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Baby Food Warmer

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by yammummy, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. yammummy

    yammummy New Member


    Any advice/recommendation for baby food warmer? Is it necessary to get a baby food warmer, or the traditional method of putting inside a bowl/cup of hot water is good enough?

    I am concerned about the thawing of milk bags of frozen breast milk, and normally baby food warmer can only fit baby bottles?


  2. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    usually you thaw the frozen BM in the fridge first before warming it up. usually take down to the lower compartment the night before.

    i got pigeon food warmer and no regrets. it's control by temperature. there's only 2 temperature, 40 degree and 70 degree. use 40 if you do not want to kill the antibodies and 70 is for frozen milk. i usually use 40 degree and it took me abt 20 minutes to warm the milk. if your bb is very young like a few weeks ago, you can take it out slightly earlier so that you dun need to attend to a screaming hungry baby later [​IMG] my PIL and hubby find it so useful to use the food warmer because they can just leave the milk to warm without worrying the hot water destroying the antibodies.

    i like pigeon milk warmer because of the temperature control. avent warmers can warm the milk in 10 mins but no where does it states how it can keep the antibodies intact. anyway, i was thinking for the milk to be warm within 10 mins is not realistic without destroying any antibodies. anyway, this is only my opinion..hope this help. check out both (piegeon and avent) just to be sure which one suits you better anyway.
  3. kfang77

    kfang77 Member

    Hi, i am using avent food warmer. I found it useful as i normally put the breast milk into food warmer after baby crying. It was recommended to warm the milk for 4 mins. But i usually take it out less than that since baby can't wait long. As for the killing antibodies part, i never thk of that.
  4. iyven

    iyven Member

    Can Avent milk bottle fit into Pigeon milk warmer?
  5. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    can frozen breast milk b kept in milk bottle and then reheat in d food warmer?
  6. huiqi16

    huiqi16 Member

    Hi janjan,

    u can warm FBM in milk bottle before putting in the warmer.

    For my experience, I realise if you boil water to warm BM, its much faster than to warm BM using a warmer.

    In the day, I use warmer to warm BM but in the night when I usually warm BM, using hot boiled water as its faster.
  7. jenku

    jenku New Member


    I have an unused Tommee Tippee food warmer. Bought at $49.80 but end up didnt use at all. Just bought recently only. Letting go at $30. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  8. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    if we put frozen milk into boiling water to defrost, how long will it take?

    wat abt jz to warm milk fr the fridge? how long?

    is it necessary to buy a food warmer?
  9. elaineheng

    elaineheng New Member

    FINALLY found a post which i have been wanting to look for. All mothers out there, please HELP!

    I have some concerns on warming my gal's milk. Sound gross (what my hubby said whatever comes out from your body shouldn't go back in. haha) but i actually drink and tasted the milk.

    From her birth till now, actually 8 weeks old, i have this concern about my EBM. I tasted many times and found out that there is this bitter after taste. Sometimes it is more bitter than usual and my gal will start using her tongue to push it, arch her back, kicks and etc... but because we kept insisting it in her mouth, she drank it all. I read that babies will not drink spoiled milk, so i am not sure how spoiled is my milk having that bitter aftertaste. I used the traditional method of using hot water at 98 degrees to warm the milk and that is what my friends does it to their milk too.

    There is a couple times i tried using warm water, of course it takes like forever (about 20 mins) to warm the milk and if she is too hungry she would have been screaming to her top! The milk ended up with no bitter aftertaste and i have to say quite sweet.

    I tried using my pigeon 3 in 1, steriliser, food and milk warmer so i set it at 40 degree and it is like too cold for her. Or it is just us thinking it is too cold and it should be acceptable for her.

    I am totally confused what is the best method to warm my fridge milk and freezed milk for my gal.
    (tried giving her frozen milk yesterday and she almost puke out everything cos there is this "vomit milk" taste! I find that it taste really bad so ended up pouring away 3 ouces of them! sob sob)

    Hope to get some good advices from here.
    (I was told by my confinement lady that warmer is not neccessary, but i guess using hot water at 98 degrees might just spoil the milk too...!)

    Totally confused! sigh
  10. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    not the hot water method,
    it kills all the goodies in your BM.
    Using warm water method,
    try using a larger water container,
    else midway, you need to change the cool water to warm ones.
    You need to "time" your BBs hunger,
    try to warm it 15mins b4 the "time".

    40 degree is right, close to mummy's body temperature,
    if you latch your BB on & BF, it'll be slightly below this temperature.

    Frozen BM may have a "fishy smell",
    this is normal, due to the frozen fats.
    Most BBs are acceptable to this taste if they are fed the same milk from young.

    This article here says beer may cause bitter BM;

    This one says STRESS may cause bitter BM;

    For more information on BM handling, you can try here;

    HTHs. [​IMG]
  11. ariajo

    ariajo Active Member

    what i do is i put the milk bottle inside and poor water into the warmer.. my mil warmed the milk 1/2 hour before the meal time..so, by the time she's hungry, the milk is ready.
  12. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    the milk u warm is it frozen or chilled?

    wat temp does she set?
  13. puroland

    puroland Member

    Hi mummies, sorry to ride on this post. If you are looking for food warmer, I have a BN lucky baby food warmer which I did not use at all as it comes as a free gift from the steraliser. Email me if you are keen,jerlynn33@gmail.com I am selling it at $20.
  14. hazehaya

    hazehaya New Member

    I has a 5 year old cousin, like put his hand on the mouth suck grant, become a habit, how to change her habit?
    Any toys age for 2 children play?

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