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Baby's knees turn black due to crawling

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by sunglow, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi mummies

    My baby girl has been crawling for 3 months and recently come to realise her knees are a bit darker in colour compared to other parts of the legs. She is already wearing long pants while crawling, so my question is will the knee colour turn back to normal after she starts to walk or is there anything I can do more to prevent it to discolour somemore?


  2. weishy

    weishy New Member

    sunglow:hi there again [​IMG] tot ur girl is 13 months old????should be walkign by now????? [​IMG]

    can use thick socks looooo cut the toe area part away and use it as the socks called "baby legs" mayeb can protect ehr knees better
  3. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi Weishy

    Thanks for responding...I have waited for a while someone to reply...

    Urr...My daughter can't walk yet, only cn cruise with holding on to furniture and wall...so do I have to train her to walk?

    You mean your girl already walked by 13 months...wow! Sometimes she would hold on to my legs to walk but will then sit down on the floor and crawl...so do I have to hold her hands and lead her to walk? Any other better ways?

  4. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

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  5. mummyfel

    mummyfel Member

    Hi Sunglow,

    Try letting her stand and walk on the mattress or bed. My boy started walking few steps on the bed..coz he knows when he falls, it doesnt hurt!
    At 11mths old, he started walking on the floor.

    Now he just turned 1yrs old, am walking very steadily. : )
  6. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi Mummyfel

    My girl is walking now....somehow and sometime at 14+ months, she just walked when we hold her hands and then one day we let go of her hands and then she walked....cute!

    Tahanks for the advice...
  7. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    is it neccessary for baby to put on knee protector before they start to crawl around, so as to prevent their knees from darkening??
  8. bluencream

    bluencream Member

    Hi. I didn't use the knee protector although I saw them selling at mothercare for $30 a pair. Instead I bought the moonwalker from www.bigbellymama.com/walker.html and my daughter loves it! It is good to encourage them to walk.
  9. popkidz

    popkidz New Member

    knee protector so expensive meh??? i bought mine at kiddy palace [​IMG]
  10. xmasbaby09

    xmasbaby09 New Member

    pop-kidz, how much kiddy palace sell? I wish to get 1 pair for my nephew.
  11. yerdua

    yerdua New Member

    When i hve #1, i bought the knee protector too. But coz of the padding, its kinda hot and stuffy, my #1 got heat rashes behind his knees... So for #2, I put aloe vera all over the body and extra for face, knees and elbows for my 9mths old gal after bath and b4 bedtime. [​IMG]
  12. erynntai

    erynntai Member

    Ibought a pair of Baby Kneez colourful knee pads from www.bigbellymama.com/babykneez.html when my girl started to crawl. Can wear to 4 years old. I paid around $21 a pair (with shipping).
  13. jaclyntai

    jaclyntai New Member

    I also bought two pairs of Baby Kneez for my kid. It's very comfortable.
  14. jamjam11

    jamjam11 New Member

    which kiddly palace sell? I can't find, pls help
  15. emmeline84

    emmeline84 New Member

    Hi, is Baby Kneez big enough for the kids ? some are soo tight .. and cause rash

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