Birthday Cake pics to share


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Hi abbyappy,

Ya agree with j_popo.
I thought if it is 33 dollars.
Maybe i got the amt wrong. Over 40 dollars, I think i will give it a miss.
Thanks for letting me know the price =)


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Hi SK & j_popo,

I also think is small n quite ex.
He said is abt 2.4kg per agar agar and can feed up to 20+ ppl
but also depends on the size you cut.
I'm still considering.


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Hi mummies,

Just want to share with you my son's 2nd birthday cake. Another wonder creation from GG(Irene). My boy love it so much!



hi coolbaby,

ur cake so cute. hee.. nice.

hi melissa,
ur castle very nice too and big. how much do u paid for it?


Hi j_popo,

This castle abt 3kgs, it costs me $105. However, we have to collect it ourselves. Really stress to collect it as the castle tower not very firm. Might fall off anytime if not careful.


hi koch,

wow.. ur cake is nice.. this is my 1st time heard of cupcakeobession. does it taste good?
how much do u spend on it?


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Hi j_popo, the cake is nice and moist, though a little too sweet but that's the usual case for cakes with fondant. I also ordered nutella cupcakes to go along, these are very nice. I spent $130 on the cake and $72 for 12 cupcakes each with either a piglet or gal topper. I am very happy with Serene's service, very nice lady and she was the one who came up with the design.

i found cupcake obsession by chance and liked her figurines so decided to order from her. Initially, I wanted to try Pine Garden, but found their cake over-rated.



yup..$6/cupcake abit ex leh but guess its really nice coz the cake is nice

btw how many kg is ur cake?
spongebob cake for my niece.. from Smiling Orchids.. something original... the sticks and pebbles stones are all edible! figurine my own btw



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eCreative cake taste ok but have to be careful with the delivery timing. They almost ruined my girl's kindergarten celebration this morning by sending the cake late by 1hr 15mins! Once bitten, forever shy.... I won't order from them anymore....


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My son's 1st was jus over. I got e cake from PG, ordered triple layer chocolate n lychee martini. E taste is ok, most of my guest said it's nice.

But i'm not happy with their service, e person who took my order make me feel as if she not interested earning my money.

I told her my design for e first few calls n she did wrote down n confirm wif mi on e spot. But after she send mi e invoice, some of e details were different. Tis was ok to mi.

But when my cake arrived i was rather angry n disappointed.

1: They only put 2 cake toppers(i provide 5)for mi which is really pathetic.

2: I did ask her to put cupcakes fully surround e side of e bottom cake. In e end only 5 at one side another 5 on e other side.

3: I say i wan e pooh n frenz candle facing small yellow cake, but turn out to b facing e front.

4: She say ok when i show her a pic from PG tat i wan e cloud, caterpillar n snail. But turn out 1 oso dun have!!!

5: I already said i dun wan pink colour cream on my cupcakes, seems like they really cnt follow SIMPLE instruction.

Worse thing is tat she still dare dare charge mi $30 for artistic charge when she did not really follow my idea of e cake. N am really angry to c mummies from e forum who order from them only been charged $25 e max.

luckily e overall looking was ok but am nt happy wif their services n they don't really do ur design when u instruct them.
Heres a few pic of e cake.



hi crystal..

i tink ur cake still looks nice leh. yah.. maybe they dont how to follow instructions, but at least ur cake still looks great in the end.

me too is ordering from them and collecting this sunday. hopefully is nice too but i just give them the pic of the cake , just change the colours. Hopefully these will not go wrong. hee.

btw how many kg is ur cake? the agar agar looks small too hor. order the agar agar too.


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crystal, your cake looks very nice
don be angry....

j_popo, the agar agar is not small...its actually quite big..I ordered from them b4 too...I love it.


hi ros,

is it? coz its look small here. and they say its A4 paper size. i still think A4 size like not worth $45 leh.. But still try anyway.. haha...


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Hi j popo n ros,

Ya. Tat's y i say luckily it still look ok to mi. I ever heard mummies said PG don't really follow customer design when custm instruct them, tat's y i gave every details of e cake, eg. colour, theme, design, pattern, jus every single thing from e cake is i asked them to customize wan.

In e end e other 3 cake topper i place it myself just not to waste it. Haax!

jpopo, My cake is 3kg. By den u shall post e pic of e cake to share k? U customize ur own or take their existing design?


hi crystal,

i take the other mummy's cake design in this forum. hee. their catalogue din show it. i also let them know all the changes i want (mostly colours). but i was being told some of the "props" no more stock. so will change to others. So... now crossing my fingers.. duno what they will change to and how is the outcome.

Hee.. very gan chiong.. esp since i heard alot bad feedback on PG. Hopefully its nice lor.

Yup. i will share the pic once the pics are out.
Btw who is ur coordinator for ur cake? u went down personally to order or thru email?
Hi crystal

I understand how u feel bcos when i told them i wanted the pooh candle (carrying presents) to be in the centre on the top tier of my boy's 1st birthday cake as the main centrepiece(like urs), they swapped it with the #1 Pooh candle which i told them to place in betwn the HAPPY BIRTHDAY words to get "HAPPY 1 BIRTHDAY".. i even draw them a pic to show them clearly.. i went down personally and draw on the spot, they keep saying "ya, ya, ok, ok" but still wrong lor.. luckily nobody notice and the cake still got alot of "WOW", so i didn't pursue.. other unfortunate mummies have even worse experiences whereby the cake didn't turn out nice and some were even late for the party. So our encounter is considered "lucky" liao... but their cakes do taste good and fresh.. they ve more variety in terms of flavor which is the reason i chose them instead of the more reliable Smiling Orchid... so i guess its a gamble lor.

btw, i was also charged $30 also for artistic works but really the design, figurines, toys and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" word candles was all mine, they only bake the cake and edible words for my boy's name and provide the little plastic balloons and candies on the sides of the cake.


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Hi j popo,

Oic, i hope e ur cake will turn out wat u expected. Before my cake arrived i was oso rather gan chiong too
... Afraid might turn out jia lat.

My coordinator for my cake is Shi Hui. My order thru emails n phone only.


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Hi cyn here,

My pooh w/present candle i placed it by myself. they oso nvr really put all my cake topper. They jus practically not sincere to earn our money.
Ya. Our experience r not tat worse compare to wat u stated other mummies encounter. Most of my guest say their cake taste gd too. I oso go for their cake bcos they have more variety of flavors, but i'v to risk their design

Wa...! finally gt found a buddy, $30 artistic charge! In fact, they oso did nt do much design. All thanks to our own provide toys for cake!!


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Anyone has the mobile no. of GG (Irene)? I have dropped her emails but she did not reply. Wonder if she can take in my order for my son's bday in mid December.


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By the way, anyone knows where can I find Ben 10 birthday cakes? Last time Baker's Inn used to make, but they have stopped production of ben 10 cakes oredi..


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HI Jenny,
I have ordered from Ecreative for my son's bdays.. think twice.. I dun like the taste of their cakes, though I must admit their designs look really really good. Everyone will sure to go "Wow" as soon as they see the cake.

My friend just told me that Smiling Orchid has Ben 10 cakes. She jus ordered for her nephew, now waitg for her to email me the pic.


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hi all,

I tried to email to Irene (GG) last week, which I saw some of the positive feedback in this forum...however, never receive a reply fr her. In the end, I ordered a cake from Yeeling. Hopefully, its nice too....
Its just a burger design choc cake...
N the cost is quite reasonable....


Ours is a blue sky with cloud theme as i want it to match the aeroplane candle i have. The bottom tier is the garden theme. Though the design is simple, i like the effect as compared to those complicated cake design.

The cake was a bit late but the boss delivered the cake himself and sms me again to express his apology. I can see that he is very sincere,
over all i am satisfied with PG.


lucas' mummy,

ur cake is very nice. mine is from PG too. but alot more simpler. u give them this design or they help u design?


HI Cyn, those little flowers are provided by me. i bought from Bake-it-yourself shop. But if not wrong, PG are able to provide for such flowers too. They showned me a design of which they have caterpillar and snail and flowers of which they said they can provided for those. But i have bought my flowers beforehand so i just handed it to them.

Hi J_popo, i emailed them for designs of sky with clouds. From one of the pic they sent, i came down w this design.