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((BLACKLIST)) *** PCF Jalan Kayu SparkleTots

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by jokergerl, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. jokergerl

    jokergerl Member

    Dear Mummies ;

    Pls don't ever send ur child to this horrible sch .The management is bad & so are the unprofessional teachers! Bad experience.My son had been in this sch since infant 11mths till today. He has contracted acute bronchitis from the sch .There has been many incidents about the horrible sch .

    The recent incident was cause by the teacher's negligence on not watching at my son & another child pulling over a water bottle. As a result ,my son now has a permanent scar over at this chin. When i emailed to the sch supervisor ,their only action was to take the teacher out from the toddler class & issue her verbal warning.

    This teacher of my son's toddler class is not certified & can't handle young children according to another co-teacher. She finds it very pressurizing handling them esp when the class is only of 9children.You can imagine the worst out of this. My poor lil boy's health & diet has deteriorated drastically .For a 20mth old boy weighing 10.7kg &short in height. Very upsetting when im a FTWM.The sch supervisor couldn't do anything as she still has her 'BIG' boss to go through.

    The way the handled the situation was very bad&no apology from the sickening teacher.

    The MCYS should really look into this school & close it down.

    My advice don't send your poor child to this horrible school!!! Pls share.

  2. marrrgy

    marrrgy New Member

    Oh dear! That sounds bad. You sld make a report to mycs. Action sld be taken and you sld go down to see the principal of the school. If it can happen to your poor son, it can happen again.

    Sigh! I'm really contemplating to send my 3mths old infant to infantcare )):
  3. marrrgy

    marrrgy New Member

    Mcys I mean
  4. jokergerl

    jokergerl Member

    Yes I've escalated to mcys & they would investigate on this matter. I only started sending my son when he was 11mths. Be careful & get reviews from mummies on your school preference. I believe that there are still good & dedicated teachers whom exist.

    If u are looking on sending ur bby to the above school,forget about it. i pity those innocent children under the care of useless teachers.
  5. s19_88

    s19_88 New Member

    wow...thank you for sharing! i stayed in fernvale and was searching for infant care. I called PCF Jalan Kayu and they told me waitlist very long ....it seem to me that the school is popular. You should go to the press or find MP to feedback on this. For infant care, me very kiasu...will ensure i am 100% comfortable with the care giver, make sure they are certified (many centre emply no certified and no experience one), hygience, centre is spacious and centre divide infant mobile and non mobile. My baby is now in little skool house ghim moh and is super good.
  6. jokergerl

    jokergerl Member

    Waiting list long? LOL I see for the past 9 months there been soo many teachers being re-shuffled from the nursery to the infant & toddler.Time to time,they just attached a memo saying that this teacher would be in the toddler class & she's certified with diploma or some crap bogus info.I started having doubts with the school when i alws see parents taking out their children every now & then.i don't want to tarnish the school's reputation by going to he press.

    Benefit of the doubt,the teacher's qualifications can be bogus!Most teachers there are PRCS whom cant even speak proper english though i know they are there to educate chinese.I was shocked when the supervisor of the sch replied saying that ' our centre takes a serious view of teacher's negligence. As spoken, we have taken Mdm XXX out of the Toddler class immediately the next day. She had also been counselled and given a verbal warning. Why is the school still keeping her when she's not suitable to be a teacher??Talking about hygiene,it's worse.Food leftovers on the mouth causing rashes.Furthermore,my son has phobia when water touches his head upon showering.All along he enjoys bathing.Recently,he dosent like water.soo worrying.Tis school is a nightmare.very BIAS & USELESS.

    Now I've started to send my son to CC at my first skool @ serangoon nth,I hope things would be better.
    Thanks Sally :)
  7. evonsms

    evonsms Member

    Hi Sally,
    Since you ar estaying at Fernvale, did u tried Ichiban Montessori at blk 439?
  8. happi_mummy

    happi_mummy New Member

    hi luckybaby can i ask if this cc is at which blk?
  9. jokergerl

    jokergerl Member

    hi happy mummy,

    Its at blk 517.
  10. lena22

    lena22 Member

    Hi luckybaby, u mentioned Jalan Kayu Sparkletots, do you mean the branch at Fernvale Blk 441B or Serangoon North Ave 4?

    My girl is starting at the branch at blk 441B,
    I'm feeling worried after reading your post...
  11. jokergerl

    jokergerl Member

    Hi Lena,Its at SNA 4.
  12. fion

    fion Active Member

    Can consider Ichiban at Blk 439. Their infants all very happy looking.. [​IMG]
  13. mumm2be

    mumm2be New Member

    Hi lena,
    Have ur girl started at 441b? How is it? And whats the fees like

    Anyone has any reviews on moriah schoolhouse at blk 409 fernvale rd and smartie cottage at 405b fernvale lane?
  14. lena22

    lena22 Member

    HI Mummy, Yup.. My girl has started in Jan.. She seem to like the school and adapting well after about a week plus... Though i find too many PRC teachers there but at least they're quite nice towards my kid... The fees is $642 before sub for full day program... how old is ur kid?

    I visited Moriah ard Mar 2012 before as they seem to have good review online.. I dun reali like the class size as for my girl's age (toddler), the class size is 20+ children! Though they have allocate a big area and a few teachers jus for that class but i dun reali like cos i find too many kids... One of them is form teacher and the rest is assistant teachers... How can the form teacher know the kid well if there're too many kids? As for smartie cottage, i only look from outside and already dun like the feeling so did not go in to view....

    These are just my opinions which other mummies may tin differently.. [​IMG] So if you reali wanna noe more, visitin the center urself is a better choice... [​IMG]
  15. dili_mummy

    dili_mummy New Member

    Back to PCF Sparkletots Jalan Kayu at SN4 blk 517...
    My dd left the centre in dec 2012.
    To my horror... My CDA statement came and I saw a $300 deduction in April 2013!!
    I called the centre up and the administrator said 'system error', she was 'just about to call me to inform me'
    I have since gotten the $300 back into my account (with no follow up phonecall btw). BUT what happened was simply unacceptable.
  16. eabb

    eabb New Member

    Hello mummies
    Any good nursery recommend for near fernvale link 416??
  17. core_plan

    core_plan New Member

    i worry after reading this... is this the jalan kayu in amk 556
  18. Karen4747

    Karen4747 New Member

    Hi.. any newer update on sparkletots @serangoon north ave 4? Isit still as bad? Any reviews pls.. thks in adv
  19. vonnsmile

    vonnsmile New Member

    I'm in Fernvale too, But we had very good experience with my son's childcare at 415A and 469B/C (PCF). 415A was my boy's 1st CC, because at that time 469B wasn't operating and it's nearer to my place.
    Hope this helps.

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