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Does anyone know where got/have bb contest cos i m interested in letting my bb go for it...alot of people asked me whether did i send him for bb contest but i have no ideas where have & wen? kindly advise it u know..tks a lot...

look out banner on road side, mostly organised by community club, call them also can, KK also have, but for KK baby only. are u willing to run around whole Singapore to participate? sure can see same faces in the baby show. community centre...ok..will try..Benjamin. i m wiling to run around singapore..cos Singapore is so small...hahaha...same face..hmmmm...thank anyway

cythia..thank u..had print a few copies to post in...
hi~ AA

hv 2 b prepare dat bb contest is very tiring... my sis send her bb 4 contest, then we were ask 2 b there at 11:30am... then they start 2 examine ur bb's skin at 12:30pm, see if bb hv any scars etc... then at 2:30pm, another round of testing the bb see how their reaction, can they talk or call mama papa etc.... the actual contest starts at almost 4pm... then when the result come out, it's almost 6pm liao.... u can always see bb crying coz they 1 2 sleep... or when it's time 2 get up n they still sleeping... then some cry on the stage coz not enough sleep... hv 2 b mental prepare 4 these...

my sis found the contest from those bb/mother magazines
thank chris...i think i can cope...thanks for ur advise..if ur sis still come across any contest, pls let me know..cos i seldom buy this kinda of time to read...tks
My company is organising a baby's contest. Do look out for details and contest form in the oct issue of Young Parents magazine.
hi chupachup..thank u,....will look out for it..tat issue wen comin?
Does anyone know where got/have bb contest for this year 2004? cos i m interested in letting my bb go for it...alot of people asked me whether did i send him for bb contest but i have no ideas where have & wen? kindly advise it u know..tks a lot...
Baby & Toddlers' contest @ NTUC Club Downtown East
go to this website now!
or call 6589 1609/6589 1639/6589 1668
Entries must be sent in by 23 April 2004 for on-line Sunshine Baby & Diaper Dazzler contest or
30 April 2004 for on-site Baby & Junior Race.
Hi all

Seems like most BB contest is only eligible for BB who are 8 mths onwards. Anyone has any idea if there's any BB contest for BB who are 6mths plus old? I am keen to enroll my boy for the contest.
sorry i also looking for bb contests to join.

anyone know of any more other than motherhood as its for 18mths and above? shes 8mths old.
got ES hospital one but she didnt get called.
Hi Poontang,

I also sent in the application form for the ESH baby contest, n my money was deducted long long ago in April, but no sound from them also. Very disappointed leh. Actually those who were invited and paid the money should at least be given a chance to appear at the event or get a goodie bag hor?
yeah they are extremely rude and Im actually terribly disgusted with them. Wanted to bring Jade to have fun there as that was where she was born and when I called they like cant be bothered n v rude. there must have been lots of mums that also called as no letter whatsoever but like v irritated to talk.
ya lor, we pay the money for nothing, no service rendered to us also. I actually wrote in to give my feedback about this, but also no sound from them.
in case you're interested:

mothercare baby model search

Photogenic and personable baby, 6-18 months old, not uncomfortable around strangers, just learning to feed himself/herself wanted for mothercare TV commercials/ advertisement campaigns.

As a gesture of our appreciation, baby selected will be presented with $500 worth of mothercare gift vouchers.

Please visit our mothercare stores to pick up an application form today OR email [email protected] for more information.

By the way, there is a breastfeeding contest. If interested, can log on to the KKH website!
yeah its true just send the money with no reciept and nothing back.

i also sent in complaint but no reply. I think tehy should at least give receipt.
Hi All,

I'm new on board...

here's the info from

Baby Contest in Aljunied on 01 Oct, go to this link-

Racing Tots - Baby Health Contest on 01 Oct in Ang Mo Kio, go to this link-

Baby Show 2006 on 15 Oct in Gek Poh Ville, go to this link-

Baby Show on 10 Oct in Kompong Chai Chee, go to this link-

Baby Show on 24 Sep in Kampong Kembangan, go to this link-

Hope this info helps =)

Regards, Karen =)
<font color="ff6000">i saw on ad that theres a contest for baby boys age 6mths to 12mths at Jurong Point... any one any idea?</font>
<font color="ff6000">ok... the details for Jurong Point Baby contest is not broaadcast on internet:

Its organised by Mediacorp, for baby boys aged 6-12mths, to register is to bring the baby to be dressed as cute as possible to
Jurong Point on 23 Aug, 10am. (better bring along birth cert...)

sigh... im out... mine is a 7-mth old pretty princess</font>
<font color="ff6000">Hi Shirley Lim/j_popo

if not wrong there is another Jurong Point Baby contest not broaadcast on internet (saw on tv ad):

Its organised by Mediacorp, for baby girls aged 6-12mths, to register is to bring the baby to be dressed as cute as possible to
Jurong Point on 7 Sep, 10am. (better bring along birth cert...)

sigh... nw i qualify... but i got to attend my best friend's wedding...</font>
mine is boy.. missed the Jurong point one on the 23rd aug. heard from my MIL that there's one this sunday at east point. dun know if its true.

anyone knows?

how about girls aged 12mths n above? is it over for the jurong point one?
<font color="ff6000">erh... east point one i not sure lei... r u sure its east point? cos i dont tink Mediacorp will organise the contest at 2 places on the same day lei...

they oni looking for 6-12mths old bb girl... maybe u got to keep a lookout on tv advertisement...</font>
yah... that's what i tink so..
no time to watch tv leh.. maybe just go jp take a look and see any of my kids qualify.. haa...
The coming baby show is at east point this coming Sunday 7 Sept for baby gal 6-12 months, as advertised on Channel 8.
Previous one held at JP is meant for baby boy only. Quite lengthy, cos I went JP for shopping around 430pm, the competition was still on.
<font color="ff6000">i saw the ad again!! but when i saw the ad, it was already end of the ad, and the venue is East Point!! maybe Im wrong abt the venue... maybe u can try to check from the website on both Jurong Point &amp; East Point on the contact no. to enquire...</font>
oh... thanks LY and angel_baby.
mine is boy 6-12mths.. but too bad missed it in JP. and another girl 20mths, but dun have for her..
hee... will go kay poh look look.
Hi Angel n j_popo,
ya, it's at east point this coming sunday,I'll bring my gal to participate. But her hair so short. As for 13onwards, some CC also organise the contest.
hi Shirley,
Good luck to U &amp; your gal...keep us updated of the results. If possible, let your gal sleep more or in-bet the contest, cos will be quite tiring for u &amp; her.

There is a baby show for up to 24 months at Dover CC. Check detail at OnePA.
Hi all,
Just saw the advertisement on Channei * this morning...
13-36months, toddler contest for boys at Jurong Point on 14 Sept, organised by mediacrop.
Anyone going for this?
Wonder about the authenticity of such baby shows. Sent my bb for one. Turned out that the judges did not even bother to go through the whole list of judging criteria that was stated on the paper. Only did a cursory test and that was it.