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Berries or Tien Hsia

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by luvmum, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. luvmum

    luvmum Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Looking at Chinese Enrichment for my gal who will be K1 come next year. Care to share your preferred choice pl...I'm torn between the two.

    Thanks ahead!

  2. rayjay

    rayjay New Member

    Both Berries and Tien Hsia have good K1 & K2 programs as they are fun focus. My boy enjoyed K2 Tien Hsia program. I thought I could let him continue with P1 program but it is too worksheet based and that frightened him off. So, I switched him to Berries and he is happy there. More fun and I can see the improvement.
  3. gez

    gez New Member

    Yes I agree with Rayjay, Tien Hsia is very worksheet based. Other then weekly spelling, she has school spelling...I also thought of switching to Berries. Still looking at Hua, Han and eduplus language centre.
  4. luvmum

    luvmum Member

    May I know which Berries Branch do you send your child to?

    Berries less academic focus? How's the syllabus and teachers like? Pl share more, still v half hearted.

    Thanks much!
  5. penggu07

    penggu07 New Member

    Hi Luv Mum

    I sent my gal to Berries in Tampines Mart at the end of N2. She don't understand Chinese at all then. We saw progress within 6 months. We continued sending her to Berries right through her kindergarten years and now she's in P1, the foundation she built in Berries really helps her alot in her school work.

    I've stopped sending her to Berries now as I've enrolled her into a tuition class which is more academic base now.
  6. chime68

    chime68 New Member


    can i know then what's berries syllabus like for Pri 1? still learning thro play and lesss worksheets? my gal in K2 now with Tien Hsia. I'm thinking whether to continue for Pri 1 or change.

  7. mynwin

    mynwin Active Member


    any advice for me?

    my gal is going to p1 & my boy to k1 nxt yr.
    tot of sending them for cl enrichment class, would tien hsia or berries b a better choice?
  8. chris170773

    chris170773 New Member

    My gal started berries this year when she is in P1.. She was not able to read many chinese characters then! But within 6 months, she is able to read quite a lot or characters and chinese books. Tienxia is more academic based, I think as my nephews are attending Tienxia.. Personally i prefer Berries which makes the language so alive for the kids! My gal really enjoys the lessons and story telling.
  9. mynwin

    mynwin Active Member


    dunno if i shld focus on academic area... [​IMG]

    heard tt the tien hsia at east point is good.
    the kids going there mostly saw improvements in their cl.
    wonder how's the one at heartland mall, kovan?

    any mommies hve any ideas which r the berries centres near pasir ris?
    any recommendations?

    btw, wat's the rate like for tien hsia and berries?
  10. aceve

    aceve New Member

    My child goes to Berries and she enjoys going for her classes. As I'm a non chinese, my hubby and her childcare teacher gave me positive feedback about her chinese.She has been atttending Berries for a year.She will continue there for the P1 lessons next year.

    The Berries near Pasir Ris would be the one at Tampines Mart where my child has been attending.
    The teachers there are friendly and they are willing to give you feedback on yr child's progress. The fees are $385 for a term if I'm not wrong.
  11. reg28

    reg28 New Member

    anyone send their kids to yuquan language school and can share their comments? i heard the kids being interviewed on radio and they speak really good mandarin.. very impressive.
  12. mummyto2

    mummyto2 Member

    I have no experience with Tien Hsia but my gal goes to Berries and I have seen improvements in her Chinese. She dislikes reading Chinese books & watching Mandarin programmes at home, so this is the only way I can get her to learn Chinese. So far, so good. The teachers are helpful and friendly.
  13. acthia

    acthia Active Member

    I've also heard tat Tien Hsia has lots of homework and worksheets to complete. My P1 gal goes to Berries @ Bukit Batok. Before entering Berries, her chinese is almost non existent. But after 5-mths can see really vast improvements. Can recognise quite abit of chinese characters. Only issue is tat becos she attends English Phonics classes, she tends to get confused between HYPY and Phonics. For example: the word 'Ke(3) Ai(4)', she will write as 'Ce Ai' cos the letter C in phonics sounds like K in HYPY. *faintz*
  14. ang_joanne

    ang_joanne Member

    Hi Dymples
    My gal also confused wif phonics and HYPY. Now attending berries @ bt batok. Cant comment TH coz never been there.
  15. bouncybouncy

    bouncybouncy New Member

    my child is currently attending Tien Hsia K1 at katong mall. Saw the improvement and effort to speak more chinese at home. There is a mini library at the center where parents can borrow one book home each time.
  16. chomecc

    chomecc Member


    Anyone send their kids to the Bishan Berries? I went for a trial on Sunday for my Ds who is N1 now and didnt quite like it as they don't seem to be able to control the children and don't seem to learn much.
  17. spreesg

    spreesg Member

    anyone selling berries or tien hsia worksheets?
  18. latio

    latio New Member

    my girl attended tian xia K1 programme @ heartland mall, she enjoyed her lessons there. heard berries is good but tian xia is nearer to my place therefore i put her there. berries is also more ex than tian xia.
  19. nano

    nano New Member

    Anyone attended trial class at Berries Bishan? Can parent accompany kid into the classroom?
  20. gapgirl

    gapgirl Member

    other than tian xia, what about beijing school?
  21. wishing_tree

    wishing_tree New Member

    I don't think parents are allowed in the Berries Bishan class. My boy is attending the Berries class there. It's been 7 months now. He likes it there.
  22. poohnie

    poohnie New Member

    Hi my girl is currently in K2, thght of sending her to tien hsia at kovan, any particular teacher to recommend? Thanks.
  23. chaye

    chaye Active Member

    How abt Han Language centre ? Is it good ? Any feedback ? My girl in P2 now. Chinese v poor cos no exposure since young [​IMG]
  24. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    Any one has preowned berries textbooks or storybooks to let go?please pm me
  25. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    i have berries materials to exchange for tien hsia materials,if interested,please pm me,many thanks
  26. idiscipuluscom

    idiscipuluscom New Member

    Dear all,

    My name is Dawn and I am an ex-teacher from Hwa Chong Institution and VJC. I am new to Singaporemotherhood.com. I don't have any children yet but hope to someday. At the moment I don't know anyone here. Could you all please introduce yourselves to me so that I can feel more at home? [​IMG] Thank you very much! [​IMG]
  27. goodgal

    goodgal Active Member


    I am looking for k2 preowned berries storybooks and workbooks and readers. If anyone willing to let go, pls pm me.

    Thanks so much!
  28. leehz

    leehz New Member

    I'm looking for K1 berries materials. Pls pm me if you have any to let go.
  29. mum_sharon

    mum_sharon New Member

    Me too. Pm me. Thank you.
  30. findhope88

    findhope88 New Member

    Berries or Tien Hsia for N2? Can anyone give me some review? Can't make up my mind now. Thanks!

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