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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by PAULINE TAN 89, Jan 22, 2018.


    PAULINE TAN 89 New Member

    Hi, just want to check anyone had eyebag removal surgery done before? Is it painful? Usually what is the cost like?
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  2. rahul

    rahul Member

    ya i have this from one year ago at los angles. it's not painfull and i got very finest results from it, but i did'nt any idea for cost, please.

    MEGANTANG844 New Member

    Hi, is it the scarless method?
  4. Xiaopangji

    Xiaopangji New Member

    Hi, My Friend recommended dr Samuel Ho to me. He is quite friendly. U can check on his website. Allure plastic surgery.

    PAULINE TAN 89 New Member

    Hi, thank you for the recommendation. may i know the location?
  6. Xiaopangji

    Xiaopangji New Member

    U can find out on their website, at Wisma there. I highly recommend him. Very nice and patient dr.
  7. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Hi, anyone has any plastic surgeon recommendation for breast augmentation? Currently considering Dr Evan Woo. Anyone done any procedures by him?
  8. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    I recently heard good comments of Allure Plastic Surgery from a few people.

    Interested to know more about Dr Samuel - anyone did eyebag procedure with him before? Pls share if you have
  9. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    I only know of someone in the forum who recently has done BA with dr Samuel ho from allure and loves her new boobs.

    But I'm only interested in using motiva implants and only 3 surgeons in sg carries it. Dr Karen Sng, Dr Evan Woo and Dr Shens. Shens is out as heard he had a lot of refund cases from another thread. Anyone done anything with dr Sng and dr woo?
  10. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    But Motiva implants are not FDA approved.. how come you are only interested in motiva?
  11. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Because I saw some videos on YouTube on motiva and it just looks much durable and safer to me as compared to mentor
  12. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Oh and I forgot the most important factor of why I choose motiva. Because of its ergonomic shape. The implant shape flows with the body. Teardrop when standing and round when lying down.
  13. susanna_low1

    susanna_low1 New Member


    Can ask your friend to share her pics or pm me? I am quite keen on Dr Samuel after reading the reviews but after seeing the pics of a blogger who did it with him. Her chest look very stiff and hard. Moreover after google about him, is it true that he has just started on private practice hence doesn't have much experience in breast augmentation?

    How is your research on Motiva implants? Heard that Motiva is very strict on the selection of their surgeons, only top surgeons can carry their products. Have you done any consultation yet? Mind to share more.

    I am also interested on Motiva too as there's recent studies showing that textured implants like Mentor and Allergan will cause lymphoma and higher risk of capsular contracture.

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  14. herrybraun

    herrybraun New Member

    I am looking for some best surgeon for my face lift up I next month when on business trip of Singapore.
  15. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    hehe looks like motiva marketing very good. motiva is VERY new on the market so naturally there are zero studies on its long term usage. so its like nobody knows...

    I guess it could be good too, I think what really irks me is why isn't motiva FDA approved?!
  16. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    I asked dr Evan woo's nurse on why it isn't approved yet. The reply I got was that because it usually requires a few years and according to online research motiva just submitted for approval only last year 2017.
  17. cheryl2r

    cheryl2r New Member

    Hi there, I've had BA done a couple years ago at Yankee hospital with Dr Greechart and have had a good experience with him. Suggest you go through the Realself app to review international patient experiences and assess.

    I had mine done over the muscle and recovery was almost painless. Do get a good scar cream in advance before your surgery to standby.
  18. luxexoxokiss

    luxexoxokiss New Member

    Hey I just went for consultation with Dr Shen. I went to him after seeing the Motiva videos too. Looks and feels really good! But still am undecided if I should go for Motiva since its new. If what they claim is true (breast cancer and capsulation etc), then its great. I have yet to book appointment with other doctors. Have you decided on which Dr and implant to choose? Mind sharing?

    I would love to do fat transfer, but emails exchanged with a few doctors say that only half will survive, very expensive and can't increase too much size.
  19. luxexoxokiss

    luxexoxokiss New Member

    Hey! Have you done your BA yet? I have not decided. Mind sharing? Motiva looks really good but its so new. Don't have to commit myself to Dr Shen only. Dr Ho is Mentor?
  20. JKim

    JKim New Member

    Hi all, which one is better? fat graft or breast implants?
  21. JKim

    JKim New Member

    Hi babe, i am new here. Looking for fats transfer to breast. Do you know how long is the surgery and downtime? Many thanks!!!
  22. ssng84

    ssng84 New Member

    Gals, I heard there is new fat transplant system made by Motiva - it seems the fat yield is much better than before. So if you are interested in fat transfer to breast, this might be a good time! its called Pure Graft by Motiva. I went to consult a plastic and he told me about it. Very interesting!!!
  23. JKim

    JKim New Member

    What's that??? I nv read about this online. How abt downtime? Haven't really visit a surgeon yet. Ha! Maybe I will do some read up tonight. Thanks gal!
  24. VanessaT

    VanessaT New Member

    I would like to find out more on motiva as well, worried about mentor because higher risk of capsular contracture. planning to go for consultation soon to find out more. Read about it only for motiva ergonomix and actually prefer that because its teardrop when standing, full when laying down. hoping to find out more before i go for consultation.
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  25. JKim

    JKim New Member

    Hi there! Could you share with me after your consult? Need more info before i go for consult.
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  26. cheesefries

    cheesefries New Member

    Hi, I’ve decided to go ahead with Dr Evan Woo who will be using motiva as well. My scheduled surgery date is late of May. So excited!
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  27. JKim

    JKim New Member

    Sounds like breast implants is better. Does anymore know if it is safe to do liposuction and breast augmentation together? Or is it better to do it separately? Will there be a high risk of complication? I just want to do liposuction on my love handle.
  28. VanessaT

    VanessaT New Member

    sure! arranged for a consultation with Dr Martin Huang who is also approved surgeons for use of motiva implants. Was referred by a friend who went for double eyelid consultations after watching xiaxue's plastic surgery video. Will keep you posted after my consultation on 10 may.
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  29. Claireyang11

    Claireyang11 New Member

    My girlfriend recommends Dr Daniel Chang for non invasive facelift. I myself googled and and got quite interested after reading his Realself reviews and seeing the pics my friend shared of herself, before and after. She was impressed with her minimal downtime and natural, immediate results.
  30. pinklim01

    pinklim01 New Member

    Hi, has anyone done eyebag removal surgery? any good surgeons to recommend? how much does it cost?
  31. Rene Tay

    Rene Tay New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm 33yrs old, a mother of a 3.5yrs old girl. I always believe that all mummies deserve to be loved and keeping up our appearance brings up confidence level in life. I gained 18kg for my first birth and managed to lost 16kg after birth. My breast was sagging after 8 mths of breast feeding journey. Even though i had a breast implant before i give birth, but ultimately breast is make up of fats tissues, all my breast fats has gone into my breast milk for feeding. Basically left nothing much. A lot of people was asking me does breast implant affect breast feeding, the answer is No, if you have your implant place under muscle. So on last April 2017 i decided to revise my breast with bigger implant to resume the volume. There are some minor surgery enhancement that can help us to regain our youth and beauty which last a long time rather than spending endless money and time on signing up slimming or laser package that doesn't show significant result. For everyone's infor, Breast Augmentation in SG range from 15k -20k above. In Korea its about 11k- 12k.

    I've been in several forum doing tones of research on different types of surgery. Like anyone else, going to different thread post for the surgery that I would plan to do in the next couples of months. I started my first research for double eyelid revision in the year 2011 because i failed them couples of times in SG and Taiwan. Plastic Surgery in Singapore might not be the best option compare to oversea. The Plastic Surgery cost in Singapore is much higher, thus everyone know the world known places for plastic surgery is in Korea instead , as the surgeon in Korea are doing it so frequently with great experienced.

    Now I would like to contribute my shares of bit of surgeries result and my plastic surgery journey to the Mother forum. It will be too long winded for me to write my full experience here for each clinic that i ever been to. I will briefly summarize the surgery that I had done and the place that i had visited. I had wrote down my satisfaction level of each of my surgeries.
    Attached is my before and after surgery face photo. Do not hesitate to pm me any questions, I'll be most willing to share if that helps on your research.

    Eye Part
    1st Partial Incision Eyelid surgery on Year 2008: In SG JJ Chua Plastic Surgery - Badly done, fold was asymmetrical
    2nd Full Incision Eyelid Revision on Year 2008 : In SG JJ Chua Plastic Surgery - Fold was still asymmetrical
    3rd Incision Eyelid Revision with Epicanthoplasty on Year 2010 : In Taiwan Jimmy Chuang Wish Clinic - Botched badly, Fold high and deep, unnatural. Epi was over corrected.
    4th Full Incision Ptosis Correction Eyelid Revision on Year 2011-2012 - BK Hospital Korea: Fold was lowered but scar line was quite bad.
    5th Full Incision Eyelid Scar Revision on Year 2013 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied
    3D Lateral Canthoplasty and Epi Reversal on 2012 - Eve Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea - Satisfied

    Lower Eyelid- Fats re positioning on Year 2013 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied

    Rhinoplasty Septal cartilage with silicone on Year 2012 - Jewelry Clinic - Badly done, implant too high result skin thinning
    Alar Reduction and Alar lift on 2012 - Eve Plastic Surgery Clinic, Korea - Satisfied
    Rhinoplasty Revision with Dermis Graft and Septal + Ear Cartilage on Sept 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Very happy as its my own tissue grafting , permanent result.

    Forehead + Nasolabial fold Fatgrafting on 2013 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied
    Full Face Fatgrafting on April 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied, quite happy as it's been more than a year and still lasting.

    Smile Line fold - Paranasal Implant on April 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied

    Arm Liposuction on April 2017 - SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied

    Breast Augmentation Revision on April 2017- SM Plastic Surgery Korea - Satisfied (First time was done in Thailand 11 yrs ago, had some ruptured. Forgot the name of clinic).

  32. Rene Tay

    Rene Tay New Member

    Hi pinklim, in SG eyebag removal range price around $3500 to $3800. Famous private surgeon in SG can go up to $4000 to $5000. The Korea clinic that I went cost me only $3200 include free hotel stay, surgery include pre consultation, anesthesia, oral medication, review check up, stitch out and free healing therapy treatments throughout my stay in Korea.
  33. Rene Tay

    Rene Tay New Member

    Dear VanessaT,

    Capsular contracture is not cause by the type of implant used. Its our human body reaction to foreign implant. Each time a foreign implant inserted into our body , our body will form capsular around the implant. Motiva is known for its unique shape that form teardrop and round shape in a single implant unlike other implant cater only either round shape or teardrop shape. Motiva has a in build bar-code chip in the implant that certified life time no leaking guarantee. It's surface material is also make to prevent capsular contracture like other FDA implant ( Mentor or Allergan ). Hope this clarified.
  34. Rene Tay

    Rene Tay New Member

    Dear JKim,

    Fat transfer to breast will be a good option if you are looking at adding a little volume to breast. But if large amount needed, implant is more long lasting. For your information , Fats can be absorb over the time after grafting.
  35. bubblets

    bubblets New Member

    Hi ! How was ur surgery with Dr Evan woo? Did u like e result ? May I know how much did e charges came up to be ? Thank u
  36. Apeach

    Apeach New Member

    Hi Rene,

    Thank you for sharing with us such an informative post!
    I have few questions which may require your help in answering them if possible:

    1) May I know how much does it cost for the full incision eyelid scar revision at SM plastic surgery? Would you mind sharing the doctor who performed your surgery?

    2) How much does it cost for 3D lateral canthoplasty and Epi reversal at Eve plastic surgery clinic? May I know who is the doctor who performed your surgery?

    3) How much is the full face fatgrafting at SM plastic surgery? Who is the doctor who performed your surgery?

    4) Same goes for smile line fold - paranasal implant at SM plastic surgery? How much does it cost and who is your doctor?

    5) Do we need to make appointment with Korea’s plastic surgeon before going or can we just walk in for consultation?

    Sincerely appreciate your great help in answering all the questions. Thank you so much!

  37. Rene Tay

    Rene Tay New Member

    Hi Apeach,

    I did a few times eyelid revision. The last round was with SM Plastic Surgery Korea Director Dr Lee Mu Young. Every revision surgery has its complexity and cost maybe different. You can email them for enquiry. Email address internationalsmps@gmail.com

    My epicanthoplasty reversal is a revision so its better for you to check with Dr Chung from Eve plastic surgery. My 3d lateral canthoplasty lengthening and widening cost me around 2mil won. Dr Chung's email cyjprs@naver.com

    My full face fatgrafting and paranasal implant cost was quoted together with my breast revision and arm liposuction as a package that they offer me. I did'nt ask for a breakdown cost since the package price they offer are quite affordable for me. You may email them to check on the cost.

    Yes there days that are peak plastic surgery season in Korea. Especially mid July to mid Aug are universities holiday and every year Nov to Feb are winter season peak period for plastic surgery so usually i make advance appt booking for consultation and surgery. I dont want to fly there end up cant get a surgery slot or surgeon too busy to give me a detail consultation. Hope this helps.
  38. Apeach

    Apeach New Member

    Hi Rene,

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    May I check with you on the doctor’s name who performed your full face fatgrafting and paranasal implant?
    And also, is your revisional eyelid surgery using cutting or stitching method? Is it permanent?

    Look forward to your reply.

  39. Rene Tay

    Rene Tay New Member

    Hi Apeach,

    My korean surgeon Dr Lee Mu Young from SM Plastic Surgery Korea. As for my eyelid revision was an incision method with ptosis correction (eyelid cutting method with levator muscle correction).
  40. Apeach

    Apeach New Member

    Hi Rene,

    Thank you so much for sharing and I sincerely appreciate it. You are really very informative and super helpful.
    Thank you.

  41. bzbz8384

    bzbz8384 New Member

    Hi! I'm new to this forum, and new to everything related to plastic surgery....so any help will be greatly appreciated :)

    I'm keen on doing double eyelid + eyebag removal surgery at the same time. Is it advisable? I'm planning to do it in SG. Any recommendations? I keep seeing Dr Samuel Ho's reviews but seem like a lot are by bloggers and made me wonder if its all sponsored and skewed reviews?

    Another name that I've seen is Dr. Wong Saw Yeen, which I just called up the clinic and they informed that this doctor is on semi-retired mode hence they said I can engage Dr Wong's son Dr. Marcus Wong instead for the surgery. But I find nothing online with regards to this Dr Marcus Wong :(

    PAULINE TAN 89 & ssng84 did you guys in the end proceeded with the eyebag removal procedure?
  42. daphne33

    daphne33 New Member

    Hi bzbz8384,

    You may call up the clinic to see Dr Wong Saw Yeen. Yes he is semi retired now. But he still goes in to the clinic from 9.30am to 11am daily. There are times he will be holiday. Most of the time I would say. So you if can match his timing, then should be ok. His son Dr Marcus Wong is already in his office since early to this to slowly pick up. Father Wong will handover everything by end of this year as he only do eyelids and eyebag surgery now(maximum one surgery a day now, last time he usually do a few in a day). The rest are handled by his son now.
  43. Spacey Jay

    Spacey Jay New Member

    Hi Rene,

    Thanks for sharing! Can I ask about the breast augmentation revision? Where is the incision location, and how you decide on doing it at SM plastic surgery?

    I have been thinking about down sizing and I dont know where I should go.
  44. bubblets

    bubblets New Member

  45. Tiffany Wang

    Tiffany Wang New Member

  46. LRDBee

    LRDBee New Member

    Hello! I'm new to this forum but have been following this thread :) As the info kindly shared by all of you above has helped me in making a decision, I just want to give back by sharing my experience as well. This is in particular to eye bag removal, not BA. After considering the non-surgical options for a long time, eventually I still decided to have them removed surgically. I went for the scarless procedure exactly 4 weeks ago and is very happy with the results thus far and looking less tired now. I will not disclose who my surgeon is, but if you are interested to know more about the costs and procedures, you can read about it here.
  47. AggieTan

    AggieTan New Member

    Hello! Have u done any thing with Dr Wong Saw yeen lately? Any feedback ?
    In 2012 he did my eyelid surgery . He did a disclaimer that my left eye had ptosis n I may need corrective work later. Which is now! It’s hapoening. So like u mentioned, I did called up... visited him for consultation . Realised he aged a lot.
    Just wondering.... need some confidence booster it’s ok to proceed with my revision.
  48. Cat0376

    Cat0376 New Member

    How’s your BA with dr Evan woo? Are you happy with the results? And you don’t mind how much he charging you?
  49. Mandy Belle

    Mandy Belle New Member

    I have recently done my breast enhancement surgery and fat grafting with Dream Plastic Surgery Singapore and are very happy with my results. My Boobs are bouncy and cleavage is visible, no one could tell that its fake and my husband is very happy with the overall outcome, i have never regretted my decision after 3 child birth and i will like to applaud for their service and professionalism.
  50. Maybelline Tan

    Maybelline Tan New Member

    Dear Sisters,
    I do not know where to post my complain as i'm very lost and angry. I would like to use this thread and forum to share my bad or rather worst experience i had ever encounter. I'm not sharing who is a good surgeon, but rather who to be wary of.
    I had my double eyelid done with Dr Shenthilkumar also known as Dr Shens online. He had a lot of online reviews and i thought he was the best choice. I was so wrong. After my double eyelid non-invasive using suture, my left eyelid collapse because the sutures gave way after 3 days. And i panick and contacted the clinic.

    And guess what they told me? "It normal and it's very common among patients. Don't worry, we will see into it." When i go down, the sales person and Dr Shens told me it was normal and not to worry. Everything are good. All i needed was an "enhancement" to make it better. I am very sure it's not an enhancement, what i needed was a revision. But noooooo.... they insist it wasn't a revision. And they blamed me for the collapsed eyelid that i didn't follow the instructions that was given. But i actually took a week off my work to really look after my eyelids. Being not trusting him, i go and consult 2 more plastic surgeons (i am not saying because i'm not here to advertise ) It was confirm that the eyelid collapsed because of loose sutures. It wasnt sutured properly. So who is the one lying now?

    I called them back to complaint and they said that it was my choice to find someone for revision and they insisted that the other surgeons were lying because they were jealous of him. HAHAHAHAH, what a joke? Never knew doctors were so funny.
    The reason i am pissed off and complaining here is because i had no where to go to. They insist that they were not a fault. All i want was a sincere apology or a sincere admission of mistake. But NOOOOOO... They didn't make any mistake.
    Dear sisters, please be careful and don't make the same mistake as me by trusting the wrong doctor.

    Yours Truly,

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