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I would like to share my horrible experience with I-kare here so that you will think twice if you engage their service.

The person in charge for i-kare is May. My friend recommended her to me when I was finding a confinement lady. I did not do much research about i-kare and just engaged her service.

When signing the contract, Mat indicated that she will either assign auntie A or auntie B to me in the contract. She also showed me their good customer feedback. Therefore, I was quite happy with the arrangements.

On the first day, saw the confinement lady who brought to me by May, I immediately knew that she is not the 2 confinement nannies who May showed me previously. I asked May but she just told me this confinement nanny is also not bad. She also told me that this confinement nanny has few years experience and can cook well. I trusted her so just accepted the arrangement. This is the beginning of the nightmare.

On the first night, this confinement nanny shifted my baby from the baby cot to sleep with her on the mattress that we provided to her. When I asked her for the reason, she told me because the baby may be scared of sleeping alone. (!!!) I told her not to do that again. But this was not the most shocking thing that she did.

The following 8 days, she did more unacceptable things:-

1. Kept watching TV. She switched on the TV whole day even when she was in the kitchen. She just stared at the TV when feeding my baby and still blamed my baby for drinking milk so slow when I asked her why took so long to let my baby finish the milk.

2. She told me that she only has one year confinement experience in her hometown in M'sia, NO experience in S'pore. It means May lied to me about her experience!!

3. She was very disorganised in taking care of baby. For e.g. she did not prepare the necessary items before bathing the baby so she was rushing around the room to get clothes, baby lotion, diaper and etc after she bathed the baby.

4. Unhygiene - She tested the water temperature by drinking the water directly from the milk bottle. (Her lips touched the milk bottle!!!). Also, she used her hand to hold the milk bottle teat after sterilized it! I complained to May and she told me that she already scolded her.

5. She always neglected the baby. For e.g. she did not feed my baby on time, and always needed my reminder about feeding and diaper changing.

6. The most unacceptable matter was she scratched my baby's umbilical cord wound and caused it bleeding. The worst is she did not realise it until I saw it.

During her service of nine days, I complained to May once, she promised to give me a replacement initially but later on she msg me and said she already scolded the confinement nanny and asked me to give her one more chance. But I could not tolerate anymore when she hurt my baby so I asked May to take her away even without replacement.

On the 9th day, May brought another confinement nanny to replace this first confinement nanny. She promised to ask this replacement nanny to work additional one week to compensate me.

This second confinement nanny is more experienced in taking care of baby. However, she is another nightmare.

1. She talked on phone few hours daily. Sometimes even talking on the phone while doing her work.

2. She did not cook breakfast for me and only made a cup of Milo if I did not specially ask her to prepare breakfast.

3. She joked about my breast milk supply is low several times until I asked her to stop it.

4. She made unnecessary comments on my mum's habit or cookings thought it would not impact her.

5. She carried my baby to the living room so that she could watch TV at night even when my baby was tired and she supposed to bring him to the bedroom.

However, I did not take initiative to complain about this second nanny to May as I was very tired and wanted to get all these over asap.

Until one day, May sms and asked me to provide her some photos of my baby with the confinement nanny. I refused to do that as I did not want to let her use my photos as compliment and mislead other ppl. May asked me why, I just briefly said I am not satisfied with the service provided by this second nanny.

Initially May promised that she will let this second confinement nanny to work additional one week in order to compensate the bad service from the first confinement lady. However, when I sms May to reconfirm the last day of this second nanny, the date that she gave me is just compensate 4 days. But I did not persue further as I just wanted to get it over soon.

One week before the service ends, the confinement nanny informed me that she would leave 4 days earlier (which is the initially service end date). She said May told her that she has already communicated to me and I agreed to let her leave early. I sms May to ask her about this, she replied that the nanny misunderstood her meaning, she said she was about to discuss with me. She said she could feel that I was not happy with the service provided so OUT OF GOODWILL, she will refund me the 4 days charges. When I asked her to clarify why she was not based on the full charged amount for the calculation, she replied me this is in the contract, I can go to complain to CASE if I am not satisfied. I was very shocked with her reply, all this while I have been trusting her so much and I was just asking her to clarify but she gave me such attitude.

But this is not the end of the story yet, one or two days before the last day, the confinement nanny told me that she will leave in the morning instead of the regular timing of afternoon. She told me that May told her that she ALREADY talked to me and I agreed to that. But ever since the previous sms, May did not contact me anymore!!!

Previously, May promised that the nanny wil work addtional 2 or 3 hours on her last day as both the first and second nanny reached my house late on their first day. I was very unhappy that May lied again so I sms her that I insisted to only release the nanny at 3pm. May did not reply my sms but I overheard her phone conversation with the nanny, she lied to the nanny that I wanted to make things difficult to her (the confinement nanny), I am very calculative, my complaints are fake one and etc.

Eventually, I still released the nanny earlier in the morning as she had urgent matter need to go back to KL and I have no intention to make thing difficult for her.

Iinitially I did not want to share my story here, firstly I do not want to make my friend feels bad about recommending May's service to me. Secondly, I have been very busy taking care of my baby alone. Thirdly, I am really lazy to tell my long story.

But now I decided to share it here because I hope this can remind who are considering i-kare service to think twice before making the decision.

Thank you for reading this long story. Hope it helps when you need to make that critical decision. It's always good to do more research before engage confinement service.

Booloo i read your post and posting my few cents worth of judgement here. It's my second pregnancy and am pleased to have contacted May with regards to the issue above. She was very remorseful and agreed things could be done better. Instead of defending her way, she regretted things turns out negatively. She does not wish to incur any wrath with unexpected bad service. After showing her this post, she cited there are many things which is especially out of her control... e.g. the behaviour of the nanny, the conversation or instruction from nursing mum to nanny and finally the chemistry between the nanny and herself. She quoted as an agent, she could do was to provide things she can control e.g. exchange nanny, extended service or providence of the refund (no. of days) when the nanny couldn't complete the service. Which, i agree not any agency would do - to pay you back unused extra days (which you also agreed).

In your post, you cited....*** But I did not persue further as I just wanted to get it over soon..... ***Iinitially I did not want to share my story here, firstly I do not want to make my friend feels bad about recommending May's service to me *** Secondly, I have been very busy taking care of my baby alone. ***Thirdly, I am really lazy to tell my long story. Even raving about the two or three additional hours not done. Apparently, you are awaiting a break time where you can finally have time to penned down your wrath here.

Yes, i agree. Mums need to choose in accordance to their 'feel'. But in the forum, there are no ground to warrant a fair comment nor rights. Not toforget, a one-sided ground for wrath incurrence.
Er... it's the other side of coin. Usually ppl tends to remember bad service, bad food, bad comments, cheat, lies... make your story as bad so that the response would be more receptive and POPULAR.
Everyone can have their own judgement after reading the post, I do not need a fair comments or rights from this forum.
The truth is May lied about the first nanny's experience and she told the second nanny to leave few days earlier prior to my consent.... are these something that not within her control? You can judge it yourself.
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The things is... you posted in this forum. Everyone can say a fair share or you expect to tell your side of story and expect mishap to befall on the unfortunate? There is always two side to a coin, What i could view was from the other side; May only told you the first nanny's experience (of what she knows) who can vouch for the nanny's conversation with you..? Did you ask why May told the second nannhy to leave...? Requested by the nanny hereself that she needed to leave earlier but what was in control was she initiate refund for the days, as for you.... having taken the refund and citing bad remarks here.
Pacmanjnr, I don't think there is anything wrong for Boloo to share her experience or tots. There are currently a lot of threads regarding other confinement agencies; both good and bad. So there isn't any need for u to be defensive. One man's meat can be another person's poison. Good for u that u think you will enjoy this 2nd confinement. This is a forum. Let's be open minded to all comments.
pacmanjnr, it seems that you are very concern about my negative comments on I-kare. I searched through all the posts from you in this forum, all your posts are saying good words for I-kare. Oh, you have VERY CLOSE relationship with May huh? (Opps!!)
I have no comments on what you have commented, but I am very curious that how many SECOND pregnancy you have???

Cited from your post on 21-Jan-2011, "She cooks great confinement meals which I had never had during my first confinement....", obviously you had confinement service from I-kare for your SECOND PREGNANCY in Year 2011. But, your yesterday post mentioned "It's my second pregnancy and am pleased to have contacted May...."
Are you saying that you have multiple SECOND PREGNANCY???

Below is the link to pacmanjnr's post in Year 2011 if anyone is interested to read before she removes/edits it.

Also, there were members asking if you are May's friend but you stopped replying thereafter in other posts.

Please save your energy trying to attack me using different UserID. The more you reply the more members will see my negative review on I-kare which defeat your purpose.
Good catch, Boloo!

When I searching the forum on i kare, pacmanjnr posts are everywhere...... Haha, so obvious......

I agree with friends78, we should be open minded to all comments.

pacmanjnr, you seem to know May very well.
Kinda very protective over her as well from your 1st posting.
You sounded more like "May" herself.

great you made those feedbacks.
nowadays difficult to get good nannies and agents.
Xisnique, yes, agree with you that nowadays hard to get good nannies and agents.