Baby GYM

I am searching for baby gymnastic class. my doughter is 2 years and 3 months old.
I stay in bedok.if anyone can suggest please reply.
hi hippo!
I found one more gym at marine parade.
apposite to parkway parade there is roxy square. near the bus stop only there is jym kids gym. i found it good. I just visit there.
yet to attent trial batch.
Hi Ashwini

The one u're talking abt is JWT Kids Gym at East Coast Road. Its jus opp the stretch of Katong Laksa shops. My son attended 3 terms there...find it good as he enjoyed playing with the system there. Fees oso quite ok...abt $298 (member's rate with early bird discount) for 8 lessons.
JWT GYM hv free trial this friday

Hi sammi!
ya I miswritten the name of gym.
ya I want to talk about same gym u r talking about. thanks for Information.
will like to know any other if u know.
Hi there,

My boy is 6 months plus.. I read loads about baby gym. AM pretty keen but it seems that he is rather young?

Woodlands civic seems a good place as I live in sebawang and its pretty near for me.
But not sure is they take in babies so long? Any activities for our babies 6 months plus of age?

HOpe to hear from you mummies and me looking for location in the NOrth areas as its more convient for me as we dun drive and hopefully can find a good play gym where both parests can join in the fun too!

Hope to hear from you soon!
Any gym that I can visit as and when I like?

I hate signing up for classes and rushing like a lunatic to meet their specified timings.
ya Kell, thats exactly what I thought as well. If i am not wrong, Gymboree does not. Dont they? Mums..anyone can tell us more?
Hi all
thanks for all your input. i will have a trial tomorrow 30 oct 2010 in baby jumper gym bukit batok. look forward to it.

Any feedback on the trial at baby jumper gym?
I am keen too but not too sure if its suitable.

Do update us.

Hi mummies,

Looking for female aged 30 to 45 years old who has at least 1 kid aged 4 to 12 years old. Any Race. White Collar/PMEBs & Housewives.

Group discussion on 24th Nov (2.45pm & 5.45pm) or 25th Nov (2.45pm & 5.45pm) depending which criteria you fit in. 2 hours. Location in Orchard Road.

$100 cash incentive. Must speak good english. Interested, please sms me at 9189-2420. Hope to hear from you!