Beware of JIA Confinement Nanny Agency

Cristina Q

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Pls be wary of JIA Cnfinement Nanny Agency by Mrs. Lai. We ended up having two disappointing experiences in less than a week but now have to pay a price that is clearly disproportionate with the poor performance of the two nannies.

We expected no less than what was committed to providing from Mrs Lai's website:

1) Enjoy peace of mind with our experienced or certified nannies

=> this was a very stressful experience for my Husband and I. Our daughter was 5 weeks premature because I suffered from Preemclampsia and had an emergency C section. The two nannies Mrs. Lai provided were horrible and did not help our situation at all being first time parents.

2) Our confinement nannies have gone through stringent screening in baby care, cooking skill, confinement food knowledge and hygiene habits

=> Baby care of there first Nanny, Nanny Chan was questionable, the last straw being she had no intention of providing our daughter with night feeds despite very clear instructions to continue the schedule we had in place. She was even caught on camera asking our helper to sleep with her in the same room at night so "she can practice taking care of the baby". In a desperate attempt to calm my crying baby she put her on the bouncy chair and rocked her harshly and stuffed the bottle in her mouth to stop her from crying. Nanny Chan's hygiene was disgusting, she smelled of body odor and had bad breath. She also touched our baby's hands after wiping her excrement. I fired her at 3am, I couldn't sleep and did not trust Nanny Chan with my baby anymore. She was with us for less than 24 hours.

Mrs. Lai provided us a replacement a week later, a night nurse this time, and she did not know how to distinguish between ml and oz measurements. She also did not know how to administer my baby's reflux medicine. This night nurse left after 3 days.

At this point my Husband and I decided not to take any more Nannies from Mrs. Lai. This took a massive toll on me because I was still recovering from high blood pressure and needed the help but we did not want to risk having another horrible experience from Mrs.Lai.

3) We pride ourselves in listening to the needs and feedback from our customers

=> Mrs Lai did not listen to us and refused to refund us the amount due to us. We wanted to fairly pay only for the days the two terrible nannies worked for us which was a total of 1 day and 3 nights combined.

4) Everything we do is designed to make your transition into motherhood easy and blissful.

=> our experience was the complete opposite. Dealing with Mrs. Lai compounded our already stressful situation.

5) You can rest assured that we will match a nanny who will meet your needs.

=> this wasn't case with neither of the 2 nannies.

I hope to share this experience with anyone who is considering to work with Mrs. Lai.

Andy Lee

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I am a man and a father of a newborn baby girl. My wife recently engaged a confinement lady by the name of Auntie Judy from JIA Agency. She's a fine auntie but definitely not an experienced one for infant care. I gave her some time to perform but I only hear a lot of great self proclamations from her on a daily basis. I trust she may have gotten engaged because the true professional nannies from Malaysia are hard to come by recently due to Covid 19 restrictions. What amused me most and later frustrated me to the core was the lack of knowledge in basic formula feed (the need to increase in breastfeed and formula milk as weeks went by), basic ailments of my baby (heat rashes due to breastfeeding) and finally the confinement food! I have never seen this Auntie cook the most basic sesame oil chicken with ginger or pork, liver and kidneys for my wife for nourishment. I ate what my wife ate every single day. I seriously felt that my maid could do a much better job or we just catered confinement tingkat lah.

My wife have paid in full to both JIA agency and the auntie. I asked the auntie to leave by the 3rd full week. I believe this is very reasonable already considering her lacklustre help. After some consideration, I think it is also good to feedback to JIA agency and to Mrs Betty or Mrs Lai about the auntie so as to safeguard future mothers who seriously need a solid nanny's help.

Instead of acknowledging the problems and moving ahead for future good, there was a lot of excuses and substantion of her professionalism. The tussling triggered the nerves in my brain. So I am here posting my feedback. I wish I can get my money back but let it should be gone for good So let's hope this post will save the distress of many new mothers to be because I felt so bad for my wife who genuinely needed the care and coachings of an experienced nanny.