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Baby Sitter

Discussion in 'Year 2006 Mums' started by sweetie, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. sweetie

    sweetie Member


    I am looking for an experienced baby sitter for 4 mth old baby boy in the north, preferably AMK / Serangoon. Please sms me at 96862366 if you have contacts.

  2. scrpn_may

    scrpn_may New Member


    Sent you sms liao!
  3. sweetie

    sweetie Member


    Do you have other contacts? She is not so suitable...
  4. mrschng

    mrschng New Member

    urgently looking for babysitter for my baby boy (4 mths). Anyone knows of any Chinese babysitter in Compassvale Link (Coris).
    Prefer babysitter who:
    - does not smoke or nonsmoking family
    - has no pets
    - very patient with infants
    - can prepare semi solid foods

    Mon -fri 7.30am -7.30pm

    Pls pm me if u have any contacts. Thanks.
  5. scrpn_may

    scrpn_may New Member


    Juz pm u... (",)
  6. nov_mtb

    nov_mtb New Member

    i'm looking for baby sitter for my baby (2 mths) near hougang/sengkang area. Anyone got contact?
    Also prefer:
    non smoking family
    no pets
    looking only my baby
    mon-fri 730am-730pm.
  7. scrpn_may

    scrpn_may New Member


    Yr account doesn't accept pm ... How about PM me?
  8. nov_mtb

    nov_mtb New Member

  9. dirtifish

    dirtifish Member

    hi mums,
    how should we pay baby sitter? salary upfront or during end of the month?
  10. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    Hi Kelly,

    For my case, I pay then nanny end of the month.
  11. dirtifish

    dirtifish Member

    hmm, does the nanny bathe the baby too?
  12. aimee

    aimee Member

    hi Kelly,
    depends on your arrangement with the nanny. i pay beginning of the month. And she does bathe the bb [​IMG]
  13. dirtifish

    dirtifish Member

    thanks aimee & annie,

    [​IMG] ok for me pay beginning of the month, but bathe baby is a must since b4 sending baby to her, too early for me to bathe baby, after getitng baby back from her will be too late for bathing, baby will get cold.....
  14. motherof_2

    motherof_2 New Member

    Hi mummies,
    I am looking for experience and patient babysitter at Towner Road/Boon Keng Mrt area for my 7 months old dotter. Preferrable no toddle or baby at home and non-smoking family. Can start immediately...

    Please send me the name and contact to my email: leesm105@hotmail.com

    Thank you!
  15. mbb

    mbb New Member

    i am looking for experience bbsitter in Pasir Ris. pls contact me at moeybb@yahoo.com.sg
  16. chatty

    chatty New Member


    I am also looking for an experienced babysitter in the Bishan or AMK area to help babysit my baby boy (2 months).

    Please email the contact to shermainechoo@hotmail.com
  17. zenn_yan

    zenn_yan New Member


    I am looking for experience baby sitter at buangkok/hougang area for my 3mths baby boy. Pls email me at just_try05@yahoo.com.sg. thanks
  18. ahkai

    ahkai New Member

    Hello mummies,

    just to let you know my experience with babysitters. Usually these babysitters have their own kid. & there was a few time with different babysitters, hence they tend not to bother with you kid even when their kid is okie. Got quite a number of times, they left my son crying for a long long while. I came to know only after their neighbours told me

    Since then, i always speak to their neighbours and ask them for some advise on the babysitter. end up, i also employ maid.
  19. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    Hi Kelly,

    My nanny bath my boy 2 x a day.
  20. dirtifish

    dirtifish Member

    Thanks Annie,

    The nanny just started baby sits my son, and she bathes him twice too[​IMG] Only that she asked for 200 deposit on top of early month pay :|
  21. motherof_2

    motherof_2 New Member


    I got bbsitter liao. Thks!

    Btw, how much you all pay for bbsitter? $500?
  22. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    Hi Kelly,

    Why she need the deposit? U got it from agency? It's the 1st time I heard need to place deposit. Furthermore, u paid her early of the mth rite.

    Hi Mei,
    Initially, I pay $500. When bb on solid (porridge) $550.
  23. motherof_2

    motherof_2 New Member

  24. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    Hi Mei,

    Then your nanny not that back hor... will cook free for your 3yr son.
  25. motherof_2

    motherof_2 New Member

    Hi Annie,
    not free lah, we will pay her eof the month...
    As long as my picky eater son like her porridge, paid her is ok to us. She put quite alots of things to cook leh, last nite 1 got small corns, fish, mince pork, etc.
  26. dirtifish

    dirtifish Member

    I also dunno the 'rule', wat ever she asks, I try to fullfil :| Anyway she just asks $400 a month and I have no choice already since going back to work very soon....
  27. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    Hi Kelly,

    I see. Then $400 is cheap leh. Good deal. Cos nowadays, nanny charge around $500 ~ $600. Anyway, as long as your bb like the nanny & the nanny treat them good is worth it lah. Rite?
  28. motherof_2

    motherof_2 New Member

    ya...$400 is cheap, my area some nanny charge more than $500..
    as long as your baby can get along with her, and she take good care of your baby. Then you no need to worry when back to work...
  29. dirtifish

    dirtifish Member

    that's why lor, I 'ok' wat ever she asks since she offer $400. Now the 2nd week baby with her, since baby cannot talk, no choice have to trust her, as long as baby in 'good condition' every time bring him back will do :p But she quite alert with baby's rash, mouth etc, think should be ok kua, somemore she offer to make barlie for baby when need to take jab, although I quite doubt suitable for baby or not.
  30. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    As for barley watch I think sure be ok. Wat my nanny do is let my bb drink every week. She mix the barley watch with milk powder & let bb drink.
    So far so gd.
  31. mabellsh

    mabellsh Member

    I am urgently looking for an experienced baby sitter for my baby gal preferably Bishan. Please sms me at 98364696 if you have contacts.

    Many thanks in advance [​IMG]
  32. rojakz

    rojakz Member

    I'm looking for a bb sitter for my boy (2 months), starting in Apr near Sengkang / Punggol area. Anybody have contact for a reliable one?
    - Non smoking family
    - No pets
    - Looking only my baby
    - Mon-Fri 730am-8pm.

    Pls PM me if you have. Thanks! [​IMG]
  33. snowball72

    snowball72 New Member

    Dear All

    Any good recommendations for babysitter around Sembawang Drive area? To look after my 8-month gal.

    PM me [​IMG]
  34. angels

    angels Member

    hello, pls email me lovelliss@hotmail.com if you have any good recommendations for babysitters ard katong area. is babysitters better or putting bb in childcare beta? my bb is 10mths.
    *non smoking family
    *no pets
    *full day
    *can cook
  35. jlimdan

    jlimdan Member

    hello, pls email me jlimdan@yahoo.com.sg if you have any good recommendations for babysitters around Pasir Ris area. My bb is currently 2 months and I intend to put him with the babysitter starting April 07
  36. mama_mya

    mama_mya Member

    hi there
    i am a house wife and only do hourly baby sitting so if any one wana have hourly babysitter can pm me
  37. suelee

    suelee Member

    for those staying in bishan/AMK area, u may wanna consider putting your infants at Baby resort (Pemimpin Pl). their carer ratio is quite high at 3-1 but not cheap ~ $1k. my boy is currently in their toddler group
  38. motherof_2

    motherof_2 New Member

    Hi SueLee,
    how old your boy?

    wow...$1K, very expensive woh... plus my son in childcare, I no need to eat liao... :)
    btw, thks for sharing ya...
  39. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh Member

    Hi Kelly Chin,

    May I know you stay at which area? The nanny charges u $400 very cheap.
  40. crown

    crown New Member


    My mum is an experienced baby sitter. In the past, she took care of a number of babies and my sisters daughter. Now my sister converted to a housewife so she bring back her daughter and take care herself. If interested, please pm me. BTW, we are staying at sembawang area (Blk 405)
  41. concepto

    concepto New Member

    I need bbsitter at Bt Panjang Area.
    Any contacts?
  42. tracy

    tracy New Member


    I'm helping my friend to look out for a nanny. Urgently need 1 to start mid Apr. Anyone has any recommendation, please pm me.

  43. jesy

    jesy New Member

    where is your friend staying?
  44. mrs_choy

    mrs_choy Member

    my friend is also looking for a baby sitter at queenstown area. she is living at stratmore ave. Also need 1 to start in mid april. Pls email me at miss_weijie@yahoo.com

  45. petite_petite

    petite_petite Member

    is there any nanny who look after baby at nite?
  46. petite_petite

    petite_petite Member

  47. angeltme

    angeltme New Member

    hi im currently a mother of 2 gals haf been taking care of them since birth n having lots of free time in the day loves bb alot currently living in hougang area any interested pls giv mi a call at 91152632
  48. ashie

    ashie New Member

    hi! i'm looking for a babysitter.. Preferably stayin in the east(tampines, Pasir ris or Bedok area). Able to start looking after on early June. Wanna know how much are u ladies here paying for one babysitter and how long is the timing? I hope it's ard $300-$400 as juz need the baby sitter to botle feed and look afetr her that's it.. simple one but with patience wif babies..
  49. anniegw

    anniegw New Member

    Hi berries,
    My bb sitter charge $500. When on solid $550.
    I think $300~$400 abit difficult to get one. Nowaday, market rate $500~$600. $450 still possible but not easy to find one.
  50. milagros

    milagros New Member

    ya i think mkt rate is at least $500. Once start solids add 450.

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