Baby Cry when Pooing


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Hi mummies out there..
any idea what is wrong when bb cries when pooing ?
My bb will cry and face turn red when she does her poo ...however she poos every 2-3 days . sometimes her stool is hard.
Only recently my hubby notice a streak of blood in her stool. Kindly advice me ...could the milk be the problem?cos shes been crying for 2-3 months.

how old is ur baby? maybe is the wrong fomula.. try changing it.. or is ur bb eating already? feed her water as additional fluid...coz most likely is constipation..and it's very difficult for her to poo..
If your baby is like 6mths plus, can give her some apple juice from the fruit. I gave my girl that on and off when I see her stool is hard.
Hi candy

Mine also poos every few days. I change from Similac to Enfaclac. Still the same. I asked PD and she told some babies are normal unless 1 week never poos. Last wk also 4days never poos and 5th day when she poo, a bit of blood and she cry when poos as the stool quite hard.

PD asked me to buy apple juice especially for baby (diluted) when my gal constipated again. Hope this helps
hi candy,

my bb gal also cries and face turns red when pooing. I tried making her milk with barley water.It certainly helps.

For more effective constipation cure, try giving her a bit of diluted prune juice. My girl drank that on constipated days when she's 8 months old, she's now 11 old is your baby?
Hello Candy,
have you brought ur baby to th PD? my baby used to cry when pooing but that has gone away with time. however, since your baby has some blood in the poo, it is best you seek PD's advice.. who knows, worst case, it could be the baby-equivalent of piles.. better to find out for sure.
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candy, i think better to bring ur baby to PD for a check to play safe... keep us update again..</font>
hi candy,

my bb also has the same problem. I think the stool is too hard that's why she cry when she poos. I try to blend (stage 1 and 2) before switching to totally stage 2 milk powder. For me, it helps.
hi... my bb ger who is 3 wk plus also cries and face turns red when pooing... m on total breast feeding... anyone koe wad is wrong?
my DG used to have this problem too. Due to hard stools. Now, I give her a fruit every morning, mixed with her fave cereal, like Nestle cereal with fruits or Nestle Gold with oat. They are a bit sweet so i dilute with more water.

I usually grate about 3/4 apple or pear and mixed them into the cereal to for her breakfast and also let her drink water every 1/2 hour or so. usually after the breakfast, she'll poo poo and she's fine more crying.

I figured they just need more fibre and fluid in their diet , esp once we start them on solid food like porridge and meat.

Occasionally , can also steam carrot and potato, puree and mix them together to give baby as snack. My baby actually poo very smoothly the next day but dun give too often as carrot may make their skin yellowish.
jasmine, missed out on your post. my friend's newborn also cries during poo poo. She told me that it could be because the mummy herself is constipated, so her BM also cause her baby to have constipation..i dunno whet this is true or not. but if u are also experiencing constipation, maybe u should solve your prob first, like taking more fibres and fluid, and see if your baby's condition improves.
for apple u can try cutting it into half,
remove the middle core &amp; scrap with a metal spoon.

For Pear, choose those ripen type.
hi, i m new to this forum.

Jasmine, my boy is 3 wks plus as well. he cries when poo-ing also.
btw, ur ger stool hard?
my boy's not hard. CL said it's "nice"

now feed on BM + FM.
my BM supply is too low.
HI, Im new to this forum too.

Jasmine n SHO2.. My son is 3mth plus and no total BM but cry everytime he poo. His poo is watery but there was 2 episode of blood in his poo. MY PD said that bcos some chn strain too much when they poo. (even if the poo is not hard). some strain too hard till their anus(skin part)tear. That due too abrasion. He was given some cream n oil too apply. My PD also added that they will learn the art of poo pooing as they grow older. so just observe ur child for now.
when bb suddenly poo, they get a scared feel, cos if 2-3day never poo.. but after cleaning, bb shd be alright...
Must remember not to give too much banana as apparently it will increase constipation. One would have thought bananas are good but it seems to be the contrary
Mmmm... not so sure, I myself hates yoghurt for its creamy texture so I didnt try it. But my baby absolutely loves it! She is quite a fussy eater when it comes to cereal/milk, but when it comes to yoghurt time, her mouth opens so wide!
Think the brand is Petit-something. It comes in pack of 6, very small bottles. There are various flavours available - vanilla, strawberry, peach etc, all she likes. There is another version especially for babies called 'Baby Petit' or something like that. But it only has banana flavour and it comes in bigger bottles so we didn't get that for her as she already 13 mths so we guess it's ok for her to take the normal version. Yah we feed her everyday coz she gets constipated once we stop!
pureed prune and prune juice works like a charm for my little one. make sure the drink is 100% juice with nothing else.

my girl has been constipated since she start solids, almost once a week. Very traumatising. The last time her poop was almost as thick as a 50cents coin. Almost like labor. It's been almost 3 months and I'm still feeding her about 1oz of prune juice every other day. She barely constipates these days, unless we fly and she gets really dehydrated in the plane, like us adults too.

i give her pureed fruit everyday too. Just make one whole batch to puree and freeze in ice-cube trays. so whenever u wanna let baby eat just take out the number of cubes to thaw. Very convenient and time-saving.

Just make sure there's enough fiber and fluid in your little one's diet, like what Perle said. it will take some time but if this still doesn't work, it's better to consult a PD for any other underlying causes.

i didnt have time to make at that time so i bought ready-to-eat ones from Gerber. Not sure if they sell it in SG though. I'm in US now.

But if you can find the prune fruit in SG (i cant seem to find it here), i would peel and pit the prune. Cut into small bits and put in a bowl to steam inside a pot. U can add a bit of liquid if u want, but i realised when i steam fruits, the process itself will create a bit of liquid in the fruit, so no need to add additional water.

Then just use a hand-immersion blender or food processor to blend it to the desired texture.

That's how i prepare all my baby's pureed fruits.

If u have leftover juice from the steaming, can feed your baby too.

I think I've read somewhere where you can use dried prune (make sure its 100% prune with no artificial stuff added - u dont want your baby get sugar rush!) to do puree. Cut into small bits, add some water and steam it. Then puree it after that. However, i'm not sure if this is the correct method for using dried prunes, u might wanna check on that.

Here's a very useful website for teaching how to do home-make baby food. There's this article on constipation:
ok, i find the recipe for using dried prunes:

Prunes 6-8months+
Vitamins: A, C, Folate
Minerals: Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium

1. Soak dried prunes in warm water until they plump up or steam gently.
2. Once plump and tender, toss into food processor or blender and begin to puree.
3. Add liquid without sparing any. Prunes tend to become a pasty gluey consistency when pureed and the more water you add, the easier it is to puree to a texture your baby will tolerate.

Note: Prune puree, like apricot puree, will not freeze solid, but will freeze into slightly soft/slightly frozen cubes.

.....ya, i used to feed gerber prunes when i was in US....juz came back to Spore and cannot seem to find any gerber got to make myself

don't u sometimes think its so much easier to get baby stuff in US? So much cheaper also!!

I'm coming bk in 2 mths time, kinda dreading a lil...
of coz! cheaper &amp; so much variety.....i love outlet shopping too!

so that's why before we came back, we bought quite a bit of baby stuff, toys etc
.....where r u staying now?

btw, i went to IMM yesterday saw that there are gerber prunes! but not the organic ones, like wat is sold in US
Serena, do u mean Giant in IMM? Coz I cant seem to find any ready-made pureed prunes in NTUC. And even for prune juice, they only have apple+prune type. Does anyone know where to get ready-made pureed prunes or prune juice in Singapore?
i can't find pure prune juice specially for baby here also, so accurately speaking, i was feeding apple-prune juice to my girl all the time. It works perfectly fine.

Do they have sunmaid 100% prune juice in SG? U can try to look out for it.

u know what, that's what exactly i'm doing now. I'm coming back for good soon, now doing last-burst-of-fire shopping (oh i love their return policies) and burning my wallet in the process....

Also, i like the fact that I can readily find so many organic products for baby...hopefully sg also the same.

I stay in Northern Virginia, but pple usually refer to my area as Washington DC. Very near.

which part of US were u at? Any chance of going bk to US soon?
ya, Giant at IMM....i juz went yesterday
...they r pure pureed prunes, not mixed with other fruits

i know, we spent alot too before we came back...we were in new york city before we came, not going back to US soon.....we were glad to be back.....but also missed their weather, all the driving trips &amp; shopping, esp. online we try to buy things from amazon, sometimes, they only deliver to US sian! u will be back soon?...maybe we can meet up!
btw, love their return policies fren always tell me that if i can't decide if i want to buy the item, juz buy first coz can return later!
.....but here in SG, not so easy
hey serena,

u don't accept PM? think we can chat thru that instead? otherwise, just pm me and we can start from there!

i'm a big amazon fan, LOVE their amazon prime features, but of coz, i only used the 1mth trial and didnt subscribe after that (and bought alot of things during the trial period..HAHA)

how are u adapting bk in SG? i'm kinda dreading the reverse culture shock period when i come bk...