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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by petite_chose, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    <font size="+1">New story:

    Yesterday I bought my bb 9mths old to Kinderclinic to see doc @ Mt Alvernia.

    I was quite of mad.

    1. When I was told to weight bb, the 1st weighing scale shows he is abt 9.1kg. However I weight him myself on another scale (same brand, same type, it stated 10.1kg.
    I told the clinic assistant. She reply different scale different kg.

    2. waited for 2hrs+ then abt bb's turn. I found out my bb was running a high fever. I told the clinic assistant. She asked me if my bb got any med allegry. After checking with doc, she came back with a syring and told me to give to my bb. Say is for high fever. ANd cont to wait for my turn. (Qs here: she did nt even bother to show me the bottle of med she is given and never even mention the name of med that my bb is going to take)

    3. The clinic is closing, I was the 2nd last patient to be seen. Doc have nt seen finish us, the clinic assistants keeps on wanting to take away the doc med sheet fr the Doc.

    4. After payment, I wanted to cfm with the doc once again abt the med to be given to my bb, the Big Plump clinic assistant did nt bother to help. Juz tell me follow wat the previous doc fr healthmark say abt the dosages.

    5. When making appt: Doc asked us to come back on THur for review, the nurse told me you hv to walk-in. Appt is full.

    Is the the practice for Kinderclinic?
    Staffs there got attitude probllems or am I acting too much.

    Comments pls</font>

  2. joshua

    joshua Member

    Yes... the Plump Cha Bor got attitdue problem one...
  3. petite_chose

    petite_chose Active Member

    joshua tay, yap. you are d 3 person to say so too.

    Tat day bb went for review. we asked her wat sort of test is this...

    she said baterial test.

    my mom asked her for wat baterial, she replied BATERIAL LA. how to tell you... so many type of baterial.

    In the end, I went dw to the lab, asked them. they told me is a cultural test...

    In my heart, the pump lady said tat I could be thinking is H1N1 test. Also is a baterial test mah!
  4. poppyqueen

    poppyqueen Member

    Opss, is kinderclinic so bad? Dr Terence Tan was my PD for my bb when born n came across as a really nice guy to me. Even my hubby commented the same when he brought bb for the 1st week follow up checkup. Only thing is the consultation fees are really ex..$85! *faint*
  5. constancet

    constancet New Member

    Yeah, dr terence tan was my 4 kids' pd when born too. He is a very nice guy, but i think the problem for long Q is too many patients liao. Yup, the clinic assistants not exactly very frenly or patient.....
  6. baby_mmooo

    baby_mmooo New Member

    Hi, dr tan was my son's pd too when I gave birth in oct 2009. Really nice guy cos my son was in the NICU for 5 day. Really caring dr. But can't stand the nurse at the clinic n the consult fee is very ex. So I go to polyclinic for his jabs now.
  7. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    dr terence tan was both my gals pd...he is very caring n nice guy...however fee was quite ex...
    my younger gal often had bronchitis and he was the one who recomend the medicine to my gal...
    the nurses soso la but always gotta wait v long for my turn.....
  8. babykhoo

    babykhoo Member

    dr terence tan is also PD for both my gals. he's an excellent PD, very detailed and caring. i tink the queue to see him is very very long becos he's willing to spend at least 20 mins with each patient. always makes time to explain and reassure parents. my eldest girl has been seeing him for 5 years already, she even requests to see him when she's sick, don't wan to see other doctors.
    after 5 years i guess i've gotten quite used to the nurses indifferent kind of attitude and have realised that they r actually quite nice. but when i 1st started visiting that clinic i was also very taken aback by their attitude.
  9. poppyqueen

    poppyqueen Member

    Is there any appt available? I asked them and they told me they changed system and now is all walk in and first come first served. Dr Terence Tan is really good and patient.. managed to diagnose my bb as having heartburn resulting in breathing difficulties. Was unlike when we admit him to KK where my poor boy was subjected to countless tests and 4 days of admission, yet result was still inconclusive.

    But queue is super long. Went there on weekday afternoon and we were the first one there. But as my husband was too slow in registering, we ended being the 2nd last to see him. There were only 4~5 ppl before us and we still have to wait for almost 2 hrs. *faint*

    Btw, is the nice mummy who offered us one of her diapers here? Would like to say *Hi* and thanks so much! =D
  10. yapeegurl

    yapeegurl New Member

    my son's pedia is dr. kumar.. is the weighing scale spoilt? my son weighs 9.1kg there but we think he's heavier than that...
  11. charlene11

    charlene11 New Member

    The doctors at KinderClinic are nice and friendly. However, the clinic assistants act as though you owe them $. No smile on their face and they are quite rude at times.
  12. maddie

    maddie Member

    Any comment on Dr K H Lim?
  13. jan_lim

    jan_lim Member

    Dr Lim is a very nice doctor and very caring too. He is fast and swift when it comes to injection. I like the fact that he is always willing to answer whatever queries I have as a concerned parent. He also answers queries via phonecalls made to him. For my 2nd baby, I even specifically requested for Dr Lim to check him at the hospital. He is also careful and will advise on the lab tests to do to ease our worries. I would strongly recommend Dr Lim if you are looking for a patient and caring PD. =)
  14. babys

    babys New Member

    I worked with dr lim b4 when he was still in kk. Very good dr with good knowledge and good bedside manners
  15. tinsel_elf

    tinsel_elf Member

    Dr Terence Tan is my girl's pd from birth and we have been to him since.

    Due to the long waiting time, we have tried another highly recommended pd in amk and KK as there were times when my girl ran a high temp in the wee hours of the morn but we would always have to go back to Dr Tan because, somehow, they were not able to diagnose correctly. KK was the worst!! If a child comes in with fever and runny nose, he/she would be diagnosed as having fever &amp; flu, they will not bother or do not know how to conduct further tests....e.g. KK said my girl was down with fever and sent us home with the normal medication. However, situation dun seem to improve, so we brought her to Dr Tan the next day and he confirmed that she is down with Bronchitis and has to be admitted immediately.

    Dr Tan is a very caring, assuring and patient doctor. Till now, he still remembers my girl's name and her pre-school! He will also send regards to my hubs if he did not accompany us.

    To us, the long wait and $$ is worth it.
  16. sugarmummy

    sugarmummy New Member

    Both my boys' pd at birth was Dr terence tan but i switched them to Dr Lim after my no.2 turn 1 mth. Dr tan's wait is too long. [​IMG] Both are good doctors. But Dr lim's waiting time also gets longer now. haha
  17. joanne47

    joanne47 Member

    Dr Lim is my son's PD since birth. I must say he is a very attentive and patient. Being a first time mum, I always have lots of questions to ask and he always answer them patiently.

    I agree with some of you that Mt A Kinderclinic nurses really have a problem!!! The only time they will smile at you i feel, is when you are paying money. If not for Dr Lim, I would have switched clinic long ago. As Dr Lim also practice at the clinic at East Shore Hosp, I must say the nurses are so much better there. But of course, their service can still improve.
  18. chloe_lim

    chloe_lim New Member

    Thumbs up for Dr Terence Tan, indeed he is a very caring and assuring doctor. But the waiting time is really too long..

    Any good recommendation of good PD in toa payoh or nearby area?
  19. amberosw

    amberosw Active Member

    Ya dr lim is cool. The nurses are crap. If you're gg to see nurses, the aglow clinic nurses are fab. The doc at aglow is good too but we kinda hate driving to united sq. Btw any moms wanna meet up on Saturdays? I'm looking for more moms who want to meet up and also moms who want to host meet ups, I'm too busy after gg back to work to host all the time. See www.babycafe.com.sg
  20. musica12

    musica12 Member

    Dr Lim is my baby's PD currently. He's really very caring and detailed in his diagnosis.

    My boy was hospitalised recently. Dr Lim was on leave one of the days and I was told Dr Tan would be seeing my boy that night. However, Dr Lim took the trouble to come back at 10pm to see him and probably other patients too.

    He also ran a couple of tests on my boy to find out the cause. The results came back all negative and he suggested doing another blood test cos the blood in my boy would have changed over the course of a few days. I didn't want to since the treatment he gave my boy worked and I thought it's not necessary to put him through the pain again. He respected my decision. I'm really glad my boy has such a good PD and for any illnesses, I'd take him to see Dr Lim.

    Dr Tan is great too. Very approachable and friendly. Takes the time to talk to parents and help them understand what's happening to their child. He attended to my boy for the 2 days Dr Lim was on leave.
  21. ann_marisa

    ann_marisa Member

    I also see Dr Lim and really like him. He is to the point but yet does not rush through the consultation and will answer all your questions. He does not give vague answers nor make you feel put down. He's very reassuring and will give practical pointers.

    So even though the queue is just crazy some days and yes, very harassed looking nurses ... I still go back.
  22. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    dr lim is really has good listening ear. he listen to all my bb problems since birth downright to her fussy eating now. he guided us through to change her daily routine to see if there is improvement instead of jump to conclusion my bb has a medical problem. with changes, my bb is slowly on track for all the "problematic areas" and seems to have resolved, just by paying him one visit last month.

    as for staff rudeness, mt alvernia kinderclinic nurse are lousy. i'm shocked the nurse pass the syringe to parents. sbcc staff and nurse are very helpful and polite. they will syringe into your baby if the doc pass them this simple duty. sbcc staff and nurse will also explain to you on types of prescribed medicines and their knowledge is good.

    you can consider sbcc as alternative.
  23. leooh

    leooh Active Member

    Totally agree with wotalit!
    I stayed with Kinderclinic till my elder daughter is 2yo, then because we really cannot take the bad nurse service anymore, and have to waste 3-4 hours each time for walk-in, we changed to SBCC Dr Chan who is downstairs.

    The fees are cheaper, at most 30min waiting time even if it's walk-in, and the nurses are so gentle!
    Nurses told me no need to wait that long because Dr Chan comes in very early, and she is very fast.
    I like Dr Chan, always very friendly with the kids, and also very efficient!

    I'm never going back to Mt A Kinderclinic!花钱买罪受
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  24. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    Agree with leooh, totally pissed with the long waitlist about 2-3 hours each time even with appointment. Place is like a fish market and we also could hardly find space to sit, and place is not huge, over-crowding all the children so closely together only makes succumb them to more sickness.

    Counter ladies are also quite rude. I've had it, not going back there again, each time I visit them I come back with a massive headache.

    Located another PD near my place with almost no waitlist, proper appointments and friendly doctor.
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