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Ban confinement

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by dianetmm, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. dianetmm

    dianetmm New Member

    Just wanna share my thoughts about confinement.

    I have just so-called 'done' my 2nd confinement and as usual, it is a disaster. I really wonder what's the point of having confinement.

    To me, the term 'confinement' means staying at home to rest. But seems like the quality of CL nowadays really sucks. They are here to get free lodging and paid at the same time.

    For both my confinement, my baby is forever crying when the auntie change them. This never happen when I'm doing the job! Next, they always have excuses on not helping with the chores, hence, end up I have to do all the chores myself.

    I wonder why we need to pay others to torture.

  2. pauleen

    pauleen Active Member

    I didnt have a confinement lady and did everything myself and ordered confinement food. Makes it alot easier as id ont need to get used to a stranger.
  3. addey

    addey New Member

    hi pauleen where u ordered ur confinement food from? can share?
  4. xsun

    xsun Member

    Confinement causes depression cos stuck in the house whole day cant bath no fan no aircon wear long sleeve plus socks some more.

    It sucks! I hated it.
  5. shirley_htt

    shirley_htt Member

    Haha... I agree. Those were the really bad days. But my mum will nag & nag if I never follow the tradition of confinement. She put lots & lots of ginger which is suppose to be good, but bad for the baby when he has jaundice. Takes longer time to recover coz I'm breastfeeding him. Very irritating as we have to go polyclinic very very often just to check on jaundice. She doesn't even believe the doc (an Indian) when she tells us to stop the ginger & herbs. That month has lots & lots of argument.

    For me, I will nag & nag when she never tidies the house as clean as I use to be. End up cannot tahan the untidiness and I have to wear rubber gloves to help out cleaning when my elder son made a mess.

    For me, I don't wear long sleeves.... coz already very very hot. I have cases whereby I got heat rash so, I rather not. So, even my mum who nags at me also no choice when I insist not to.
  6. rykgirl

    rykgirl Member

    I did a "half" confinement for my #1.. MIL got me a part time confinement lady (10am to 4pm)..

    For my #2, totally skipped confinement.. =X Even went out and showered and did everything that made myself happy..

    Definitely felt better and less depressed during #2.. I take care of both kids myself with HB, who works night shifts.. My #1 was 18mos at the time of #1 and yet I still felt better!

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