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Babysitter in Clementi

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by mamalolita, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. mamalolita

    mamalolita New Member

    Hi friends.

    My kids are grown up & they are so busy with their stuff. Go to school early in the morning and be back very late. I'm bored to death!!

    Btw, I'm an experience full-time & ad-hoc nanny. I used to take care of Meera, 15month young girl, full time from Australia at her place back in mid 2009-end Dec 2010. At the same time, I do ad-hoc service for other client. Mostly they are European. I stop doing babysitting coz I concentrate on my other stuff. (music)

    Currently my slot is available. I'm a modern muslim looking for a baby to take care of. You can rest assured that your baby is save in my hand. I never do it at home before but it would be great that the baby will stay at my home.

    The service I'm offering:
    - Monday to Friday 730am-730pm (if extra hours, no worries! I dont charge you)
    Note: Even Saturday, also can

    - Sleep over service: Sunday evening you sent the baby to my home. Friday evening,you take your baby home.

    Cost of my service? I dont know how much I wanna charge you.
    its depends on your budget.
    Normaly, my previous charges is 1800/Fulltime to come over to my client house, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. (I know its expensive!)
    19per hour for ad-hock service plus taxi fare for after 12am service.

    As for now, I'm just bored to the max. I just wanna have baby at home to kill my boredom. I'm looking at:

    1) $900 - with food Mon-Sat 7am-730pm (U can fetch ur baby later, it ok! no extra charges)

    2) $800 - No food Mon-Sat 7am-730pm (U can fetch ur baby later, it ok! no extra charges)

    3) $1200 - Overnite *once a week, you required to take your baby. if you're busy. At lease come over and visit for while. No extra charges

    If you think my charges is way too high, let discuss abt your budget.

    For baby stuff, you gotta provide it such as Diapers and milk etc..
    if your baby already start eating solid food. I need you to buy some grocceries for me to cook for your baby. or I will cooked the food for your baby. See the charges above.

    For baby food, I will cooked fresh food everyday like porridge, barley drink etc. Like I said, you dont have to worried to much[​IMG]

    ** If your baby sick, I will sent your baby to see doctor immediately and bill to you later.

    I will provide baby daily routine Notebook so it will be easier for us to communicate

    **I'm working in the evening in town area from 830pm-1145pm, & I'll be reaching home by 1215am. If your baby required to sleep over at my home, dont worry! I have domestic helper & my family member will help me during the time i'm away.

    Interested party, please email to me at fashionista.voila@yahoo.com
    first come first serve..

    Thank you so much in advance.


  2. joytan0302

    joytan0302 New Member

    Hi, is this still available?

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