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**Babysitter @ Choa Chu Kang/ Yew Tee area

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by babyclosets, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. babyclosets

    babyclosets New Member

    Providing babysitter at Yew Tee area. I personally have two kids. Intend to look after infants or toddles from home. I love to interact with children as well.
    Interested, pls PM me for more information. Thank you!
    W.e.f Feb 2013

  2. mi_shell21

    mi_shell21 New Member

  3. lemonbaby2705

    lemonbaby2705 New Member

    Hi, I am needing a babysitter in Yew Tee in next year March 2014. Please pm me for your price and which block r u staying? Thank you.
  4. lemonbaby2705

    lemonbaby2705 New Member

    How much or rather what is the rate for nanny looking after 4months old baby? Timing either Weekdays daytime during parents working hours or weekdays day and night from Mon to Fri will costs? Anyone able to provide some facts rates recently?
  5. sweetregina

    sweetregina New Member

    Hi, Me and one of my friend staying at Yew Tee would like to be a SAHM next year. We both have 2 kids. Elder one is send to Childcare and we will take care of the other one at the age of 1 years and the other will be born in November this year. We would like to take care of babies,toodler or student studying nearby and require before and after school care service. Interested, pls PM me for more information. Thank you!
    W.e.f : March 2014
  6. lemonbaby2705

    lemonbaby2705 New Member

    Hi Regina Tay, you do not accept PM, perhaps you should take a look at your settings and change it. I received your message. Do get back to me on how to contact you. Thank u.
  7. sweetregina

    sweetregina New Member

  8. Siti Jade

    Siti Jade New Member

    Hi regina, cn email me more abt ur babysitting svcs & email me ur contacts too. Many tks.
  9. chillychino

    chillychino Member

    Hi, I stay in CCK Ave 4. Would like to find a reliable baby sitter starting from mid-Feb 2014 onwards (after CNY), do pm or email me at chillychino@yahoo.com.sg
  10. Sanjsang

    Sanjsang New Member

    start from 2014 onwards
  11. Simon Chai

    Simon Chai New Member

    Looking for nanny weekend and weekdays evening nanny for my 6 year old kid, at cck ave4, pls contact me if interested hp 91180181
  12. tysk066

    tysk066 Member

    Just want to share my experience with a horrible nanny at blk 431. Beware of her if u are looking for one at cck area. We realised she lies about anything and my baby was always hungry and tired when home. On the last day she lied that she bought my bm out w her n its all spoilt after left outside for a while!!! What my baby suppose to drink then!!! She complained that she has back issue but told my maid that she doesnt hv and in fact she want to look for new job and doesnt care if we find new nanny or not! We also found out that she never apply lotion n oil after bath as e sheet n bolster smelled new!! Totally irresponsible and full of lies. All daddies and mummies, if u love your baby do not leave your baby with her!
  13. apr_gal

    apr_gal New Member

    May i know if u r still available? Which blk? Thanks.

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