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Bigger size baby, advise from experience mum pls

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Angela42, Sep 15, 2018 at 7:42 PM.

  1. Angela42

    Angela42 New Member

    Dear all,

    I’m week 38 and 2 days, doctor advise that the weight is 3.7KG but the head is not engaged and cervix not dilated.

    Under such circumstances, will you opt for induction even there is no dilation or wait for awhile to see what’s next?

    We wanted to go for natural birth, we worried that wait for another week and baby cross more than 4kg and might end up c-sect.

    Any advise from experience mum?

  2. frog

    frog Active Member

    My friend is 55-60kg pre-pregnancy and her firstborn was natural, 4.3kg boy. Subsequent babies were smaller and natural.

    In other countries, doctors usually wait till 42 weeks before induce or c-sect. Induce may not make the baby become engaged... Not engaged means cannt travel down the birth canal means still need c-sect.

    Wait for a while and wait for doc's cue. But if you do induce, make sure to opt for epidural cos the pain is much more intense!!

    All the best!
  3. jayjayqueenie

    jayjayqueenie Active Member

    will u have any issue with c sect other than the recovery period ?

    you can try inducing yourself like eating very spicy food, even having sex. or u want to drink raspberry leaf tea, pregnancy tea.
  4. mommamomma

    mommamomma New Member

    What is your gynae advise?
    My first born was 3.7kg too, natural birth and induce at 39 weeks + 5 days
    I think maybe u can seek your gynae advise ? Cos every mom is different, i have very petite gfs give birth to 4kg + naturally
    Anyway the scan is jus an estimation .... dont let the figure scare you!

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