Birthday Cake pics to share


Can someone tell me if anyone can help to bake this cake for my girl?

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Jup Jup
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I would like to buy Mickey &amp; friends cake figurines. Anyone has or where can I find them?

Pls PM me.

JFYI: The workshop will be on 29 Nov - Sunday. 1 kid free to attend for below 12 years old. PM me for the price.
So long din come into this thread, still have so many nice cakes to see. Share with all the cupcakes and cake I make for my son 3yrs old birthday celebration

Just to share my son's 1st birthday cake made by Irene Lee...

Not only does it look pretty, it tasted great too!

Hi Regina,

The cake look nice. But can I check with you, your cake is covered with fondant, right?? So is it very sweet? My family can't take sweet stuff, afraid it might be too sweet. Pls advise. Thx.
Hi Vivien,

yes its covered with fondant.

As the cake was not too sweet, if you ate it with the fondant, it was just least for me.

But you can take the fondant off easily and just have the cake...

This was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache but you can opt for something else
<font color="0000ff">hiz angela chin (sweet tooth)..saw ur cakes...they r lovely...wld like to enquire more for my son's bdae..but u dun accept PM..possible to PM me instead..?? thanx..!!</font>
Want to share my son Mcqueen Birthday cake.

I found her thru this forum! Furry at

Good response and accomodating to my many requests

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Got 2 different cakes for my son's birthday recently.

1st one from Pine Garden. Taste is great - I got the Triple Chocolate. Thumbs up! Price is reasonable.

2nd one from Swee Heng. Taste is neighbourhood-ish and a bit dry. Price is reasonable.

My son loved both his cakes


sorry to sound country bumpkin but can the kids eat the colored background and also the coloring of the animals and stuff? ie do u remove it then cut cake for them or just leave them (the decorations) on for consumption? thanks
Juz wana share this bd cake. Cake at the centre, surrounded by cupcakes with the diff figurines &amp; names of the classmates.

juz wanna share my experience with my baker

I have a very bad experience with furry from Go to her webby and you can see the "Wheels on the bus" cake that I get from her. Firstly I requested for a colourful color theme. But end up the cake looks so dull. You will know what i mean when you see the pic in her webby. The figurines she made is not nice as well. i send her pics from other bakers who make "Wheels on the bus" cakes and even went to the extend to send her the VCD for her to follow. Sad to say that the cake turns out to be a great disppointment. The musical instruments Saxophone looks like a mug. I also requested for my son's favourite character "Jasper" the clown to be made. She promised me, but end up she did not make it and get her hubby to lied that the clown was damaged during the journey to my place and he threw it away. Actually I did believed in the 1st place that the clown was damaged until I see the pic she uploaded in her blog. The clown wasn't on the cake in the 1st place. Really very upset to find out the truth. And that is not all. As I'm quite tied up with the party, I am not able to collect the cake myself so I opt for her to deliver. She charged me $30 for delivery charge and I'm fine with it. I requested the cake to be deliver before 5pm. She get her hb to deliver to me. Guess what? I only received the cake at 7plus. Some of my guests already left the party. I was worried sick as how can a birthday party do without a cake moreover it is a 1st year party. I kept calling her and she just tell me she can't get hold of her hb. can you imagine how worried i am? I asked for some discount for all these ordeal. (in fact i should have ask her to waive the delivery charge, but i din). But she refused. She said I opt for delivery myself so she is not responsible for the lateness. She even say she can asked her hb to take back the cake if I don't want. She is threatening me when she know I can't do without the cake. end up I am left with no choice but to agree with her $5 discount. The cake incident really spoiled my mood for the party. And best part is I pay $225 + $30 = $255 for such a cake and no one commented on the taste and look. sad isn't it?

The cake really looks disappointing especially when you have paid $255 for it.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.
thks for sharing ... red flag for the baker ! stay clear

ms blur
ur set of cake+cupcakes are beautfull
cn share where did u do the cupcakes + bday cake and how much it cost ?
hi mummies,
I'm new here, I have 0 experience on baking but wanna DIY a cake for my girl bday this sunday.

intend to get a cake from icing room, add the mickey figuring with fondant lettering.

mummies, can advice how do the fondant lettering? is there lettering mould in market?
hi sasi

where did you get the 1st disney princess cake with cASTLE? and how much? contact no., pls?

many thanks
This compliment to Beijing Cake Shop is long over due. Nearly 1 year ago, I was searching high and low for numeric cake that is not too big. I provided the figurine and described to the baker the design intention. The cake not only look as good as i visuallised but tastes nice too.


Hi, is this thread still active ? I really need help and advise, looking for 1st Birthday for baby girl.

Would like to know for the above designs from Swee Heng, approx how much budget I have to prepare. And anyone has Hello Kitty or My Melody (Sanrio characters for girls), figurines ?

Mrs Teng, are you taking order for your beautiful cakes ?
If not, anyone has any idea what are the cost ranges for the cakes by Irene ?

Thanks a lot
Hi Ling (ecclesia) ,

Sharing the quotation from Irene (Jan' 10)

Cake pricing: based on sizing of cake (not by weight) and design requests (minimum sizing 8 inches, price starts from $150.00 and minimum size for 2tier cake will be 6 &amp; 9 inches cake, price start from $260.00 and above).
Cupcakes pricing: based on design requests (minimum 16 pieces, price starts from $4.00 and above)
Wow, that's quite pricey, but indeed, very nice and pretty cakes.. I'm quite on a budget though..

Anyone has tried ordering from Swee Heng or Sweetest Moments this year ?

The first Princess is from Chi Nee i forget is call wat ginger....the cake is Beautiful but taste is not very good. The sponge is not moist and tasteless...

I perfer the cake from zest yummy

Hi Mrs Teng,

Happen to find this threat, your cakes really look wonderful!

Are u taking in order? My bb boy 5th birthday is next month. Trying to look in your blog but can't access.