BEWARE!! Irresponsibile Maid Agency with Run Away maid issue



this is 3rd maid of mine, previous 2 all completed their contract with me and left happily. this is my 1st time dealing with maid problem.

I would like to know what is the 'run away' referring to? Now, i am having issue in this, my ex maid just worked for us 3wks (fresh maid) and asked for transfer, given she wana give up the job. So i sent her back to agency immediately. She is at the agency for nearly 2mths. Last 2wks agent called me telling that she and another maid ran away to Embassy from their office/hostel. Agent has made few trips to embassy trying to pursuade them to go back agency and transfer. However both maids refused to leave embassy. Now they are still there, abt 2wks+ already at Embassy. My agent told me this is gone case, got to pay for air tix to reptraite the maid back. And i am not able to get my loan refund 3.4K due to this. I supposed to expect a free replacement maid from them cos my contract is 1 year FOC Replacement.

Today agent called me again, saying they have come to conclusion that they are willing to absorb 2 months salary for the maids only from my loan. So the balance meaning it's my loss ! walau...such an unfair it's !

it's not i did not want the maid, it's her who wanted for transfer (initially), end up said homesick want to go back but i think agent wont send them back due to loan, that's why the maids ran to embassy !!

Please...who had this kind of bad experience before, can you kindly PM me to share how have you settled it?? I am going to CASE to lodge complain tomorrow. How much of % can i get back my 3.4k?? helpless..Anyone can share/advice me?? MANY MANY THANKS in advance.


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hi patty, 3.4k is actually 'earned' by the agency. hence u don't have to bear their profit. they shld refund back to u. at worst, u suffer the levy incurred during her stay in agency, insurance of $250+ (u can get back refund from insurance companies if u cancel her work permit within 6 mths) as well as the agency cost of $100 to $300 if u look for another agency for your replacement maid.

if they refuse to refund, ask them to get u replacement maid and u then offset $3.4k with the o/s loan of the new maid.


You might want to look at the agreement that you signed with agency carefully. If it's clearly written that you'll be offered FOC replacement, then they have to honour it. So what exactly happen for the past 2 months after you sent her back to agency? You never asked to select replacement maid?


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