Baby dislikes haircut... any tips?


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My boy is going 12 mths. He would cry and scream whenever given a haircut. Tried different barbers - still the same. Anyone with similar experience to share? Thanks!

My hubby will cut his hair together with my daughter so far it works. Perhaps, can try this method.
Let him choose his barber,
start only when he agrees.
Thanks, mums. think will invest in a hair clipper and try doing it myself... hopefully it works!
i used sweet!! hahaha he is beri greedy pig, will eat the sweet when cutting hair. Beri cooperative leh, next time i will use sweet again. But b careful not to let him eat his own hair.... must be very very careful.
I have phobia in bringing my son for haircut. I purposely choose a early morning to visit the barber shop, however, turned out also very embarassing.

My son kept crying at the top of his voice once the barber cut his hair. The hair all over his face and body and my body also as I'm holding him.... Sigh... Any solution or ways to make him not cry ?
I could not DIY cos I dun think I can do it. End up my son might look ugly ... I dun want my son's hair like 阿旺...Hohoho... son's first barber experience ended up looking like ah wang cos he moved so much and cry so loudly the hairdresser also got scared!! From then on, cut his hair myself at home.....look much better too as i put him in bathtub with bath toys and get me maid to distract him....
For mine worse, he cried till vomit. Sweet also no used. Cut for nearly an hour, all sweating, my boy, my hubby, the hairdresser and myself. Hai.....
hello moms
why agonize yrself n bb..juz bring to jimmy of Jr League at Suntec City..My son always wail when he had he's haircut til he met 'uncle jimmy'
Jimmy has a way wif kids n it also help that he gets to watch Barney or Hi5..introduced to my galfriend n her son now look forward for his monthly haircut instead of screaming the hse down
Hi Fiona,

Is it on the 3rd floor ? How much is he charging ? I might want to try out if he is able to stop my DS from wailing and crying out loud during his haircut.
Hi jie
i recalled Jimmy charges $18 per haircut..there r other ladies there dat cut too my after a few try,i find jimmy is still the best..My son use to wail n struggle but jimmy has a way to distract n it helps with cartoon to watch..All Jr League charges the same price..However bear in mind u have to ask for him when taking Q no.
Its same level as ToysRus..
Good Luck
Try using thing that he like to distract him, eg his favourite toy car, play with him n not just let him hold on to it. I keep feeding my son sweet till he finish his cut, as it is his favourite. AAnother way is to let him c his/ her daddy or sister/bro cut 1st, then encourage him to go. By the way my bb is 19mth now. different age different method ba... just try n try
My second son is almost 2 years old and I still cut his hair myself when he's sleeping. Tried Kitz Connexion once, but he simply refused.
My son still cry like hell and refuse to step in salon till now...his ear was kena cut by a stupid hairdresser b4,still have probia.
Hi Cherie Mon,
I think you should bring your child to a salon for kids where they will have entertainment and fun stuffs while the barber or hairdresser cuts your child's hair.
Try this mummy hairdresser, a friend intro her to me,
Her name is Linda, 420 Fajar rd, ph 67621040
For kids under 6 years old will be SGD5, above will be sgd 6.

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cherie mon
what about u cutting his hair yourself (just little trim to get him used to haircut & get back confidence) until he gains enuf confidence with haircutting process again then bring to hairsalon?
That is alright cherie mon. That is just to get him used to hair cutting. Later, you can bring him to barber especially if he grows older. You can also search the web on how to cut your child's hair.
Hi, i think sometimes the reason they cry is because they are sensitive to touch, and actually i find that children with very thick hair can feel their pulled during the haircut. so I think it is good idea to cut their hair at the time they are sleeping.
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