Baby Contest

those organise by CC can take it not worth going bah. Only to gain experience ok lah, to win i think its not easy. Will depends on BB mood and judges patience. If he/she already see 50+ babies and he/she tired, he/she only think quickly let it finish and end the whole thing loh

Thanks, Meow. dun think I'll let my 2nd kid go for baby contests. The whole thing takes such a long time and makes the babies very tired. Also, CCs no air con, so everybody all hot with perspiration
tare1919: hey i went for the contest boy made it to the final 8 but did not make it to the final 5.... how old was ur boy??
Hi BabyGab,
Wow...your boy made it into final 8, great achievement....din know that there are so many rounds, I tot only into 12 finalist then will determine the winner.
Btw, how old is your son?
Wat is your Q-no for that day?
For mummies keen to join the mediacorp bb contest (got mummies asking me for the process):

U have to q early to get the q number and then bring ur gal in for the judges to pick when is ur turn. From here, they will select the 1st 50 cute bb. After that, they will film the 50 bb with the hosts and then from there chose 12 bb. Once u get into the round of 12bb, ur gal is expected to be able to do things like identify fruits, numbers or coloured balls etc. Then the judges will decide and select the 8 bb to get into the semi finals. the next round, ur gal have to be able to imitate adults doing certain things like hang clothes etc and the judges select the final 5 to get into the grand finals. The grand finals would be held on another day to compete with the earlier selected 5 bb boys and compete for 1 champion. in my opinion, though my boy was cute, they will not chose him to be in the finals cos he cannot talk well. the final 5 bb they chose were all close to 3 yrs old. so if ur gal is like my son's age, no point gg cos waste time. Young bb towards the end has no more entertainment value for them liao cos they cannot talk and perform as compare to older bb. i was there from morning 9am to almost 8pm since my son was in the semi final rounds.if u get into semi fnals, they have some gifts like toys for u. but its very tiring for the kids i think. hope that helps (based on my son's experience for the 1-3yrs old catergory)
the final 5 bb boys were all ard 32 months. the 3 bb that were voted out like my son, were the youngest amongst the 8 finalists. meaning to say, they oni retain the 5 oldest bb.
<font color="ff6000">wow thanks for sharing BabyGab, convinced me not to go... hee hee...

such a looong day dont say kids get tired, we adults oso will get tired and grouchy!</font>
I totally agreed with u. They only pick those that can talk, so in the first place they should not indicate 1-3 years old. How can a 1 Year old do all those impossible....

My son is 20 months, got into 50, but becos he cried during pic taking cos he is sleepy then so I brought him home instead of waiting there for results.
My hb told me that the next round they pick mostly bigger kids &amp; also need to identify stuffs, so I say lucky I din wait so long.My poor boy so tired &amp; stranded in crowded place.
Hi all,

Bedok Community Center is having a Baby Show on the 16th of August 2009(Sun), from 9.30m-1.00pm

There are 4 categories:
Category A: open to babies from 6-12 mths
Category B: open to babies from 13-18 mths
Category C: open to babies from 19-24 mths

Registration fee is $15

anyone interested???
Bei bei..yrs is which cat? mine is cat C
btw, not sure what is all abt.but jus an exposure nia... ;)..

c ya on sunday ^_^
hi i am also keen in letting my baby attend baby contest for fun. i just call the bedok cc one, but i am a bit too late. does anyone know of any other i can let my baby attend?