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Baby with blocked nose

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by almondjelly, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. almondjelly

    almondjelly Member

    My baby at 5+ weeks is having a blocked nose now. He's still drinking well at 100 - 120ml of EBM at 3hr intervals. For convenience sake, I brought him down to visit the GP and he say as long as the baby is drinking milk, he's fine. He'd given me a bottle of nose drop but advise to apply only sparingly and if necessary.

    Any mummies out there encounter the same situation and would like to share? I feel so heartpain when I see my baby getting irritated with the blocking nose. :"( I wonder when will the blocked nose go away ...

  2. mrsming

    mrsming Guest

    Hi Longan,

    My son also have blocked nose.. we brought the "Physiological Sea water microspray" from pharmacy. No worries is indicated for newborn babies, children & adults. U can try, I hope it help.
  3. tessachan

    tessachan New Member


    You can check with Guardian Pharmacy...there's a external drop that you dip on a handkerchief & put near your bb so that can help clear his nose.
  4. samanthaloh

    samanthaloh New Member


    You have bring your bb to see pd dr ong eng kweow at tmc. He is good in this area.

    Dun drag too long if condition is worse your bb might need more time to recover. As my #1 gal used to have problem like your bb and ended she had lung infection during 9months
  5. almondjelly

    almondjelly Member

    Thanks a lot for your advises !! It helps a lot ;-)
  6. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

    Dear mothers or mothers-to-be, if you are looking for an experienced nanny, feel free to contact my mom by sending me a personal message.

    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  7. ah_zi

    ah_zi New Member

    Hi longan,
    My bb had nose blocked when he was a few days b4 his 1st mth. took him to c doc, given the nose drop. drip for 5days have to stop for 2days b4 using it again. it take around a weeks for bb to recover,as bb take longer time to recover. Hence dun wori.
  8. twinkleeva

    twinkleeva Member

    U can apply some baby vapour rub(Vicks) on the bb's sole before wearing bootie or socks.
  9. pingwen1703

    pingwen1703 New Member

    does any1 has a cure for blocked nose? my hubby having SERIOUS block nose everyday. after bath will sneeze very loud for quit long. in the middle of the night , if wake up to go toilet, he cant sleep back for hours cos the nose block, making him very terrible... somemore he always drink many water, i oso no noe y like this.

    he say nose like got much dirt and need to sneeze out, hope u guys have a way for me... this is happening everyday so c doc oso no use cos medicine finish still come back.

    hope that there be a way to cure it completely
  10. littleboat

    littleboat New Member

    have u tried (clarinase24Hr), can get in all pharmacies.. now got haze, and nose stuck as well, taken dat and recover within a day.
    My baby occasionally have block nose/running nose as well, I use a nose sucker to suck the mucus out and it helps to relief her block nose alot. remember to buy ones dat can be repeatlly press to suck the mucus rather then some cheap ones that can one press once before inserting it into the nose the mucus and have to pull out again before u press and inserting into the nose to suck again.
  11. maskie

    maskie New Member

    One of the PDs gave our then 2 month daughter a decongestant nose drop (I think its Illidium) which we were not supposed to use it consecutively for more than 2-3 days.

    We were recommended to use saline by the pharmacist at Guardian which is safer for the infant and does not contain any drugs without the restriction of 2-3 days consecutive use.

    We found that the Sterimar "Physiological sea water microspray" very effective for our daughter. It unblocks the nose and she sneezes out the dirt in her nostrils after the use all the time.
  12. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    is it safe to use those advice which can suck bb's nose muscus out?
  13. littlehx

    littlehx New Member

    My gal had block nose since day 1. nothing helps, be it the spray or nose suction from pede.until someone recommand me to try out air purifier. it really works! now her nose is no longer block or wet.
  14. jiequn

    jiequn Member

    Hi Lin,
    I am not trying to do any marketing here. But I found one of the MLM product(eExcel from the US) is useful to relieve nose sensitive. It has quite a full range of products, but this product called "Noco" is helpful to tackle nose problem.

    (Use IE browser)

    It did help to relieve my boy(2yr old now) blocked nose problem. Hope this provides an option to you.

    If you need more info. can contact me at jjiequn@yahoo.com
  15. poohbee

    poohbee New Member

    i used the nasal drop Illidium but not very effective leh...i use the pigeon muscus sucking pump also not useful as the mucus is deep inside. but can hear there is alot of mucus when my son breathes..he is only 5 weeks old...how....can give medicine?
  16. iyven

    iyven Member

    my gal who is 3 mths old baby also having the same problem for 3-4 weeks already. it started by cough, block nose and running nose. the GP gives nasal drop illadium and Sterimar Spray but seem not effective. end up she got fever and i sent her to kk, kk only gave some other nasal drop which doesn't help her much. i brought her to c PD and was given some medicine and anti-biotic, she is better but last nite her mucurs and phlegm becomes more... it is heartache to c her suffer for so long...any other method? i tried to give Eu Yan Sang "Bao Yin Dan" and "Ba Bao San" b4, but she still cannot recover... pls advise...
  17. smurfygal

    smurfygal Member

    My kids keep on getting runny nose, cough and phelgm. Wonder if there's any solution to avoid this?
  18. jiequn

    jiequn Member

    I would suggest to see TCM for baby at Kembangan (Yu Gou clinic). It is really effective and for baby less than 1 year old, they only do 'Tui na', no medicine.

    The clinic is crowded when doctor Xu is on duty and you need to take Q# in advance if you don't to wait.
  19. gannk

    gannk Member

    Hi Jie Qun

    Do you have the number for the Yu Gou clinic?
  20. mabellsh

    mabellsh Member

    Hi Sunflower,

    The numberis 64474761. I tried for my bb and find not really working but maybe cause TCM takes sometimes ba. There is one yisi by the name of Huang Yi Shi who does the tui na herself; tried to asked for her. They do tui na and give you a medicine bag to strap to your bb belly button area.

    Hope it helps.

    Cheers [​IMG]
  21. andrianie

    andrianie Member

    My 4mo boy just got admitted & discharged after 5 days of hospitalization. All because of his blocked nose & coughing. What we realized later was that it’s a virus infection called RSV. According to the doctor, it is very bad for small kids as their nasal passage is very small thus inability to breathe is a headache. N the worse part is that it’s contagious. However, we only got to know of this contagious fact after 4 days in hospital, I am so sorry to the other Japanese mummy who was opposite our bed with her infant twin.

    To-date after a week has passed from discharge date, my son still hasn’t fully recover from his runny nose & cough. I so feel like bringing him back to the NUH again but am so afraid they will admit him again.

    Earlier, pd prescribed Pulmicort to use on nebulizer for our son but we never got to use cos baby got hospitalized. If any mummy is interested, do pm me.

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