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[[ Best brand for stroller??? ]]

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by maichiang, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    hello momsiez n gonna be momsiez, i would like to know what is the best brand for stroller..n which brand is most worth the cost..i am considerin maclaren..& there is a family fair tts gonna happen..wonder if there is any good strollers n etc..btw 'little footsteps' expo sale got cancelled?!!


  2. shanicelsn

    shanicelsn New Member

    Hi, I bought a Peg Perego Pliko P3 Classico - 2010 edition (Red Step colour) in Feb this year. It is heavy, sturdy and easy to keep. But because of its weight, if you are travelling alone most of the time, then may not be ideal if you are petite/small in size. Bought it because it can recline for newborns. However, my girl refuses to stay in the stroller now (she just turned one), and I might be looking to sell it. Let me know. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  3. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    my friend has been considering to get that edition..will let her know..do anyone of you know where to buy cheap strollers n bed cots?? at least cheaper than kiddy palace n all? thanks much!!=D

  4. yasminelala

    yasminelala Member

    I brought Capella S705 in 2008. Good and value for money but a little heavy and bulky. Have been using it since my boy is born till he is about 2 years old. Now gotten a maclaren volo, light and good too.

  5. shice

    shice Member

    I'm currently considering between Capella S705/707 with Peg Perego Pliko P3 Classico. The price is a major consideration factor... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

    Shanice you selling your p3? can pm me the price and condition of it?

  6. tulipslover

    tulipslover Member

    I heard combi is light n good.. Was thinkg to get that though..

  7. ehlana

    ehlana New Member

    mine is combi, it is light and easy to keep. You can open using one free hand while the other hand carrying your baby ;)

  8. maichiang

    maichiang New Member

    thanks ladies..i bought maclaren techno xlr at baby hyperstore at a gd price..hope you guys get yours at gd prices too!=D

  9. yongle

    yongle Member

    anyone can advice my boy is 9mths old using bonbebe freestar,when put him on sit position he's body will slide to side lying position. Is the stroller prob?

    Intend to get peg perego pliko p3 for him but not sure is having same prob.?????????

  10. lovinkae

    lovinkae New Member

    @ lele - is ur bonbebe freestar 'spacious'? if it is, i'd think tats the reason its causing ur boy to slide to one side.

    my bb 1st used a Combi stroller when she was born, till abt 3mths. returned the stroller to a fren when his wife got preggy again, & bought an Inglesina pram. as Inglesina prams are more spacious than Combi's, bbs tend to slide to 1 side when sitting/reclining more upright.

    Tho' Inglesina prams are heavier than Combi's, i prefer Inglesina as they're sturdier. When going up & down escalator, no fear of ''tripping' when nearing the end; unlike Combi if its turned to face mummy. Also, Combi being lighter, is more 'cramp'. So bb won't be able to use it when they grow bigger, else their shoulders will be 'squeezed' tight.

    My niece who's being using Inglesina since birth, is still using it. She's nearing 3yo, & is already 21kg. Pram still going strong! Darn gd buy.

  11. yongle

    yongle Member

    Hi LovinglKae,

    Thanks. Partly is the space also think is w/o foot rest, just brought preloved Peg Perego Pliko P3 he can sit up right.

    Very happy wif the stroller,except some wear n scratch is been used.

    It almost same as Inglesina, very good stroller.

  12. dwj

    dwj New Member

    HI, I have a PEG Perego Stroller to sell.

    Model: PLIKO P3 COMPACT COMPLETO and matching infant car seat (can put on the stroller)

    COlour: Java

    CHeck out Peg Perego website for details.

    Paid abt $1200 for the whole set.

    Less than 9 mths old,

    COndition : 9.5/10

    Letting go at $790.

    Pl email me at thelovebox06@yahoo.com.sg if you are keen.

    Thank u.

  13. andver

    andver Member

    I'm thinking whether to get baby jogger city mini or Peg Perego SI Classico 2010. Any advise?

  14. seetron

    seetron New Member

    Hi, am letting go of stroller as bb refuse to sit. Pm if interested. Tks!



    Pamper your baby with this practically untouched Capella S-705. Super cushy such that you would love to use it yourself Great for newborns and even bigger children to rest in comfort. Colour vibrant and looks new. Used carrier mainly so this lovely Capella was unused. original price $369. Do contact me for any queries.


    -Reversible handle

    -One hand folding

    -Rear window

    -UV protection

    -Coolmash fabric

    -Light weight aluminum frame

    -Suitable for birth

    -4 wheel drive

    -Weight: 8.5kg

    -open: 905x530x1000mm

    -Closed: 393x530x1025mm

    Weight : 8.5Kg


  15. jj_ttc

    jj_ttc Active Member

    Capella is good .... Just bought easy to use esp when travelling alone with infant

  16. noscon

    noscon Active Member

  17. asha07

    asha07 New Member

    Hi, recently won a maclaren techno xt 2011 in a lucky draw when i purchased the same for my gal. Receiving this sat. Anyone interested to buy? Pls contact me at 9225 9740

  18. yx198453

    yx198453 New Member

    i have a same one as above i let it go by 600.

    HI, I have a PEG Perego Stroller to sell.

    Model: PLIKO P3 COMPACT COMPLETO and matching infant car seat (can put on the stroller)

    COlour: Java

    CHeck out Peg Perego website for details.

    Paid abt $1200 for the whole set.

    Less than 9 mths old,

    COndition : 9.5/10

    Letting go at $790.

    Thank u.

  19. marmaladesg

    marmaladesg Member

    hi asha07, is it still avai ?

    are you letting it go at a very low price ?

  20. jamiemama

    jamiemama Member

    Hi, I have a brand new Buggy Boot plus still in the box for sale. Buggy Boot is similar to the Lascal Buggy Board maxi but more sturdy and comes with a shopping bag that can be fitted on it (so you can store your shopping there if no one is using the step).

    You can see pictures here as well as whether it will fit on your stollers.


    Please PM me if interested as I do not check this thread frequently. Asking $110.

  21. lestorke

    lestorke New Member

    Maybe you want to look at BOB Revolution SE, it's a flexible single jogging stroller capable to use for indoor or outdoor use with compact shape in folding position. Here the link: http://jogging-stroller-reviews.net/bob-revolution-se-stroller-reviews/

    fyi, jogging stroller is best recommended for a baby who already has a better neck control.


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