Blacklisted confinement lady - aunty Siew and Chen Hui Fen jie


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Hi Mummies,

I would like to share my bad experience with confinement lady i had 2 months ago, so that you will not engage them. As there are alot bad events happened, i will just list out some of it.

I engaged aunty siew (016-6113048) in April this year. After i delivered in Aug, my hubby called Aunty Siew. Aunty Siew told my hubby that she will be at our place on the day i discharged. On that day, we waited till 7pm, a lady appear at our doorstep & address herself as Aunty Siew.

She sound different from the Aunty Siew that i spoke over the phone but im not able to verify. On 2nd day, during one of our conversation..the confinement nanny address herself as Fen jie & she quickly change it to Aunty Siew. From there, im very sure she is not Aunty Siew. We tried calling Aunty Siew hp number but no answer.

My hubby & i discussed and we decided to keep Fen jie since its only 2nd day with us. On 2nd week saturday, my MIL came over with some food for her own dinner. Fen jie just heat up the food and add ginger. She didnt even ask any of us. She just do it. When i asked about my dinner, she said my MIL brought the food so she didnt cook!!! I told her that i need to eat confinement food and she went to the kitchen and stir fry scramble egg with fresh minced ginger!!!
She share me about bitter grass for baby to bath. Then immediately i ask if she use it on my baby & she said YES! As basic respect she shld at least ask me 1st. Other few things that i dont like about Fen jie:

1. She never help to take care of baby at night even she heard baby crying. There was once i kicked the door to wake her up, cuz baby crying very hard and my hubby not around. She dint open the door. Then i put my baby down and bang the door. When i asked her why she never come after when i kick the door,she said she heard but dont know what sound is continue sleeping!!
2. She watch drama almost whole day. Use her phone all the time. Start to cook lunch at 11.30am. She nvr cook rice for lunch. Its always noodles. And the soup base is so bland. She just lazy to cook dishes for lunch. She only cook rice with dishes once during the whole 1 month. Then she will take nap at arf 2pm till 5pm. Wake up to cook dinner. Whenever i ask her to confinemtn dishes for me, she will give excuses like it is too heaty for baby. Better to avoid heaty food! Siggggh, so speechless. Not even fried chicken! Been craving for fried chicken with ginger but she refused to cook. She just lazy to fry. All her dishes either steam and stir fry.

she even said i eat 3meals a day considered alot. Other mummies only eat 2meals. I told her off by saying other confinemtn nanny cook 5meals a day!! And my maid prepare bread for me for breakfast.
3. She re-arrange all my kitchen stuffs to her own liking. Never consult me. When i ask her where she put my thing bcuz i couldnt find it..she said she nvr take and wouldnt put in the room! i told off by telling her that she took out every single thing in my kitchen cabinet and re-arrange. So if i dont ask her, who else can i ask??? She even unpack all the chicken essence and bird nest without asking me. She drink birds nest and tell me that it is too sweet for me. She drink my similac mum milk powder cuz she noticed that i never drink & she said dont waste. Within a month, she finish the whole can of similic milk.
4. I got a box of hand cream & my maid told me that she took a few tubes of hand cream with her when she left.
5. She use olive oil to cook dishes even after i told her that olive oil is not for cooking.
6. She locked the door at night and give me the reason that she afraid that someone will go into the room when she is sleeping.
7. She always cook alot so that she can eat more! And my maid told her not to cook so much since both myself & hb dont eat alot & she ask my maid to shut up!
8. She digged all my snacks and finished all.
9. Spoil my pots with deep scratches. I realised it after she left.

All above are just a few incidents...there are alot more things that Fen jie did...sometimes i think she purposely wake baby up and push baby to me. She never help to calm baby down. She just push to me & said baby is hungry...where baby just drank milk like half hour ago!!

On her last day, i paid her the balance (less deposit). She doesnt even know about the deposit that i have already paid to Aunty Siew's son UOB Account. So i showed her the sms evident that i sent to Aunty Siew previously. The agree amount was $2400 & i have paid $300 deposit. So i pay fen jie the balance $2,100. She told me that the total should be 2,500. But i said we agreed at $2,400. I never give her addl. She went off and came back 15-20mins later and tell me that the total amount should be $2,800. So i should give her $2,500 less the deposit. I was so angry and i told her that from start we already knw she is imposer. Not honest...and until her last day, she still insist that she is aunty siew. With all the evidence (eg. uob acct, her wechat id: huifenchen, her hp number differ) she still insist that she is Aunty siew on her last day when she came back & ask for $2800. And she said i spoke to her last year!!! Last year i dont even knw that im preg yet!! So i told her to stop lying, stop cheating. I called Aunty Siew right in front of her. Aunty Siew rejected my calls 3 times! Fen jie told me to call another number but i told her that i will not call the number she gave me..cuz that person could be her friend and im.not able to verify!! I told her that i will not give her any additional amount! She refused to go, so i went back to my own room. Not sure how long she stand outside..and left.

Fen jie's contact number is 017-7128230. Aunty Siew's 016-6113048. Fen Jie's photo as attached.

Hi, oh no. I already committed to engage her for my confinement in next year Feb. Nw i start to headache after reading your post. Duno should i change, but i already paid a deposit of $500 :(
Hi, oh no. I already committed to engage her for my confinement in next year Feb. Nw i start to headache after reading your post. Duno should i change, but i already paid a deposit of $500 :(

Blessedmom, you engage Hui Fen or aunty Siew? How much she asking?
Blessedmom, you engage Hui Fen or aunty Siew? How much she asking?

Personally, i would advise you to change and ask for refund. Aunty Siew told me to deposit to her son's account "Teh Tien Seng". Same? Think usually cl dont ask for so much deposit. I gave $300 as deposit.
Dont be like me...i didnt exposed her from start because i want to save all troubles to look for another nanny. Regretted. Confinement period is very important, u need alot of support so you can really rest alot.

Fen jie also bath my baby with stout without asking me. From my experience, she is not honest. And i feel that she dont have alot experience doing confinemtn. When i asked her how long she is in this trade, she nvr answer me. & she ask me why i questioned her that..and i told her that i was surprised that she doesnt know that some bb's BCG is on butt. She went to apply ruyi oil on the BCG! she thot is a rash!!!!

When i was expressing milk,she squad in front of me and stare at it! Keep commenting. No respect for privacy! When i was doing the massage, she came into my room & start asking my masaage lady alot questions..end up she ask my massage lady to massage her shoulder. Instead of taking care of my baby while im doing massage, she left my baby outside and ask for free massage.

So why not u try call her, tell her that your mother in law want to help you do confinement. So ask if she can refund u the deposit. You can also test her character
I was curious since she is not trustable and reliable why u still employ her for the whole month confinement....for me I will pay her money at initial stage after realize she is not fulfill my requirements!
I was curious since she is not trustable and reliable why u still employ her for the whole month confinement....for me I will pay her money at initial stage after realize she is not fulfill my requirements!

Jenn-z, on the 2nd day my hubby suggested we exposed her & ask her to go when we realised she is not aunty...but i was alone at home with baby. My MIL working and my family are in msia. So i thought give her a chance to try her out. After a week, all problems arise & i was too occupied with my baby...dont even have energy to find another nanny. So i kinda lower down my long as she cook for me, im fine! On the 2nd week, saturday, when she only cook scramble egg for me as dinner...i broke down n cry. My husband said he will ask her to go back..but i was so soft hearted and STUPID to tell my husband that we close one eyes & let her continue for remaining 2weeks...cuz she keep telling me that she will use the money to pay his son's school fee. As a mother myself, i kinda have a soft spot for that. After that, i count down to the day she will leave us! And i never expect her to ask for more money on her last day!
My husband actually told me to put on forum after she left but i was too busy with baby & i feel pointless since nightmare ..but everytime i go into kitchen & cldnt find my things & see frying pan full of scratches....i get very angry & upset. So i finally squeeze out some time to post & share about my experience with her.

Its my fault again & again to give her chance!
i have just confirmed aunty siew with mobile 016-6113048, after reading the post i started to worry ...any advice ?? or any other person has experience with this aunty siew ?
I can be another testimonial of this terrible Fen Jie confinement nanny. I just sent her back on my 9th day as I can’t take it anymore.

Am the same as one of the moms here, she was introduced by my friend’s nanny as she was booked already. I really regret taking a nanny who is introduced by nanny. I personally think should get nanny whom your friend has experience with her before.

Her cooking is terrible, only one meal was decent with steamed cod fish. The rest of meals are bland and I dread eating them. She prepared the ingredients way in advance and cook e soup from morning. She kept my herbal soup in microwave oven and ask me to microwave when I want to drink. Then is not fresh isn’t it?

I felt like I am a vegetarian. She stir fry mee tai mak with black fungus and carrot. No meat or fish. How to nourish my health back? My fridge is stashed with meat and ingredients and she claimed that she did not have enough food to add to the mee tai mak. She also ever cooked fried rice with corn, onions and carrot. My goodness sake.

Some of the ingredients she used and cooked are not suitable for confinement. My neighbour was a confinement nanny and she has some knowledge.

She really wasn’t of great help to me. In fact she’s lazy and kept playing with her phone. I made the decision to sack her and pay her extra 3 days of salary. She insisted I should pay her 14 days. The day I asked her to leave was 9th day of my confinement. I refused and she agreed. With the two red packets that I gave her, I have already lost $500. But is the best decision I have made. I took a new nanny from agency and she’s 100 times better than this nanny. Responsible, knowledgeable and great cook. Really blessed and happy to have her at last minute to help me out.

Am posting this as a warning to other mommies not to take this nanny Fen Jie. Mobile number remains the same as the first post. All the best!