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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by PAULINE TAN 89, Jan 22, 2018.


    PAULINE TAN 89 New Member

    Hi, just want to check anyone had eyebag removal surgery done before? Is it painful? Usually what is the cost like?

  2. rahul

    rahul Member

    ya i have this from one year ago at los angles. it's not painfull and i got very finest results from it, but i did'nt any idea for cost, please.

    MEGANTANG844 New Member

    Hi, is it the scarless method?
  4. Xiaopangji

    Xiaopangji New Member

    Hi, My Friend recommended dr Samuel Ho to me. He is quite friendly. U can check on his website. Allure plastic surgery.

    PAULINE TAN 89 New Member

    Hi, thank you for the recommendation. may i know the location?
  6. Xiaopangji

    Xiaopangji New Member

    U can find out on their website, at Wisma there. I highly recommend him. Very nice and patient dr.
  7. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Hi, anyone has any plastic surgeon recommendation for breast augmentation? Currently considering Dr Evan Woo. Anyone done any procedures by him?
  8. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    I recently heard good comments of Allure Plastic Surgery from a few people.

    Interested to know more about Dr Samuel - anyone did eyebag procedure with him before? Pls share if you have
  9. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    I only know of someone in the forum who recently has done BA with dr Samuel ho from allure and loves her new boobs.

    But I'm only interested in using motiva implants and only 3 surgeons in sg carries it. Dr Karen Sng, Dr Evan Woo and Dr Shens. Shens is out as heard he had a lot of refund cases from another thread. Anyone done anything with dr Sng and dr woo?
  10. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    But Motiva implants are not FDA approved.. how come you are only interested in motiva?
  11. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Because I saw some videos on YouTube on motiva and it just looks much durable and safer to me as compared to mentor
  12. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Oh and I forgot the most important factor of why I choose motiva. Because of its ergonomic shape. The implant shape flows with the body. Teardrop when standing and round when lying down.
  13. susanna_low1

    susanna_low1 New Member


    Can ask your friend to share her pics or pm me? I am quite keen on Dr Samuel after reading the reviews but after seeing the pics of a blogger who did it with him. Her chest look very stiff and hard. Moreover after google about him, is it true that he has just started on private practice hence doesn't have much experience in breast augmentation?

    How is your research on Motiva implants? Heard that Motiva is very strict on the selection of their surgeons, only top surgeons can carry their products. Have you done any consultation yet? Mind to share more.

    I am also interested on Motiva too as there's recent studies showing that textured implants like Mentor and Allergan will cause lymphoma and higher risk of capsular contracture.

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  14. herrybraun

    herrybraun New Member

    I am looking for some best surgeon for my face lift up I next month when on business trip of Singapore.
  15. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    hehe looks like motiva marketing very good. motiva is VERY new on the market so naturally there are zero studies on its long term usage. so its like nobody knows...

    I guess it could be good too, I think what really irks me is why isn't motiva FDA approved?!
  16. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    I asked dr Evan woo's nurse on why it isn't approved yet. The reply I got was that because it usually requires a few years and according to online research motiva just submitted for approval only last year 2017.

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