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Payment Received:

* 15 Sep 2013 I-BANK coolzy S$55.30
* 14 Sep 2013 I-BANK vileus S$37.69
* 14 Sep 2013 I-BANK yobo28 S$29.31


Batch 241 is full. Will order in Batch 242, ok?


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Madrid Khaki Size 39 Narrow is OOS. Even in Regular width. Pls let know if you've alternative by tonight as I will be placing order. Thks!

Batch 241- Closed.



Will replace with Madrid Magnolia White(Papillio). If also oos, will get
Madrid Hippie Flowers Multi(Papillio).




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Usually the parcel will arrive in a week but for Batch 240 there is some delay. I checked last friday and it has not arrive yet.I thought it should arrive by then. I will check again tomorrow. Before Wednesday, I really can't confirm now. Thks for yr understanding.


Noted, can I hv the Article number?

Please help me to order

Name: Over the rainbow
Collection: Courier
Model : Bali(Birkenstock)
Color: White
Material: smooth leather
Article no: 85131
Size: 36 Regular
Price : SGD 100.52

Transaction ref: 11406498903

Thank you!


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Will let you know once I got a reply from them. ;)

Over the Rainbow,

Order noted. Received yr transfer.

* 15 Sep 2013 I-BANK OverDrainbow S$100.52


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Spree Details:

Website: http://www.footshopping.com/home/mid_36663.html

Shipping to SIN:
Free..for order exceeding a total order value of 325 SGD.

Do post your order with payment so I can place order once we have enough to qualify for free shipping.

Waiting Time:
Approx 1.5-2 weeks from the date parcel is shipped.

Exchange Rate:
Please transfer the amount as on the web first.Do note that prices on the web is an estimate,not the exact/final price. The order is charged in EURO. Will advise the top-up when the sandals arrive.
Estimate Top Up : $3-$8 per pair.

Posb Savings 037-69595-5
- Pls indicate your SMH Nick. Otherwise pls let me know yr IB transfer name.

My Email: [email protected]

Raffles Place Station
- Morning- 8.10am
- Monday/ Tuesday/ Friday 5.50pm
- Wednesday and Thursday- abt 7.10pm

- Monday/ Tuesday/ Friday - abt 6.30-6.45pm
- Wednesday and Thursday- abt 8-8.10pm

- Will only be able to mail on weekend.

Taqbin Courier:
- $6- $12 (Up to about 3-5 pairs depending on the total size). Have to be pre-arranged.
- Taqbin's Delivery Timing: 8am-12pm,12noon-5pm, 5-8pm.
- No last minute arrangement.
- Sometimes Taqbin may not be able to deliver within the stated time/day. I will not be responsible for the delays but I can help to check the status.

** Please note that for 3 pairs and above that are bulky (those that comes in box larger than Madrid), collection will be by Courier or Self collect at my place (Yew Tee) on weekend or weekday night, abt 8.30pm.

** Meet-Up Time/ Day Subject to Changes.

Order Format:
Nick/ Name:
Email: Pls Provide Email address.
Collection: Please Indicate
Contact No: Please PM if opt for meet-up

Size: (Please indicate Narrow or Regular)
Item No: (Please make sure its correct.e.g: Art.Nr:40301 )
Alt if OOS:

* For some designs, prices are higher for larger sizes. Please select the size to reflect the price.
** Do indicate an alternative, especially if first choice is from Bargain section as quantity may be limited.

~~ Please join only if you are comfortable with the terms and collection point/timing ~~

~~~~~~ :):D:):D:):rolleyes:;) ~~~~~~~~~


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Amt to transfer as below. I only see 2 link in yr post.

Madrid Flower Stich Fuchsia Grey
36 Narrow

Arizona White(Birkenstock)
Size: 44 (Regular or Narrow?)

* Do note there will be a top up for exchange rate difference. Estimate $3-$8 per pair.


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Update for Batch 240:

Due to some issue at the German customs, the parcel was delayed. Footshopping will advise the status ASAP.

Thks for yr understanding.




Hi, order details

Nick/ Name: tubao
email: [email protected]
Collection: Courier

Style: Arizona Black (Birkenstock)
Size: Regular 43
Item No: Art.Nr.:51191
Price: 100.52 SIN

Style: Arizona Mocca(Birkenstock)
Size: Regular 43
Item No: Art.Nr.:151181
Price: 75.37 SIN

total: 175.89

Transfer details.
Amount: 176
Transaction Reference: 11415548184
Transfer time:17 Sep 2013 07:35 PM


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Payment received.. :)

* 17 Sep 2013 ITR I-BANK hopes16 S$82.10

Yr order will be:
1) Gizeh Mocca/ 44 Regular /341251 and
2) Madrid Khaki/ 36 Narrow/ 239523

Is it correct?


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Received yr transfer but I'll have to split the order as can;t include both in Batch 242. Ok for you? Or if you do not mind, I can order both in the next batch(243).

* 17 Sep 2013 ITR I-BANK tubao S$176.00


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Order Placed for Batch 242.

Over the Rainbow
Hopes 16
Tubao (item 2 will order in #243)
Peanut Tutu.

Will upload the excel file tonight.
Nick/ Name: Happydilly
Email: [email protected]
Collection: Raffles Place


Madrid Orange(Birkenstock)
Size: 36 Regular
Item No: Art.Nr.:239401
Price: $41.89
Alt if OOS: Drop

As this is a bargain item and Batch 243 has just started, can I do the transfer after you have gathered more pairs to avoid the trouble of you transferring back to me because of OOS. tks !
Nick/ Name: Happydilly
Collection: Raffles Place

Style: Material: Birko-Flor Graceful (khaki)
Size: 35 Regular
Item No: Art.Nr.:845231
Price: $37.69
Alt if OOS: Drop

Will do the transfer for these 2 shoes later. Tks


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Batch 240 & 241- Arrived. Will email collection details soon. If opt for postage, please PM or email me the address. Will be going to Singpost on weekend.
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Hi cubiee, me again.

Please help to order.

Florida Khaki(Birkenstock)
33,50 SGD
Birko-Flor Graceful
Colour: khaki
Size: 36 (narrow)

Will transfer to you shortly, thanks.


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Happydilly, Honeypooh,

Payment received.. :)

* 20 Sep 2013 ITR I-BANK honeypooh S$35.00
* 20 Sep 2013 ATR S$79.58


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Thanks for your kind assistance, my order as follow :)

Nick/ Name: CF
Email: [email protected]
Collection: Self Collect
Contact No: Will email you :)


Orlando Pearl White(Birkenstock)
Colour: white Material: Birko-Flor Gracefu

Size: Narrow, Size 37
Item No: Art.Nr.:86893
Price: $37.69

Alt if OOS:
Madrid Cherry(Birkenstock)
Colour: red Material: Birko-Flor

Size: Narrow, Size 37
Item No: Art. N : 40743
Price: $58.60

Please confirm my order and i will do the transfer via IB asap :) Thanks


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Thanks :)

To Account

POSB Savings
037-69595-5 Mickey-Birkenstock
Transfer Currency and AmountS$37.69
Transaction Reference

Transaction time :
23 Sep 2013 12:39 AM (Midnight) Singapore


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CF(Mrs Kua),

Received yr transfer..:)

Mooo, Dot16,

Do proceed to transfer soon..:). Will place order once there is enough to make up one batch.