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Baby Bath/ shampoo ?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by littlefly, May 14, 2007.

  1. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    Which brand of baby bath/ shampoo is better? can we get the off-the-shelves J&J products from supermarkets for newborns?

  2. starz17

    starz17 Member

    hi Little Fly,

    i used Lactacyd for my girl for abt a yr as recommended during antenatal class. Had tried Mustela and QV as well. All pretty gd, not drying. find J&J and Kodomo products very soapy. In fact, my girl's hair drops when i used the J&J top to toe wash and Pureen shampoo.
  3. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    Hi Starz17, where could I buy these brands ? can I get them from the guardian pharmacy ? Pls advise. Thanks!
  4. starz17

    starz17 Member

    Lactacyd and QV can be bought from Guardian, Unity, Watsons. if u r keen on lactacyd, pls look out for the bundle promo. more worth it. i remembered Unity Pharmacy often had 2 big and 1 small bottle at almost half price. do note that its the green stripes packaging, not pink.

    Mustela can be bought from Kiddy Palace and major dept store ie, Robinsons, Taka. I've just started QV lotion. find it better than Mustela. absorbs better. hope the above info helps [​IMG]
  5. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    Thanks Starz17 [​IMG]
  6. babyphua

    babyphua Member

    attended antenatal class, and the instructor menioned J & J is fine for bb's bath. No need to get separate shampoo too. Just be careful to add just one drop into a whole tub of water during bath. water should not have bubbles at all. Although not stated as no rinse, the hospitals have been using J&J as no rinse and they found it ok.
  7. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    oh yar, talking about baby bath tub - any recommendations ? I dont have a bath tub at home, only standing towers...
  8. vone

    vone Active Member

    hi little fly,

    i gt mine fr ikea. cheap & gd. [​IMG]
  9. jywy2000

    jywy2000 New Member

    Hi Little Fly,

    I use J & J tip to toe, one shampoo for both hair and body. It was given as part of the goodies bag from hospital. U can give it a try.

    As for bath tub. I bought the biggest one available. So can use up to 5 yrs old.
  10. wonder888

    wonder888 New Member

    i use the organic california baby body wash for my baby from www.babyfleur.com. sometimes i also use cos it smells very good.
  11. thepinkicon

    thepinkicon Member

    Me first time mum, bought the pigeon 2 in one hair and body wash, any feedback on this product?
  12. jen_phua

    jen_phua Active Member

    Little Fly,

    I saw 2 brands - J&J and Avent during the baby care lesson, which I attended at TMC. For Avent, saw the baby body & hair wash which is tear free & the instructor recommended the baby bottom balm which is good for preventing nappy rash. I just bought these 2 Avent pdts at Isetan cos got 20% discount now.
  13. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    Thanks Ladies for sharing!

    As for the bathtub, i have a new discovery! I saw a bathtub which could be mounted on a stand -less bending over for mummies esp mummies who experienced lower back pains like me! It is available at Tanglin Mall, level 3, opp. Mother & Child.
  14. larkspur

    larkspur Member


    I want to check if anyone use AromaBaby shampoo before? how do you find it?

  15. vone

    vone Active Member

    hi larkspur,

    i used it b4. it's nt 2 bad.
  16. larkspur

    larkspur Member

    Hi Vone,

    Thanks. i try to see if i can get one for my baby and toddlers to try out
  17. elinwokk

    elinwokk New Member

    vivien, jen_phua
    JJ head to toe (no rinse) is that the yellow color one? [​IMG]
  18. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    for baby bath i strongly recommend SebaMed or Mustela coz it doesn't contain sodium laureth sulfate. This is the chemical that most product contain and if ppl like us use for long term will causes cancer.
  19. muddypie

    muddypie Member

    Little Fly, do you know how much are they selling for the stand?? Am very interested, saw the same thing at Mothercare & Motherworks, but they're selling at around $80 plus just for the stand alone.
  20. woof

    woof Active Member

    hey ladies,
    how abt kodomo?
  21. vone

    vone Active Member

    hi woof,

    kodomo is okie, smells v nice aso. [​IMG]
  22. woof

    woof Active Member

    hi vone,
  23. kidsof2

    kidsof2 Active Member

    but i tink kodomo contain SLS
  24. littlefly

    littlefly Member

    Hi Muddypie, sorry - i didn't login for quite a while. Been busy with work. Have you bought the bath tube yet, I think its over $100? I heard that John Little is selling something similar where the whole setup could is mobile. Means you could bathe ur BB in the room itself.

    I have so far missed all the GSS sale [​IMG]
  25. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    HI mummies
    saw your posts on baby shampoo/bath. can i seek advice here? i'm using latcyd on my boy and today, he accidentally drank some cos he slipped.. is it ok?? i'm worried
  26. jazmine

    jazmine New Member

    Hi can I check, the Lactacyd is the greenish one tht's sold at Guardian? They dun have a bb version right? What abt cetaphil?
  27. jacklineee

    jacklineee New Member

    i use Avent. it is better than J&J.
  28. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    i'm using mothercare shampoo n body bath for my baby..
  29. dernemi

    dernemi Member

    <font color="aa00aa">anyone using pureen bb wash? is it gd?</font>
  30. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    <font color="0000ff">i tried pureen before. smell is alright. quite sweet scent.</font>
  31. alvee

    alvee Member

    I use Cetaphil for baby. Its intended for sensitive skin and can is good enough to be used without water. Plus it leaves layer of moisturiser on the skin, so no need to further moisturise baby after bath already.........
  32. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    i have tried Anakku and kodomo before,can't see much difference. Then my friend recommend the Sebamed for me, now i'm using it. so far okie too.
  33. ladyl

    ladyl Member

    Hi! Sebamed smells quite nice but it's not an all in one tip to toe but just for the baby's body right? Has anyone used it for their baby as an all in one (shampoo+body) for their babies (newborn)? :) Which do you guys find the best smelling among all the popular brands mentioned here? :-D
  34. audreytey

    audreytey New Member


    Can try Gerber products, they are very gentle &amp; tear free... can get them from Takashimaya/Robinsons. it has got a refreshing scent.
  35. airex

    airex Member


    I'm using QV wash for bath and Mustela shampoo for newborns..
  36. tsytracey

    tsytracey New Member

    i'm also using mustela for both hair and body.
  37. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    In view of the amount of chemicals even in bb shampoos and baths, would recommend that you use organic brnds like california baby. Might be costly but i think it's worth it considering it is scientifically proven that the skin absorbs chemicals easily and that's why some medicine are taken via application. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents worth.
  38. shop4stuffs

    shop4stuffs New Member

    those mummies using J&amp;J
    Any type of bath foam also can use on bb is it? the blue (soap free, hypoallergy), peach, white etc??????

    Heard that newborn baby no need use shampoo, true?
  39. aylene

    aylene Member

    Hi Jo,

    I am using J&amp;J for my son since birth. Day time I use blue, evenings I use the purple one.

    Try to use those that wont irritate the eyes.

    For babies, not necessary to use separate shampoo and body soap. Just put a drop in their bath water will do then use a wash cloth to clean.
  40. airex

    airex Member

    Hi jo yeo,

    I think using shampoo can prevent cradle cap problem..
  41. shop4stuffs

    shop4stuffs New Member

    Think your way of washing is just like what i saw and heard lo....So its ok so far right? No need to get another pail of clean water to rinse again ho. So the same pail of water to wash from head to toe right?

    Thanks alot. btw, read that if got cradle cap, use olive oil. Mrswong from TMC said that too during the baby talk.
  42. aylene

    aylene Member


    My boy 14mths liao. No problem with this method. You might want to use a wet cloth of wet wipe to clean your baby's bottom before you put him/her into the tub.

    I didnt do anything to my son's cradle cap last time. PD say not serious so just left it alone.
  43. shop4stuffs

    shop4stuffs New Member

    noted. thank you so much
  44. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

  45. airex

    airex Member

    Hi Jo Yeo,

    Yupz.. heard b4 olive oil helps... but for me, I opted to use shampoo to prevent cradle cap.. prefer prevention [​IMG]
  46. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hey, can anyone enlighten me what is cradle cap? I use kodomo for my son by the way, and just brought a new bottle of tollyjoy but unopened yet.
  47. aylene

    aylene Member

    Cradle Cap (infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, also known as crusta lactea, milk crust, honeycomb disease) is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies. It is usually not itchy, and does not bother the baby. Cradle cap most commonly begins sometime in the first 3 months. The rash is often prominent around the ear, the eyebrows or the eyelids. It may appear in other locations as well, where it is called seborrhoeic dermatitis rather than cradle cap. Some countries use the term pityriasis capitis for cradle cap. It is extremely common, with about half of all babies affected. Most of them have a mild version of the disorder. Severe cradle cap is rare.


    Hope this helps
  48. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Hey Aylene,

    Now i know, thanks for enlightening me. My son has some too when he was born. I left it alone, and sometimes i peeled some off too. But by 2 months all on his head was gone.
  49. tsuyogal

    tsuyogal New Member

    hi there..

    my boy has cradle cap when he's 1 mth old.. my mum say prob it's becos i din use shampoo lo.. now after i use shampoo and also apply some cream from doc, it's gone now..

    i also headache on wat bath wash to use... some very exp.. now i am using Gerber though.. nice scent.. anybody using Gerber as well? hmmm need to rinse off or not huh ?
  50. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    i use seba med baby bubble bath as an all in one. love it. my baby doesn't have cradle cap

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