Blacklist Confinement Agency - bumble bee confinement agency

pixie ng

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My sis hired a confinement lady from them. last minute the lady cannot come to singapore so a replacement is given to her... This is beginning of our nightmare!

1) She only needs to look after the baby in day time. My sis will take care of her new born at night. So during the day, we told her that she has to follow our instruction, but she only wants to do confinement her own way and even throw tantrum at my sis who just given birth.

2) She wants to focus more on cooking and do not want to put her focus on new born baby. She even requests for us to buy dumpling skin because she wants to wrap dumpling to cook! We bought pork spare ribs for her to cook, but she insists need to cook 龙骨 only.

3) Whenever the new born cries, she only want to force feed the baby with milk. She does not want to follow strict feeding schedule we have given to her

After 1 week, she told us that we want to quit. This is so stressful for us and absolutely nightmare for a mother with new born!!! Please beware bumble bee confinement agency!