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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by openyrmind, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. openyrmind

    openyrmind Member

    I would like to start off this topic. I hope that anyone of you who has experienced bad food and lousy service can post it here. This will help all of us to avoid eating there in future[​IMG]

    Today (1st Dec 2007), I went to The Central Kopitiam (located at Clarke Quay MRT station) together with my husband and daughter. We reached there at 6p.m. and my husband ordered the chicken rice from the HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE stall for me.
    I ate a mouthful of the chicken and realised that some of the pieces still had blood in them. My husband went to the stall to tell the seller. The seller refused to change for him. My husband came back and told me.
    I went back to the Hainanese Chicken Rice stall. An old woman not wearing her uniform approached me from the TEOCHEW BAKSO stall which is on the right side of the chicken rice stall. She said that the chicken pieces can be eaten and was very rude to me.
    I told her that if I get stomachache from eating, who is going to pay my medical fees? The seller from the chicken rice stall came out. He did not want to change for me. I insisted that he changed it.
    In the end, he gave me a face and changed the whole plate. He said that chickens are like that, not cooked totally. What nonsense is this??

  2. nyssa_won

    nyssa_won New Member

    hmm.. i tot all boiled chicken are like dat?? no??
  3. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Most stalls are like that. Usually I just dun eat those part. If you wanna avoid, only buy from those stall you know theirs is fully cooked or just buy roasted chicken lor.

    nyssa won,
    depends on how well the stall owners cook lor. Such cases cos they usually use those frozen chicken to cook.
  4. openyrmind

    openyrmind Member

    nyssa won, when i say the chicken is still bloody means it still has blood in it[​IMG] how to eat? see also scared[​IMG]
    thanks Jenny for yr suggestion, i will avoid those 2 stalls in future[​IMG]
  5. openyrmind

    openyrmind Member

    I just word from the management that they will ensure such things dont happen again[​IMG]
  6. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi loveumummy,
    Thanks for creating this thread.
  7. openyrmind

    openyrmind Member

    Hi Janet! You are welcome[​IMG] Anyone is welcome to contribute here to ensure that we dont eat at lousy food stalls[​IMG]
  8. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    I think it's Traditional Hainanese Style to cook chicken like this,
    they'll boil the chicken then dump them into ice water to prevent ovecooking,
    thus explains the blood, esp from the bones...
  9. openyrmind

    openyrmind Member

    I think I am really unlucky to meet rude people again.
    Today, 30th Jan (Wed) about 8.15p.m. I went to the Kopitiam at Blk 108 Punggol to order some food.

    I went to the fishball noodles stall. An old lady, who is quite small-sized served me. I told her I wanted Abalone guotiao with more chilli and more guo tiao.

    She was going to add the chilli when she paused and looked at me. She asked me again, "Chilli or no chilli?" I told her chilli.

    I also repeated that I wanted more guo tiao as she looked lost. She said loudly, "Already more guo tiao." I let that pass. Then, after I had paid and walked slightly away, she told her colleague loudly in Chinese, "Inconsiderate!" I wanted to scold her but I told myself dont quarrel with an old lady.

    Even old people are so mean. Here you are trying to help them when they ask U to repeat yr order and U get scolded for repeating it. Sigh.

    I emailed to Kopitiam to let them know about this matter. Hope they will talk to the old lady and advice her not to be so rude.
  10. openyrmind

    openyrmind Member

    Just wanted to let everyone know Kopitiam has spoken to the tenant to advise his staff not to be rude to customers[​IMG]
  11. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    whenever i met rude food stall holders, i will never buy food fr them again. or may say them bk if i am in d bad mood. in fact, if i meet anyone rude in d service line, i will nvr patronise there again.
  12. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    There is this western food in Bedok which I tried quite a number of years ago. This stall give out buns in a plastic packaging.

    I took a small bite and put aside. I dun like the bun. Then this auntie cleaner came along and cleared our plates. She took the bun and say she is giving it back to owner. I told her I took a small bite. She say never mind. The owner specifically told her to return any buns. OMG! since then I never patronise that stall again.
  13. purplenails

    purplenails Member

    I had a bad encounter at Food Republic - Vivocity. It is a stall selling mixed vege rice.

    I gave my maid $5 to get her own dinner, she came back to ask for another 50cents. I gave her the money but already has the thot that the food she bought is very ex. She came back, and I was totally shocked to see what's in her plate. Half a slice of T-boned fish (small piece only) and some fried beansprout. I was soooo mad! That costs $5.50? I went to the stall immediately to approach the owner, I dun really remember how they compute but it seems that my maid didnt have enuf money so they were 'nice' enuf to sell her juz half the fish. Oh My God! From then on, I never eat from that stall again!
  14. jojolpp

    jojolpp Member

    Ya Purplenails, i also remember once go there with my mum, she also bot from the mixed bege rice stall, but dunno is it the same. My mum order, a vege, a normal type of meat & tahu which cost her $8.90. My mum got a shocked. This type of dish at those normal coffee shop only cost $2.50 or most $3. It really ridiclious, rob in the daytime...
  15. emeraldy

    emeraldy New Member

    My hubby to. Went to the vivocity Food Republic, bought rice from the same store. As he is a meat eater, his bill came up to $12.80!!!!!
  16. bbunny

    bbunny New Member


    if i were in ur shoes...i will just tell them to keep their food and walk off manz!! where got so much one...coated in gold arh??

    must go call the media and ask them to go check it out manz...wah say...trying to cheat people!
  17. mama_g

    mama_g New Member

    think republic at wisma also like tat.. the mixed vege rice stall...
  18. ggjo

    ggjo New Member

    I also bought from the mixed vege rice stall at vivo city Food Republic before, it cost me more than $5 for just 3 vege with no meat. Normally food court only sell less than $3. Since then I never buy from them again.
  19. cansey

    cansey Member

    Hi all I didnt encounter from the rice and veg stall but my mum from the yong tau hu stall. She picked less than 10 items and the bill $10+. She was shocked and vowed not to order from there again. They thought their food hand made ah? So expensive. I wonder those people working there how to survive eating such expensive food everyday.
  20. aquarius_888

    aquarius_888 Active Member

    Food Republic at Vivo is notorious for over-priced food. Normally if we are there we will go either 1 of the 2 foodcourts located at the basement. Food is nice too.
  21. ynby80

    ynby80 Member

    i notice the fried hokkian mee at the basement sell $4 but the food republic will sell $5. more exp than basement. so i will not eat fr there again. think its the location tat cos it to be more exp.
  22. feif

    feif Member

    I agree that the exorbitant prices at the mix veg stall is overboard. Bought once and that was it. Stingy with gravy and although food looks good, the taste is something else. Think I paid nearly $7 for rice with pork chop, veg and sotong. Cold and dead.

    To be fair to Food Republic Vivocity, a few other stalls are not bad, such as the roast meats and beef horfun stalls.
  23. diamonds_mum

    diamonds_mum Member

    I guess in Food Court all prices very ex probably because of its location. A usual rental in a Food Court is about $10K per stall average, but for location like town its commonly around $10K to $15K that explain why the 'ex price'. Higher wages for staff too.

    Hawker stall rental is about $2k. Usually manage by family members so lower wages.

    Me from F&B sector, just share some of my thoughts.
  24. quinbus9

    quinbus9 Member

    So much nicer to eat at food centres and hawker centres! At least most stalls are not franchise and the taste is authentic.

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