water retention,
    push up womb and stomach wrapping.
    Post-Natal massage [​IMG]$55) 90mins
    Pre -Natal massage [​IMG]$40) 60mins
    Normal - massage [​IMG]$45) 60mins
    No Deposit,Transport Charges Islandwide and No Hidden Cost..
    My fren who've try their service also give gd feedback too..
    Sure No Regrets..

    For Post-Natal Massage Packages are :

    3days post natal massage packages: $165
    5days post natal massage packages: $275
    7days post natal massage packages: $385 (free wrapping cloth)
    10days post natal massage packages:$550 (free wrapping cloth)
  50. infinity_star

    infinity_star Member

    Hi all,
    I am oso Ida's customer and found her thru the forum here... agree with Minty &amp; arixon.

    I tried her out for pre-natal massage and like her service and friendly manner and booked her for my post natal massage.
    She did ask me abt her service and ask for feedback which i find tat's v professional of her.

    When Ida came for my post natal massage, she told me my C section wound area has not fully healed after 1 mth plus and for my health's sake, she didn't bind/ wrap tightly for me and told me to discontinue the post natal massage until my C-section area has fully healed. I like her honest and caring ways, she could have say it's ok to bind/ wrap and ask me to continue my sessions with her to earn money but she didn't. She massaged me with her oil and when i carry my baby, he's ok with it and didn't cry. I feel v ease with her and she's not pushy abt her products at all.

    Recently, felt my C-section area has healed and asked Ida to come to do post natal massage as going back to work soon. Despite her busy schedule, she did her best to slot me in. She came and still say it's not full healed yet and can't bind. I told her tat my tummy is still big, she helped to apply the slimming cream and ask me to use my binder to bind to slim my tummy instead. Told her my shoulders aching and she massaged my shoulders for me and she didn't even charge me anything.

    I believe Ida will not cancel appt w/o any reason and she always do her best to help me when i ask her.
    Above are just sharing my experience with Ida. : )

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