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Baby Carrier vs Baby Sling

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by yammummy, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. yammummy

    yammummy New Member

    Which is better for newborn onwards? Baby Carrier or Baby Sling (especially for both father's and mother's use)?

    What brand is good and recommended - for either baby carrier or baby sling?

    Thanks for sharing your experience and feedback!

  2. cellow

    cellow Active Member

    I used the ring sling when newborn, then switched to the Ergo carrier once DS could hold his own neck uprite at abt 5 months.

    HB doesnt like the ring sling. And the normal Ergo couldnt fit around his wide girth! best to get the sport version if HB is also using the Ergo.
  3. weishy

    weishy New Member

    candice :me too about the same :0 btu uses BECO after girl's neck is more supportive [​IMG] sling is ligth weighe to carry around and soemtimes act as a shade for stroller or blanket for bb in aircon areas [​IMG]
  4. babyvinz

    babyvinz New Member

    I think pros of sling is easy to use if u're breastfeeding when u're on the go.. However, can be very tiring as the weight is on one shoulder.. so I may be considering getting a carrier for this baby...hmmm
  5. lukes_mom

    lukes_mom New Member

    I think slings are great for newborns till 3 or 4 mths old. After that, baby's weight places quite a strain on the back. So I switched to baby carrier after that.

    Having said that, I think it also depends on the baby. My 2nd one was superhappy in the MIM sling and he adapted well to the carrier. (My 1st one I didnt carry often, only hubby did when we went out. Told hubby that I alrdy carried him for 9 mths, so he muz do his bit of carrying.) Now our 3rd (he's 2 mths old) does not really like the sling. He's quite a fussy baby who likes to be carried. So I'm thinking of getting a carrier that's suitable for younger infants cos I think the ones we have are more for older babies.
  6. baeyby

    baeyby New Member

    I have a brand new Moms in Mind Sarong Baby Carrier. Received two as gifts, and have no use for it.
    It is the basic range (100% cotton) Navy Blue Stars. See http://www.momsinmind.com.sg/buysarongsling.html

    Willing to let go at $36 including normal postage. Please top up $2 if you'd like to opt for registered post.
  7. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    did anyone use chicco baby carrier? is it good? expensive?
  8. kates_mom

    kates_mom New Member

    Hi jan jan
    was using Chicco baby carrier for my bb girl from 6 weeks until close to 3 months.

    Have stopped using it as she doesnt like it anymore. Prob due to her fatty thigh which kinda make her feel uncomfortable in the carrier.

    The price is reasonable. About $80 in kiddy palace (if my memory serves me well)
  9. kates_mom

    kates_mom New Member

    hi jan jan
    I got it as a gift and started using in when kate is 6 wks. However, am not using it that often anymore as kate does not feel comfortable in it
    Could be because she has fat thighs.

    the carrier is rather reasonable. I think abt $80 in kiddy palace. However, the max weight the carrier can carry is only up to 9 kg.
  10. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    thanks kate,

    chicco baby carrier can use until how many mth old of bb?
  11. prettymumscom

    prettymumscom Active Member

  12. kates_mom

    kates_mom New Member

    hi jan jan
    the chicco bb carrier can be used up to 9kg. It depends how long ur bb takes to put on up to 9kg.

    Kate is now 3mths old weighing 7.2kg already.
    Hope this helps =)

    Visit us at http://dressuplittleone.blogspot.com
  13. mrs_n

    mrs_n New Member

    I've been using the Chicco Go Baby Carrier since my son was about 6 weeks until he was close to 11mths. He was still under 9 kg at that time. [​IMG] Bought it at a sale from Isetan in Apr 08 for something like $45 I think.
  14. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    anyone using chicco "You & Me Baby Carrier-Physio Comfort"? any comments?

    so chicco carrier only can use for several mths bah, is it worth the $80?

    mrs N,
    hw do u find chicco Go Baby Carrier? can bb face front? how's the ur back support?
  15. mrs_n

    mrs_n New Member

    janjan my hubby & I got on very well with the 'Go'. I find prams too bulky so the 'Go' was usually my main means of transporting my son when we are out and about. My son used to sleep in it when he was younger. What I like best about it is the cuddle pocket, a place for you to put your hands in to support your baby. Yes baby can face front when they're about 6 mths.
  16. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    mrs n,

    may i know if 'GO' carrier has a X shape back or H shape back?
  17. mrs_n

    mrs_n New Member

    Go is X-shape.
  18. kates_mom

    kates_mom New Member

    Hi jan jan
    It depends how fast ur bb grow. My little girl grows "by weight" faster than most normal girl.
    Tee hee.. She is the weight of 6 mth baby at the age of 3 month

    Visit us at http://dressuplittleone.blogspot.com
  19. jan4january

    jan4january New Member


    anyone using chicco You & Me baby carrier? how do u find it?
  20. vintarge

    vintarge New Member

  21. blurblurmummy

    blurblurmummy New Member

    hi.. diana, i can't get to your link for sale of Chicco Go.. is it new or used? and price...
  22. slance

    slance New Member

    I have got a Brand new un-used Baby Bjorn Synergy (Black). Price at $220. Genuine parties please call 97935906 or email slance1412@yahoo.com.sg
  23. regg

    regg New Member

    Hi dear all mummies to be [​IMG]
    I am from Aug's mum.

    I have a few items wanna let go:
    -avent electric single pump
    -disposable bra pat
    -a 2 day old New Yau Lan(auto)
    -Baby sling
    Pls PM if interested [​IMG]
  24. bel_vodka

    bel_vodka Well-Known Member

    im using catbirdbaby pikkolo and i think it is fantastic!
  25. guavafan

    guavafan New Member

    I m using baby carrier [​IMG]
  26. biibii

    biibii Member


    anyone selling your beco?
    pls pm me.

  27. lukes_mom

    lukes_mom New Member

  28. joia2804

    joia2804 Member

    Sling good for when they are new borns up to 4 months. After that when they can support the neck, carrier is good.

    For sling, I used a Moms in Mind. And for Carrier I used Ergo. Strongly recommend it as it gives good support.

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